4 things to do when you finish exams

Celebrate. Sleep. Netflix. Repeat. Duh!

Some things are just obvious, right? We don’t need to tell you to have fun, relax and catch up on all the things you couldn’t do (without guilt) during the trimester.

But just in case you are waiting for us to do just that: have that house party, take a nine-hour nana nap, and watch all the seasons of Game of Thrones (again).

Now, that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the 4 things you should do AFTER all of that (because Trimester 2 starts in two short weeks).

1. Sell your books

Did you know that Griffith has a Textbook Exchange? It’s a free service provided by the Welfare & Student Liaison Office for students and staff of Griffith University to buy or sell their secondhand textbooks.

2. Get organised

Clean out your backpack, clear your study desk and file away your Trimester 1 paraphernalia (study notes, assignments, research papers etc). Remember, future you may find this stuff useful in the, um, future.

It’s also a good time to think about the year ahead. Add Important dates from the academic calendar to your planner, Google calendar or diary so you don’t get caught out.

3. Make improvements

No doubt you’re aware your grades for this Trimester are released on Wednesday 28 June.

If you have a sneaking suspicion that you didn’t achieve the levels of academic awesomeness that you’d hoped for, hatch a plan to fix this for next Trimester.

What can you do? Get feedback from your lecturers and tutors, find out how Student Services can support you, or attend a free Earlybird workshop offered by the library.

4. Update your social media

No, we don’t mean you should go crazy with your Facebook posts, Insta pics or Snapchat videos. Although, by all means, go for it.

We are talking about your professional accounts. Yes, it’s time to give a little love to your LinkedIn and use social media to sell yourself.

Did you complete an internship, join a professional association, win an academic award or score a casual job during T1? Tell potential employers by updating your LinkedIn profile.

Woo – another semester completed

No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks!

It’s time to sing it loud and proud – you’ve made it through another semester.  And don’t think about results just yet, find a place to warm up: go skiing or snowboarding down south, or hike the Himalayas you may not get a better time.  Or maybe just go to the beach, the water temperature isn’t that much different during winter.

You’ve earned the break, so relax with your feet up and here’s a few things to do:

Congratulations to those who have finished in their higher education pursuit, yay for getting through another semester for those still in the throes of studying, and huge YES! to those of you who just completed their first semester – you all rocked it!Sleep Red

Welcome back!

new-years-day-1054594_1920New year, same great Library resources!

We hope you had a great break and enjoyed some summer sun and time with family and friends! The Library also took a short break over Christmas and New Years but we’re back today and ready for a great 2016!

Check out our Summer Opening hours for each Library’s specific opening times. Don’t quite have the motivation for a Library visit yet? Don’t worry we understand. Luckily, TED Talks has created a playlist to get you ready for the new year!

Check out these short motivational videos to help make your 2016 the best year yet!


Enjoy your break!



Congratulations, you did it! Exams are over, assessments are done and you are now free to relax, put your feet up and enjoy your break.

We’ll miss you so don’t forget to stay in touch by following @Griffithlibrary on Twitter.

Happy holidaying!




Library opening hours during the break.

It might be the first day of mid semester break and there are many invitations to ice-cream socials but……if anyone of you are more interested in catching up on some assignments, studying a few extra hours for exams or even just taking the time to catch up on printing:
The library will keep regular times during the break (28 September – 2 October 2015):

But don’t forget – Labour Day is a public holiday on 5th of October!