Did you know you can print from your iPhone?

Photo of an iPhone

You should know that you can print from our common-use computers, or wirelessly from your laptop (if you didn’t it’s time to catch up, stat).

But did you know you can also send documents to our printers from your iPhone? Yep. No need to log on to a common-use computer, or bother booting up your laptop. If you have an iPhone, you can simply use that.

Now, the process is a little different from printing from our computers or your laptop. First, you’ve got to download iCMSIP from the App Store onto your iOS device, then simply install and configure it.

You’ll also have to make sure that the document that you want is on your iPhone (you may need to download an app to open it).

And don’t forget to ensure you’re printing to the right queue (South for Logan and Gold Coast campuses, and North for Brisbane campuses).

The process may seem a little fiddly at first, so we recommend you follow the iOS printing using iCMSIP guide to get started. Happy printing!

How to print, scan, and copy

Photo of a printer

As a student, you can print, scan, and copy on campus.

If you’re brand new, you’ll need to set up a printing account. You can easily do this at any Red Kiosk (located in Griffith libraries and select computer labs), or by visiting the friendly staff at any library service desk.

You’ll just need your student number and some money to add to your account. Oh, and you’ll be asked to select a 4-digit PIN. Once that’s done, you’re all set to:


You can send jobs to print from any Griffith common-use computer, or wirelessly from your own device. And the good news is you can pick up your print job from any Multi-Function-Device (MFD) on campus. That’s right, any MFD on campus!

How much does it cost to print an A4 page? That’s a good question. Check out the Student Printing Costs page for a price list.


Scanning is free for all Griffith students and available on all MFDs. Scanned contents will automatically be sent to your student email in PDF form.


Do you need to photocopy anything? Whether it’s a couple of pages from a textbook or your friend’s awesome lecture notes, you can make a copy in the library. Our trusty MFDs not only print and scan, they can photocopy as well. Genius, right?

Find detailed instructions on how to print, scan, and copy here. You can also check your printing credit online.  And once you’ve finished your studies and no longer need your printing account, you can claim any remaining print credit back.

How to print from your iPhone, iPad or laptop


A long, long time ago (in a galaxy not very far away) there was no wireless printing. You couldn’t print directly from your laptop… You had to save it to a floppy disk or CD, and transfer the information to a student PC in the library or computer lab.

And don’t get me started on printing from your smartphone or tablet. There was a time when smartphones didn’t exist at all. So you can imagine the difficulty in trying to print from a device that wasn’t even invented yet.

But lucky for you, times have changed and you can easily print from your iPhone, iPad or laptop. Student wireless printing lets you print from your Apple device or laptop to any Griffith campus common-use printer.

So just how easy is it? Well, if you want to print from your iOS device (that’s your iPhone or iPad), you just need to download a free copy of iCMSIP from the App Store and follow these instructions.

If you want to print from your laptop, you will need to connect it to the Griffith University Wireless Network (visit the Getting Connected page for help). Then go to Web Submit and follow these steps.

Remember, you need a student print account when you print at Griffith; regardless, if you are printing from a laptop, iPhone, iPad or common-use computer.

You can set up your student print account at the Service Desk in the Library or through one of the red kiosks located around the campus.

New to Griffith? You absolutely must do these 8 things


Welcome to Griffith University! It’s going to be a hectic week of uni prep so we thought we’d help you out with a handy list. Because, you know, the library totally has your back.

Here are 8 Library and IT things you absolutely must-do during O’Week (or else!).

#1 Attend an Earlybird workshop

Want to get ahead of the pack? Attend the free Earlybird workshops offered by the library. Run over three days, you can learn about strategies for study at university, getting started with your assignments, researching and referencing and note taking.  C’mon, who doesn’t need to know more about referencing?

#2 Connect to the wireless network

Save your mobile data for a time when you’ll actually need it – like whenever you’re not at Griffith. Use our free Wi-Fi instead! Connect your laptop, tablet or smart phone to the Griffith University wireless network. If you are a newbie, visit the Getting Connected page and follow the simple instructions.

#3 Visit our Market Day Stall

Yes, we have a Market Day Stall during O’Week. No, we don’t sell fancy toilet roll holders and dream-catchers (aren’t these typical items you find at the markets?). Instead, you’ll find the Griffith Library team at each campus Market Day ready and willing to share everything they know about Library and IT at Griffith. Plus, there’s free stuff, lollies and prize giveaways!

#4 Scope out your future study space

The library has the perfect study space for you. You just gotta find it! Whether you’re looking for a silent, quiet or social space – we’ve got you covered. We also have bookable group study spaces to help you ace all your group assessments.

#5 Set up your Copying and Printing account

Activate your copying and printing account in the library or at one of the red and white kiosks on campus. You can add printing credit via cash or EFTPOS at any of these locations. Visit the Student Printing page for more information.

#6 Get free student software

Did you know Office 365 Education for Students is available for free to students who are enrolled at Griffith University? Good thing you didn’t go ahead and purchase Word, Excel or PowerPoint already, right? But wait, there’s more! You can download Endnote and Symantec Endpoint Protection directly from the Library via the Software Download Service. Visit the Available Software page for more information.

#7 Download the Griffith App

There’s an app for everything nowadays; catching Pokémon, tracking your fitness, listening to music and sharing short videos with your friends (aka the world). But there’s only one app that puts Griffith in the palm of your hand – the Griffith App. Find campus maps, class timetables, Learning@Griffith, events, library, news, bus timetables and more.

#8 Take a library tour

If you don’t know the Library of Congress classification system like the back of your hand, you are screwed. You will never ever be able to find stuff in the library. Just kidding! But if you want a heads-up on where to find library resources ; take a 15-minute library tour at any of our campus libraries. You can also check out our libraries from the comfort of your couch with a Google 360 tour.

How to print from your Apple device


Back in ye olde days, printing at university was a bit of a drama. It involved print cards, print queues, and floppy disks. It’s the historical equivalent of previous generations walking six kilometres to school, in the snow, barefoot. It was tough! (or so the story goes).

But those days are long gone and printing in 2016 is super easy! Especially now that you can print straight from your Apple device.

Simply download, install, and configure a free copy of iCMSIP from the App Store. It allows you to print Microsoft and PDF documents from your iPhone or iPad at all campuses.

If you need a bit of help, don’t stress, check out the Student Printing page for full download and configuration instructions.

Tech yourself out for Semester 1

It’s time to get techy and tick off our Tech List.

apple-606761_1920University in the 21st century is a whole lot easier thanks to things like e-books, Google Drive, the Cloud, Apps and of course Smartphones.

Here are our top tech tips to help you start the semester off right!

  • WiFi

First things first, let’s get your device up and running on the Griffith wireless network. Simply, choose your device and follow the instructions!

  • Griffith App

Haven’t downloaded our app yet? We highly recommend it. Your email, timetable, interactive map, Blackboard are all in one place at your finger tips!

  • IOS Printing

You no longer have to email, USB transfer or even move thanks to our IOS Printing. Get set up today.

  • Google Apps

As a Griffith student you get access to a whole range of awesome Google Apps like Drive, Docs, Calendar and more. Make the most of Google’s Apps to help you ace your course.

  • Discounts for you

We have awesome computing discounts for you so make sure you check out what deals you can take advantage of. And don’t forget Microsoft Office 365 is free for all Griffith students!

  • Lecture Capture

Although we encourage lecture attendance we do understand that other stuff comes up. This is why Lecture Capture is so loved! Most lectures across Griffith are recorded which means you can catch up on anything you missed online.

That’s the end of our crash course. Have a techriffic Semester 1!

Library #Shelfie Winner: Jae Bin!

applewatch_winnerCongratulations to Jae Bin who won the Apple Watch for the Library #Shelfie competition!

If you haven’t already, make sure you checked out the other entries – we received so many creative photos and we wished would could have given every one a prize!

applewatch_winner2The winners of the $20 Printing Credit are:

Jae Bin