App Idea Competition Winners

We have a winner!!!

Shouting huge congrats to Joshua Murchie who took out first prize in the Hack-a-thon App Idea competition and just walked away with a hefty $1500!

There were hundreds of submissions and some brilliant ideas. Now you have the chance to turn those ideas into something real. Sign up for the Hack-a-thon weekend and win part of a huge $3500 prize pool!

About Josh

Josh is studying a Master of IT and about to begin a dissertation with a technology innovation education theme and is a current student ambassador for the Mayor of the Gold Coast. He is also the co-founder and president of the Griffith Uni Start-up Entrepreneurs Club, where they promote collaboration and entrepreneurship in the student community.

Josh was frustrated with planning out his degree; which course to take when, without missing pre-requisites or having to wait a trimester for the next offering. His idea focussed on creating an awesome timetabling experience for the user and easing student frustrations.

More Prizes

Second prize of $750 went to Tahnee Webb, studying a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Her fantastic ‘CramSession’ idea is a great social enhancer allowing students to collaborate. Third prize of $500 went to Christian Frost, studying Master of Philosophy in the school of Human Services and Social Work. He had an innovative idea to ease parking and transport issues around campus.

The Hack-a-thon Weekend

Are you a totally tech savvy student? Maybe you’re involved in IT, marketing, app development, or project management? Or maybe you just want to learn how to create an app (hey, that’ll look sweet on your #resume #workskills).

You can now use these great ideas that were submitted and get involved in designing the app – from the ground up!

To get involved, you can register as an individual or as a team. Ultimately, you’ll be working in groups of three to four people to develop a web/mobile application and showcase it to the judges. Oh, and you can also win a lot of money:

  • $2000 for the winning team of the Hack-a-thon
  • $1000 for the runner-up team of the Hack-a-thon
  • $500 for best UI design

So, how’s this all going to work? We throw open the doors to the Gold Coast Library at 9am Saturday 29 April and you have 30 hours to work on the app and enjoy life! And, we are totally feeding you as well so register now and just tell everyone you were there to build an app.

When: 9am 29 April to 4pm 30 April 2017
Where: Gold Coast Campus Library (The Cow Patch area)

Which library has the best Christmas tree?

Gold Coast

Only three more sleeps until Christmas! The big man in the red suit is probably packing the sleigh as we speak, and he’s looking forward to all the snacks you will be leaving out for him.  Mmmmm, milk and cookies!

But Christmas isn’t complete until we know who has been the most festive this holiday season. And festiveness can be measured, you know.

We ran a friendly little poll a few weeks ago to get you to vote on your favourite Griffith Library Christmas tree. And you did, and there was a clear winner.

Congratulations to the Gold Coast campus library! Your Christmas tree is the favourite among Griffith staff, students and random Christmas tree enthusiasts.

To all the other campus libraries – don’t be disheartened. Your Christmas trees were jolly good and we appreciate the effort you put in to make our library spaces merry and bright.

View the final poll results in the original blog post.

Did you win a $100 for the card sorting activity?

who won

You came. You saw. You organised. And you may have won $100!

The card sorting activity is done and dusted and so many of you helped organise the content for our upcoming Library website.

Thank you everyone for participating; your reward will be an efficient, streamlined and user-friendly Library website in 2017.

And can it get any better than that? You’ll be able to find what you need, when you need it. Whether it be opening hours, bookable group study spaces or online tutorials – all the information will be where you told us to put it.

But we did promise to reward one of you with a hefty cash prize. Was it $20? Was it $50? No, it’s 100 big ones in the form of a prepaid Visa Card.

And we have drawn the winner… The winner of the $100 prepaid Visa Card is Elspeth. Congratulations Elspeth! We hope you enjoy spending your prize money over summer break (because it’s almost here you know, only two days to go! Wooo!).

And the winner of the #libraryshelfie comp is…

Winner of the Library Shelfie 2016 Competition

Winner of the Library Shelfie 2016 Competition

The #libraryshelfie comp is nearly done and dusted for the year. We had a bunch of creative entries, a handful of weekly winners and literally hundreds of votes for the overall winner.

Now, the only thing to do is announce the winner, right? But we can’t just go boom, this is the #libraryshelfie champ for 2016. We need build-up, fanfare, and speeches. No, just me?

So after nearly two weeks of voting, we have our prize winner. Without further ado, the winner of #libraryshelfie 2016 is @vitdoan2796.

Congratulations @vitdoan2796! Enjoy spending (or saving; no judgment) your massive $200 prepaid Visa Card. We all loved your #libraryshelfie entry. It was creative, clever and seriously cool!

Thanks to everyone who entered, voted, or simply watched from afar. You are all winners in our humble opinion. You win… our most heartfelt thanks.

Want to know the voting breakdown? Go to the Vote for your favourite Library Shelfie post on the Library Blog and click View Results at the bottom of the poll (near the Vote button).

Who won the Ultimate Winter Survival Pack?

Congratulations Lauren!

Congratulations Lauren!

It was lovely to meet all of you who came to visit our Market Day Stalls last week.

We had a blast hanging with Big Red, having a sticky-beak at the other stalls; and most of all, welcoming all you brand-spanking-new students to university.

Some of you popped in for a chat, some came for the free goodies, and others swung by to find out how they could win the Ultimate Winter Survival Pack.

And entering our Winter Survival competition was super easy; as you no doubt found out. All you had to do was LIKE our Facebook page, LIKE our competition post, and SHARE it with your Facebook friends.

A bunch of you entered and went into the draw to win awesome winter goodies – like a seriously massive jar of Nutella, the cutest Emoji slippers in the world, an inflatable lounge, the Game of Thrones series and more!

So who won? Well, we threw all your names into a trusty barrel (it wasn’t the manky old rubbish bin, we promise!) and randomly drew out a winner.

Congratulations Lauren! You are the lucky winner of the Ultimate Winter Survival Pack. We are totes jelly of your new Emoji slippers! If they don’t fit your feet, you know who to gift them to, right?

So what is the new library space called?

Congratulations Ethan!

Congratulations Ethan!

You know the library space at the Gold Coast campus that has unofficially been known as the Green Room? The one we asked you to submit creative and original names for? Yes, that one.

Well, after meticulously counting all the votes for your favourite entry; we can finally reveal the winner. The student space unofficially known as the Green Room has now officially been crowned – The Green Room. Crack open the bubbly!

These five amazing students submitted the winning entry:

  • Ethan
  • Anna
  • Andrew
  • Holly
  • Kathryn

Unfortunately, we couldn’t give all of them a prize. Soz! So we put them all into a barrel (the students names, not the students themselves), and we drew out… Ethan – a nursing student from the Gold Coast.

Congratulations Ethan! Enjoy your $100 pre-paid gift card and the glory that comes with naming a slice of Griffith University.

Curious about how the voting went down? Well, we got you to vote on three names and this is the breakdown:

  • Green on 3 = 29%
  • Bamboo Lounge = 29%
  • The Green Room = 42%

Who do you want to win $100?


Over 300 entries were submitted to our Name the Space competition last month.

For a chance to win $100, we asked you to submit a name for the new student space at the Gold Coast campus library and you sure didn’t disappoint us. The entries were creative, inspired, funny and well, interesting.

Special mention goes to these creative entries, which made us laugh, scratch our head in confusion, or simply sit quietly in appreciation of pure genius:

  • Cerebro
  • Gangreen
  • Gween Woom
  • Lettuce Study Room
  • The Area Formerly Known as Quiet Study Zone
  • The Chicken Schnitzel Supreme
  • The Lillypad
  • The Zucchini Study Zone

Honestly, how funny would it be to call the new student space the ‘Gween Woom’? Wouldn’t you just love to go to the Library Desk to ask ‘are there any computers on level 3?’, just to hear library staff reply ‘yes, there are computers in the Gween Woom’. Ha ha ha!

But you understand that we have to give the space a serious name, right? As much as we love all the amusing and confusing names, they had to make way for those that are becoming a university.

And there were many creative, original, yet fitting names. There were so many that the head library honchos couldn’t pick a winner. They narrowed it down to three marvellous monikers and got stuck.

So we need your help. We need you to cast the deciding vote. Comment with your favourite entry below, and the one with the most votes WINS! Remember, your library space will have this name for all eternity, so vote wisely.

Here’s the official shortlist (i.e. pick from these names, not the special mentions #justsaying)

  • The Green Room
  • Bamboo Lounge
  • Green on 3

Who’s going to win the money and the glory? Vote now! Entries close 5pm, Friday 24 June 2016.

Terms and conditions

  • Voting is limited to one vote per student.
  • Any votes in addition to this will be ineligible and disqualified.
  • Votes can only be submitted via a comment below, via the Griffith Library Facebook page or Instagram.
  • The student who suggested the winning name in last month’s competition will win the $100 Visa gift card.
  • Voting is only open to current Griffith University students.