Approached by lecturers or school to publish an article?

First – woo hoo! That is awesome and a very exciting moment on your academic pathway.

Second, do you know much about preparing and sending an article for publication?

It’s all good – that’s what your library is here for! We have created Strategic Publishing Guidelines for this precise moment in your life.

Planning is all about considering all aspects of the scholarly life-cycle – from building an author profile to measuring the impact of your published work. Now is the time to think about:

  • Desired outcomes
  • Target audience
  • Intellectual property
  • Research integrity and ethics
  • Regulatory requirements and professional obligations
  • Budget
  • Publishing strategy

Publishing strategy is very important; plan out how you are to achieve your end goal of being published. By thinking on the below points, you will save yourself time, understand the practical steps you need to take and increase the likelihood of aligning your publication source with the intention of your submission.

  • Relevance
  • Quality and credibility
  • Reach
  • Editorial process
  • Consistency in author name
  • Data publishing requirements
  • Publishing fees
  • Post publication strategy
  • Data publication

Profile management is important to your visibility in the academic and professional world of publishing. A well-defined profile will showcase the impact of your research, find new audiences and collaborators. Social media and academic networking services will help you expand the reach of your research.

  • Researcher profiles
  • Researcher identifiers
  • Social networking
  • Academic social networks
  • Other tools
  • Personal impact

If you are working towards publishing your research, it’s always a good time to read up on the basics. With this information and understanding already in your toolkit as a researcher, you can take your knowledge and research further.

Need help with research and publishing?

Griffith University Library is here to help you fly into your research!

We’ve created a Research and Publishing webpage to assist you through this process. The Research and Publishing webpage covers everything from getting started on your research journey to getting published and attaining academic impact.

You’ll find links to:

  • Free workshops on topics like EndNote, developing your academic argument, editing your writing, managing your research data, publishing during your PhD and many more.
  • Postgraduate Research Information Skills Modules designed to guide you through every stage of your research journey.
  • Strategic publishing guidelines to assist you through publishing.
  • Academic impact resources.
  • Best practice data guidelines.
  • Plus much more.

Remember, Griffith Library is here to help you succeed in your research. Need more help? If you’re a Higher Degree Research candidate or academic you can book in for a free consultation with a specialist Discipline Librarian to assist you with your research specific information needs.

Publishing your research: What you need to know

Are you a research student? Have you taken this end of year holiday as a wonderful opportunity to get ahead on your research and publishing?

Publishing is an enormous task, as well as an enormously important aspect of your research career, and can certainly seem daunting sometimes.

There are a multitude of facets to consider. Don’t get overwhelmed though! Break them down into bite-sized pieces and tackle them!

We have guides to walk you through every step, from planning to publishing, and even researcher profile management.



Profile management

Still need more help? Book a consultation with your discipline librarian (under the Consultations with a specialist heading) to discuss your research and publishing strategies.