Need to study until the break of dawn? There’s a library for that

Need a quiet, safe and secure place to study until the wee hours? How about one with comfy couches, beanbags, excellent wifi and computer access? Do we have your attention now?

Look no further than your friendly neighbourhood library.

For the next three weeks, Nathan and Gold Coast libraries will open 7am Monday, and remain open 24 hours until midnight on Fridays with extended weekend hours to accommodate this.

  • Monday: 7am-12am (services open 8am – 7pm)
  • Tuesday – Friday: 24 hours (services open 8am – 7pm)
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 10pm (services open 9am – 5pm)

Logan, Mt Gravatt and South Bank campuses are also open for extended hours.

You can find all the library opening hours here.

Use your time wisely and check out some of our self-help resources that can help you ace that assignment or exam. If you have a group assignment, book a study room.

Above all else, be kind to yourself and remember even Study Week ends eventually!

Book a group study space for your exam prep

As you know, it’s exam period.

But never fear, by the end of next week this trimester’s exams will be over and the new season of Orange is the New Black will have been released, right in time for a well deserved break and Netflix binge.

Though, while we’re still in the midst of exam period, you’re probably wanting to get in some last minute cram sessions. And our libraries are just the place for that!

Not only are Nathan and Gold Coast libraries open 24 hours during exam period, but all campus libraries have a range of study spaces, including silent study areas, social study areas, and bookable group study spaces. How convenient!

If you’ve organised a study group and want to ensure some privacy, you can book a group study space for up to three hours a day. Simply:

  • Go to the library’s Study page:
  • Scroll down to the red Bookable group study spaces block
  • Click the Book your space link
  • Select the campus you want, click on the time desired, and follow the prompts to submit your booking

Now, you’ve just gotta turn up at your booked study space during your booked period, study away (try following our exam prep tips), and ace those exams! Simple, right?


Ace your exam prep this study week

Photo of students studying

Don’t freak out about exams just yet. You’ve got this week to prepare. It’s time to put your head down, your brain into gear and hit those books hard (not literally). Study Week can be a stressful time for students, so we’ve put together a few tips to keep you on track. Remember, staying organised and healthy is key. So get some sleep, avoid caffeine (seriously!), and limit your social media procrastination.

Confirm exam details
Obviously, you’ll check your myGriffith exam timetable to discover the date, time and location of your exam. The exam timetable is usually released a good few weeks before the commencement of Study Week. But just a heads up, that venues are subject to change, so be sure to double check the details 24 hours prior to the exam. Also, your exam may be in a place you are unfamiliar with. Check the campus map to locate the building, and use the Room Locations guide to decipher the level and room number. It can get confusing!

Schedule your life
Set out a study schedule and stick to it! There are loads of daily and weekly planners you can use to help with this. Now, we aren’t advocating that you spend a fortune on a Planner, but some are just so darn useful (and pretty!). You can find free planners online as well. Handy hint: sleeping and eating are important activities to schedule into your busy days. Your brain works better after rest and nourishment!

Set #examgoals
Setting unrealistic goals is just as bad as not setting them at all. Check how you are travelling in your course so far. The results for all your completed assessment items should be available in Learning@Griffith. Calculate how many marks you need to achieve your desired overall course grade. That’s what you should work towards. Start thinking of all the ways you can reward yourself when you reach this goal!

Prepare your study notes
This is the moment when you’ll be super pleased with yourself for going to class and taking awesome notes. Go grab those notes; it’s time to make them work for you. Basically, you want to condense your notes and present them in a visual format. Have you heard of a mind map, concept map or flowchart? According to Patrick Sharrat in Passing Exams for Dummies (2013), your brain thinks in pictures, so creating keyword pictures and patterns can help with memory retention.

Teach the topic to someone
Teach the topic to your mum, friend or flatmate’s dog. The best way to test your understanding of a topic is to try to teach it to someone else – even a class of stuffed animals will do! Now, Mickey and Minnie, listen up…

For more study tips, check out this Buzzfeed video for 8 essential study hacks (2015) or Wengies video on 7 study tips to help you ace your exams (2014).

– Extract from Study Smart – Exam Prep – 

5 apps to help you study better

There’s an app for almost everything, nowadays, isn’t there? So, have you ever thought about using an app to help you study? I mean, it is study week.

Below, we’ve listed some handy apps to help you with your study this exam period.

1. SelfControl
Developer: Charlie Stigler & Steve Lambert
Available: Online for Mac OSX
Cost: Free

Super skilled at procrastinating? Can’t resist the urge to check your social media news feed, or trying to avoid calculus by watching YouTube videos of kittens? SelfControl lets you block your own access to distracting websites, your mail servers, or anything else on the internet.  Just set a period of time to block for, add sites to your blacklist, and click start. Until that timer expires, you’ll be unable to access those sites – even if you restart your computer or delete the app! A necessary evil, possibly?

2. Dragon Dictation
Developer: Nuance Communications
Available: App store 
Cost: Free

Fingers hurt from typing too much (It’s a real problem!)? No worries. Get Dragon Dictation and use your voice to dictate your study notes – simply speak and see your content appear on screen.

3. Flashcards+
Developer: Chegg
Available: App  store and Google Play
Cost: Free

Memorise info like a pro using this flashcards app, designed to help you learn.

4. The Oxford Dictionary of English
Developer: MobiSystems
Available: App store and Google Play
Cost: Free

Because everybody needs a good dictionary in their life.

5. Write or Die
Developer: Dr Wicked
Available: Online or App store
Cost: $9.99 – $20

Struggling to find the motivation to write your assignment, unless there’s a looming deadline no more than 24 hours away? Meet: Write or Die. Write or Die is an online app (which you can also download to your iPhone) that gives consequences for distraction and procrastination. As long as you keep writing, everything is fine, but if you become distracted there are customisable consequences.

6. The Hemingway App
Developer: Adam Long & Ben Long
Available: Online
Cost: $19.99

Ready to be judged? This app allows you to paste in content you have written and have it critiqued, to make your writing bold and clear. The app highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors. It’s especially handy if you have a problem with verbosity (don’t know what that means? Refer to app #4).

Library hours for study and exam period

You’re almost there! Just a few more weeks and the trimester will be over. You can sleep in under your doona without the pressing urgency of attending lectures, working on assignments, or studying for exams.

But we’re not quite there yet.

Next week is study week, a week long break between teaching and end of trimester exam period to allow you to study for exams.

However, we get students will often want to use the library more than usual during Weeks 12, 13 & 14 to assist with study (into the early morning even – how do you do it! Young blood?).

Books, study spots, printers, vending machines in close proximity – we’ve got you.

So, for the next three weeks, Nathan and Gold Coast libraries will open 7am Monday, and remain open 24 hours until midnight on Fridays with extended weekend hours to accommodate this. 

  • Monday: 7am-12am (services open 8am – 7pm)
  • Tuesday – Friday: 24 hours (services open 8am – 7pm)
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 10pm (services open 9am – 5pm)

Check out the opening hours for Logan, Mt Gravatt and South Bank campuses here.

And don’t forget to take a look at our handy information on exam prep during study week and on exam day, as well as tips to beat exam anxiety.

How to take a study break

Photo of coffee cup and biscuit

Is all this study getting to you? Are you hitting refresh on Facebook every five seconds while your half-read lecture notes loom large in another window?

It sounds like you need a break (from social media procrastination and study!). Time to follow the old adage: ‘Work smarter, not harder’ (though we suggest you work hard too!).

There are a few things you can do to optimise your study time and ensure your breaks are efficient and rejuvenating.


  • Make a task-list. Finished writing section 3.4? Finished reading Chapter 11? Tick.
  • Set breaks periodically. Have a break after set time periods or when you reach a milestone. Maybe even set a timer.
  • Get some exercise. Moving will help stimulate your brain. Why not do some stretches to loosen up?
  • Have a snack. Fuel your mind. Trading times for on-campus food outlets can be found here.
  • Go outside. Catch that Vitamin D.


  • Check your social media accounts in the interim. You – close that Facebook tab!
  • Start a new series on Netflix. Stranger Things can wait! #bingewatching #whatassignment
  • Set unrealistic goals. No, you can’t finish summarising the entire semester’s course readings in one night.

We constantly stress about impending assessment while procrastinating on the essay, presentation, project or study. It’s a perceptual cycle of stress!

The best way to kick that stress? In the words of Nike, Just Do It (with some study breaks).

Extended library opening hours in the lead up to exams


Exams are coming! Batten down the hatches, stock up on snacks and get comfy in your favourite library spot. To help you over the next three weeks, the Nathan and Gold Coast libraries are open 24 hours from Monday to Thursday.

Here’s the lowdown on the Nathan and Gold Coast library opening hours for weeks 13, 14 and 15:

  • Monday – Thursday: 24 hours (Services and collections 8am – 7pm)
  • Friday: 7am – 12am (Services and collections 8am – 7pm)
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 10pm (Services and collections 9am – 5pm)

Check out the opening hours for the Logan, Mt Gravatt and South Bank campuses here. 

Does exam prep leave you feeling overwhelmed? Have a peek of our resources. Have you done this, looked through this or booked a session with one of these? Good luck!