The lowdown on available software

You’ve probably heard: we’ve got a bunch of computers around campus, just waiting for you to plonk yourself in front of and start smashing out some assignments.

While they’re all loaded up with the standard software – MS Office, Adobe, and various internet browsers – further applications vary between locations.

So, before you settle in for an afternoon of work in the G11 computer lab check it actually has the software you need. You can find a comprehensive list of current computer lab software applications here.

Some areas of study do have specialist software, and in this case your school will provide access to this. For access to specialised labs, contact your school.

Now, if you’re more of the study-from-home type (hey, it’s so cold, we don’t blame you for wanting to be under the doona), you can download a great range of software for home use.  

You can download the following software for home use through the Software Download Service:

  • doPDF
  • EndNote
  • Naive
  • Leximancer
  • SAS
  • SPSS (note: an annual subscription fee applies)
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection

And, if you’ve been living under a rock (read: haven’t visited us at a market day stall or followed our social media), don’t forget you can download Microsoft Office 365 for University for free.

You can find further information on the Available Software webpage.

Roll up, roll up, and get Microsoft 365 for free!

Photo of a carnival

Don’t go paying to download and install Microsoft 365 on your personal device. As a Griffith University student you get access to Microsoft 365 for Education for free.

Enrolled Griffith students can download Office 365 for Education directly from Microsoft and install it on up to five PCs or Macs and mobile devices, including Android, iPad, and Windows tablets.

Microsoft 365 for Education includes:

Basically, all the Microsoft products you need to succeed in your studies.

So, how do you actually download and install this software? Simple!

Go to the Microsoft Office website, type in your Griffith email address, and click get started. Then follow the prompts to download onto your personal device.

However, the freebies don’t stop here! Once it’s installed, you can access free training to learn how to use the products or improve your existing skills.

There’s also a super handy Student Resources centre where you can access an array of templates to make putting your document together easier, blogs with handy tips and interesting information, and training.

Did you know you can get Microsoft Office for FREE?


Yes, we are serious! We didn’t lure you here under false pretenses. As a Griffith student, you can download Office 365 Education for free.

This means you can get Office Online (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote), 1TB of OneDrive storage, Yammer, and SharePoint sites without spending your hard-earned cash.

Simply go to the Microsoft website, type in your Griffith email address and follow the prompts. You can install Office on up to 5 PCs or Macs and on other mobile devices, including Android, iPad®, and Windows tablets.

Microsoft Office 365 Education isn’t the only freebie you get as a Griffith student. Software Services also kindly provides you with Symantec Endpoint Protection, Endnote, SAS and more!

To view the complete list, please visit Software Services. You will also find handy instructions for downloading the software from your Google Drive.

Did you also know as a Griffith student you are entitled to an Internet account for study-related purposes? This means unlimited free internet downloads during off-peak hours and 20GB study allowance per month during peak hours. See Internet on campus for more information.

Tech yourself out for Semester 1

It’s time to get techy and tick off our Tech List.

apple-606761_1920University in the 21st century is a whole lot easier thanks to things like e-books, Google Drive, the Cloud, Apps and of course Smartphones.

Here are our top tech tips to help you start the semester off right!

  • WiFi

First things first, let’s get your device up and running on the Griffith wireless network. Simply, choose your device and follow the instructions!

  • Griffith App

Haven’t downloaded our app yet? We highly recommend it. Your email, timetable, interactive map, Blackboard are all in one place at your finger tips!

  • IOS Printing

You no longer have to email, USB transfer or even move thanks to our IOS Printing. Get set up today.

  • Google Apps

As a Griffith student you get access to a whole range of awesome Google Apps like Drive, Docs, Calendar and more. Make the most of Google’s Apps to help you ace your course.

  • Discounts for you

We have awesome computing discounts for you so make sure you check out what deals you can take advantage of. And don’t forget Microsoft Office 365 is free for all Griffith students!

  • Lecture Capture

Although we encourage lecture attendance we do understand that other stuff comes up. This is why Lecture Capture is so loved! Most lectures across Griffith are recorded which means you can catch up on anything you missed online.

That’s the end of our crash course. Have a techriffic Semester 1!

Discover your student discounts

Back to school bargains are a year-round bonus for enrolled Griffith students.


Whether you’re a returning student or just getting ready to join us next month, you’ve probably realised student budgeting isn’t easy even if you only eat Mie goreng noodles.

But we’ve got a silver lining that could help save a few pennies! As a Griffith student you have access to some pretty brilliant computing and software savings. So, prepare for your wallet to get a little healthier…


Student software discounts are available for a range of software applications. The full list is available online.

Office 365 Education for Students is available for free to students who are enrolled at Griffith University. Install Office on up to five PCs or Macs and on other mobile devices, including Android, iPad®, and Windows tablets. You don’t need a Product Key, just check your eligibility and download it directly from Microsoft.


The Symantec Norton offer for Griffith University includes 50% off selected Norton products, Norton 360, Norton Internet Security and Norton Internet Security for Mac. Register with your Griffith email address to receive this discount.

It’s Griffith in the palm of your hand! Campus maps, timetables, events, course materials, library, news, bus timetables and more. Available on any smartphone including Apple iOS and Android devices. All other devices can access the app via the mobile web site.

Computing discounts

If you are interested in purchasing laptops or other computer equipment for study then our friends over at Dell, HP and Apple provide student discounts for Griffith University students. Visit your fav computing brand’s student website and shop until your heart’s content – Dell Student Deals, Apple Education Store, or HP Griffith Store.

  • Still saving up for a new shiny laptop?

Griffith also provides a range of computers for student use. These include:

  • Common-usecomputer labs: these are available for all students to use. Some labs are available 24/7; view the availability on your campus now. Common-use computers are also available in the library.
  • Schoolbased computers: some areas of study have specialist computing needs and the relevant school provides access for this. These may be PC or Mac labs. For further information about access to these facilities, contact your school.
  • Laptops are available to borrow from the library for free.

For more great deals or information, visit Griffith’s Student Computing.

Our brains are like computers

A recent article in The Conversation highlights four key messages regarding the recent release of the new version of MS Office, Office 16. It states that the new version has a number of flaws in its compatibility with other operating systems, both Apple iOS and Android platforms. The code is extremely complicated and thought to be like a “jumble of spaghetti” so addressing any errors in it is considered challenging.

The number of underutilised features that exist within the Microsoft Office suite is also discussed, emphasising that the most common commands used are Paste, Save, Copy, Undo and Bold, accounting for only 30% of all commands used. The article also states that, in an increasingly mobile world the long documents produced through the Microsoft Office products are no longer required or considered relevant, implying that the product needs to evolve to cater to an increasing customer base that use apps and mobile tools for communication.

Likewise, when it comes to exam preparation, our brains can be like computers. Learning theories by Vygotsky and Bloom show that we remember information that connects to previous information. Synapses are the connections that occur between different parts of our brain, therefore when trying to learn information for an exam it can be beneficial to associate information together.

If there is some content that you struggle to remember, try to connect it to another piece of information that you can remember. That way the ‘spaghetti code’ in your brain will hopefully be less complex and allow you to retain the relevant information. Similarly, with the notion that the Microsoft Office software is underused, so too are sections of our brain, so if information that you learned at the start of the semester is not revisited during the semester, the material is more likely to be forgotten. Systematic revision is one strategy that means you frequently revisit material during the semester instead of at the end.

There are some exam preparation self-help resources available on the Library page. These cover topics like:

  • Exam room techniques
  • Short Answer Questions
  • Case study questions
  • Essay questions
  • Exam Stress

The ‘Useful links’ section also provides links to:

  • The University’s Counselling Service
  • Exams and Assessments – policies and administration advice

Other resources that may be useful are the Time Management guide or booking in to see a Learning Adviser to develop some exam revision strategies.

Need MS Office? 365 Education is free to students!

Image_GetOfficeFree_Student_430x159Office 365 Education is available for free to Griffith University students and staff. Install Office on up to 5 PCs or Macs and on other mobile devices, including Android, iPad®, and Windows tablets.

Check your eligibility and download today direct from Microsoft.

You don’t need a Product Key so see the library desk for help if you get asked for one!

Not just Office 365 for free but other great discounts as well.  Check out the Software page.

You can choose: doPDF (a PDF printer), EndNote, SAS and SPSS – check out how here!