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Us library staff like to think we’re a little hip (we’re not all cats and cups of tea, you know). And, even though we may not always be, our Twitter certainly is.

Yep, our Twitter. In case you didn’t already know, Griffith library is on Twitter. And most other major social media, too: FacebookInstagram, our wonderful blogs like this one.

Just like you use different social media for different things, so do we. While our library blog here is full of useful (and fun!) information which may go into a little more depth, our Twitter page is great for getting a quick snapshot of info. And it’s awash with funny gifs too!

So, if you’re a fellow Twitter user – come on over and follow us. Like us, retweet us, do all the twitter stuff! Or just follow our page quietly. Really, it’s your choice.  

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Hashtags for the researcher

Hashtags are the way topics and conversations are grouped on Twitter and other social networks. But they have a history longer than the digital age.

Keith Houston, in his blog Shady Characters, traced the hashtag back to the fourteenth century when medieval monk-scribes abbreviated the the Latin term libra pondo as ℔ (with a line through it). This eventually became the familiar # for convenience. From there the symbol took on a multitude of uses including coding in some early programming languages, labeling of IRC channels and as a button on 1960’s telephones.

According to research, Twitter is becoming an integral avenue for researchers to explore their disciplines, engage with each other and share their work. Check out these researcher themed hashtags on Twitter:

For further information on increasing your impact with the use of various social media, the library offers the HDR workshop “Build and leverage your research profile”. Discipline Librarians can also offer advice on the effective use of social media in connecting with other researchers.

Did you know that Griffith University will often include the #griffithlibrary when talking about our own research?

You’ve got a pending Friend Request

O-Week is all about making new friends that will last a uni-lifetime.

Friends who will be with you in the Library at 11pm the night before your dreaded stats exam; friends who will generously share their lecture notes when you’re sick the Tuesday after June long weekend; or friends who will buy you the double choc muffin you’re drooling over because they know your food (noodle) budget doesn’t include the $3.95 treat.

Just like these friends, Griffith Library will be there for you through your Uni journey. Whether you’re navigating your timetable, learning the referencing ropes or delving into the world of data research we’re here to help.

We promise we’ll be your best buddy offering news, resources, discounts, event info, competitions and training on our awesome Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. And if that isn’t enough for you, then subscribe to this Library blog for regular tips, tricks, study help, IT deals, competitions and more! 

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To find friends that aren’t just online, check out Griffith Mates.


Social media for researchers

Social media has increasingly become the way that we connect in our personal, educational and business lives. In the past, collaboration and networking occurred at conferences, the workplace and through colleagues. However, the growth of internet use since the 1990’s has changed the landscape of collaboration and allowed researchers to establish connections and collaborative partnerships in locations they have never visited.

Twitter in particular has been used to generate ideas, collaborate with peers, seek opinions from other experts, gather public opinion, keep up with new developments in the field, promote publications, improve research metrics and connect with government, the press and policymakers.

Creating a profile on either ResearchGate or is another way to connect with other researchers, find out what they are doing and establish professional relationships that might prove fruitful.

LinkedIn is used as a professional platform to showcase a user’s skills and work history, and can be regarded as an online resume. It does have some social media aspects with a discussion feed from people a user follows, along with suggested connections in a researcher’s field or institution.

Dr Jodie Rummer, a fish ecologist from James Cook University, recently gave an informative presentation on choosing useful social media platforms and safely creating a professional digital identity. She successfully uses various forms of social media, such as Twitter, to connect with other researchers, the public or government bodies, and to help her with her teaching.

If you would like to know more about the use of social media as part of your researcher profile, please book a consultation with your Discipline Librarian.

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Congratulations, you did it! Exams are over, assessments are done and you are now free to relax, put your feet up and enjoy your break.

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It’s that time of the year. You no longer need to suppress the urge to check Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram, you can just do it – Yay! Exams and assignments are just about over, which means you’re free to enjoy the wonderful world of social media.

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Library #Shelfie Winner: Jae Bin!

applewatch_winnerCongratulations to Jae Bin who won the Apple Watch for the Library #Shelfie competition!

If you haven’t already, make sure you checked out the other entries – we received so many creative photos and we wished would could have given every one a prize!

applewatch_winner2The winners of the $20 Printing Credit are:

Jae Bin