Check out our research on men’s health this Movember

By now, you may have noticed an increase in men sporting the beginning stages of a Mo.

No, society isn’t trying to mimic Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins’ style. It’s Movember.

Movember is about raising awareness of men’s health – prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health, with a goal to ‘change the face of men’s health’.

Initially, it started with a group of Australian men growing moustaches to sport throughout the month of November. It has since evolved to become a global event, and you don’t need to grow a Mo to participate. If you want to support the cause, you can:

  • Grow: grow a Mo – your Mo can inspire donations, conversations and real change.
  • Move: move this Movember by walking or running 60 kilometres over the month – that’s 60 km for the 60 men we loose to suicide each hour, every year.
  • Host: raise the roof with a get-together and raise much-needed funds for men’s health.

This Movember, we thought we’d highlight the fantastic research Griffith is doing in the field of men’s health.

Browse all our research on men’s health via Griffith Research Online (GRO), or check out a few of the interesting articles we’ve included below:

How Mo Can You Go?

Have you often stared at your mo-free reflection and wondered…how much more handsome could I be with a lush, full-grown mo smack-bang in the middle of that kisser?

Well stare and wonder no more, it’s November! Also known as Movember for those in the mo (#dadjokesforlife).

Movember is your chance to rock some questionable facial hair and get away with it! Because guess what? That lip fuzz is actually worth something.

Growing a moustache during the month of November allows you to raise money for men’s health. How it works is as simple as three, two, grow. You sign up while clean-shaven, start raising some funds and let that mo grow grow grow.

If you’re bummed because you a) cannot grow a mo, or b) would rather not have a furry caterpillar sitting above your top lip for the next month, no worries! You can still get involved.

Instead of meeting your own personal facial hair goals, you can set an activity goal. Give yourself a distance goal at the start of the month and walk, run, cycle, row or swim your way to the finish. Put the move into Movember.

This month of mo not only gives you a chance to have a mo-off with your mates, it lets you raise money for an important cause and feel good-looking doing it.

What is there to lose?

Sign up now for Movember, and if you feel like it why not share your progress with us on Twitter or Instagram.

Grow a mo, save a bro

Illustration of a shaving kit

Put your shaving kit away!

Whether you are partial to the Handlebar, Fu Manchu, or Dali, it’s the month to get your moustache on.

Every year in November, men around the world put their razors down and attempt to grow some facial fuzz – all in support of Movember.

As you are no doubt aware, Movember aims to increase awareness of a somber fact: men are dying too young.

The Movember Foundation is the charity behind the moustache movement. They’re addressing some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.

The support they receive from the community facilitates research and projects which not only improves the lives of men around the world, but also saves lives. And it’s all thanks to people like us.

Blokes (or Mo Bros) can get involved by growing a Mo’. And girls (or Mo Sistas) – don’t think you’re forgotten!

If you’re facial-hair challenged (and, hey, it’s not just women), you can still join in by participating in MOVE. MOVE is a challenge to get physically active (whatever way you like) every day of November.

You can read more about the aims and work of the Movember Foundation here, and if you’re feeling so inclined – you can donate here.

If you have a friend or family member who is participating in Movember, you can donate via their personal page. Just ask them for the link!

And men (well, actually, everybody!), take care of yourselves. The Movember Foundation give some great pointers:

  • Check in regularly with friends and family
  • Move
  • Talk about the big stuff in life
  • Knowledge is power – find out about family health problems
  • If you notice something, do something.

Now, we’d love to stay and chat, but we really moustache!

We moustache you a question

Did you know Movember isn’t just about growing the best, biggest and bushiest moustache?

Movember has arrived so don’t be alarmed if you start noticing some extra fuzz on the upper lips of the males around campus—it’s all for a good cause!

Since the fundraising initiative began back in 2004 Australian men have gained an annual furry friend in the form of a moustache. Over the years the month of November has continued to promote important men’s health issues specifically, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity. Some doctors now even offer free health checks for men in November.

The aim of the month is to help men live happier, healthier and longer lives. This year the Movember Foundation is encouraging men and women to Move It! Which means ladies no longer need to feel left out. If you’re passionate about men’s health you can join in the Movember fun without having to grow any facial hair at all!

But boys be warned growing, trimming and admiring your new moustaches can leave you vulnerable to procrastinating away your important November study time! On the upside those good charitable feels could also put you in the perfect studying state of mind.

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