#LibraryShelfies on display at your campus library

#LibraryShelfie Gallery at the Logan campus library.

In case you missed it, we held a #libraryshelfie competition during the month of July.

Some of you submitted entries on Insta, many of you voted for your faves on the Library Blog, and all of you are sure to love what’s coming next.

Since we had so many awesome entries this year, we decided an online gallery of #libraryshelfies was not enough. We decided to bring the online, offline, and have a gallery of entries IRL.

Come along to your nearest Griffith University campus library and view the #libraryshelfie gallery.

The gallery will be on display until Friday 1 September.

And the winner of Library Shelfie 2017 is…

The winning Library Shelfie!

So we have a winner.

After a month of posting Library Shelfie’s on Insta, a week of fierce voting on the Library Blog and a few minutes (this morning) organising the winning draw, we have established who reigns supreme in the land of #libraryshelfie.

Congratulations @cassandra_wei! You’ve joined an elite group of students who have won our Library Shelfie competition over the years.

You’ve also scored yourself a hefty $300. We considered giving you $300 worth of Nutella (because everyone loves Nutella), but apparently, a prepaid Visa Card is the go.

The good news is you can spend it all on Nutella if you so choose. So @cassandra_wei, thanks for your awesomely amazing (or should that be amazingly awesome?) Library Shelfie.

We looooooved it, and your fellow students obviously felt the same way. You are the deserving grand prize winner of Library Shelfie 2017.

Also, a big thank you to the other Library Shelfie entrants, the final three, and of course, to all of you who voted. Because you all totally voted, right?

We are sure we’ll see you all next year when you enter Library Shelfie 2018. Bring it on!

Who do you want to win Library Shelfie 2017?

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So our annual Library Shelfie competition has closed for the year. But the fun isn’t quite over yet. We still have to pick the winner of the 300 bucks! Or rather you do.

We’ve done our part. We’ve collated all the amazing entries from Instagram and now it’s your turn. Simply, pick your favourite and vote! Check out the gallery of entries at the top of the page, and then scroll down to the bottom to vote (there’s a voting form!).

Voting opens today (as in right this minute) and closes on Friday 4 August at 5pm. That’s only five days of voting – so be sure to get your vote in promptly. Like, right now. C’mon, do it!

The three entries with the most votes will go into the draw to win the major prize. Cast your vote wisely as the winner will be $300 richer.

We’ll announce the major prize winner right here on the Library Blog on Monday 7 August. So be sure to check back in a week.

But in the meantime – vote! Get your classmates to vote. Hey, they don’t even have to be your mates. You don’t even have to know them (although that’s kinda awkies). Just tell the weird dude sitting next to you in your lecture to vote! Read the rest of this entry »

And the winner of the #libraryshelfie comp is…

Winner of the Library Shelfie 2016 Competition

Winner of the Library Shelfie 2016 Competition

The #libraryshelfie comp is nearly done and dusted for the year. We had a bunch of creative entries, a handful of weekly winners and literally hundreds of votes for the overall winner.

Now, the only thing to do is announce the winner, right? But we can’t just go boom, this is the #libraryshelfie champ for 2016. We need build-up, fanfare, and speeches. No, just me?

So after nearly two weeks of voting, we have our prize winner. Without further ado, the winner of #libraryshelfie 2016 is @vitdoan2796.

Congratulations @vitdoan2796! Enjoy spending (or saving; no judgment) your massive $200 prepaid Visa Card. We all loved your #libraryshelfie entry. It was creative, clever and seriously cool!

Thanks to everyone who entered, voted, or simply watched from afar. You are all winners in our humble opinion. You win… our most heartfelt thanks.

Want to know the voting breakdown? Go to the Vote for your favourite Library Shelfie post on the Library Blog and click View Results at the bottom of the poll (near the Vote button).

Vote for your favourite Library Shelfie

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The Library Shelfie competition has come to a close and we’ve selected six weekly winners. We’ve found the best of the best, the crème de la crème, the pick of the litter…

Who were these creative geniuses, what did they do and most importantly, what did they win? Well, the Library Shelfie entries judged to have the best content, belonged to these 6 students:

  • @mad_loui_bett
  • @dr_parlaphone
  • @khoamaiphuong
  • @vitdoan2797
  • @laurenelisestone
  • @ji_yeonii

These clever students simply took a selfie in a Griffith Library and shared it on Insta. Of course, it was slightly more complex than that (see the original competition post), but the end result was major cashola!

They scored themselves a cool $30 prepaid Visa Card just for doing what we all do every day; taking a selfie. They were just inspired enough to post it on Insta with the correct hashtags (while demonstrating artistic flair, obvs!).

Now, we hand over the judging to you. You get to decide the major prize winner. Who deserves the ultimate prize of a $200 prepaid Visa Card? Select your favourite entry below and click Vote. Read the rest of this entry »

Want to win $200? Check out the Library Shelfie competition

The winning entry in the Library Shelfie 2015 competition

The winning entry in the Library Shelfie 2015 competition

Have you entered our Library Shelfie competition yet? There’s still time! It’s open until Friday 2 September 2016 and you can win a $200 prepaid Visa Card.

We aren’t being swamped with entries this year so your chances of winning are super high! Wouldn’t you like two hundred bucks simply for posting a photo on Instagram?

There are rules of course. The photo has to be taken in a Griffith University Library and include the hashtags #griffithlibrary and #libraryshelfie. Check out the Terms and Conditions in the original competition post.

Last year’s competition was awesome! Heaps of students entered using the ‘bookface’ style and we received super creative #libraryshelfies. Not sure what ‘bookface’ is?

According to the New York Times, ‘bookface involves strategically lining up your face or another body part alongside a book cover that features a matching body part so that there appears a melding of life and art’.

Phew, that’s a complicated and wordy definition, hey? Basically, it’s just getting a book with a face on it and putting it front of your face and taking a photo.

Here are the 2015 Library Shelfie weekly winners. Think you can do better? Prove it! Read the rest of this entry »

Share a Shelfie and WIN $200!


Do you have a favourite spot in your Griffith University Library? Is it a room with a view? Or just a quiet and comfy corner? Share it with us on Instagram for a chance to win a $200 prepaid Visa Card.

Here’s how to enter:

  • Step 1 Take a pic of your favourite spot in the library
  • Step 2 Share it on Instagram, tell us where it is, and use #libraryshelfie and #griffithlibrary.
  • Step 3 Make sure you’re following @griffithlibrary on Instagram

Weekly prizes are also up for grabs! You can score yourself a respectable $30 gift voucher if your Insta post is judged to be the best (for that week). Entries will be judged on original photography and content.

Winning weekly entries will be displayed on the Library Blog during Week 7 and put to a student vote. The entry with the most votes WINS $200!

The Library Shelfie competition runs from 1 August 2016 until 2 September 2016. So get snapping and WIN!

Read the rest of this entry »