Harmony Week 2019

Celebrate Harmony Week 2019 at Griffith University from 18-22 March.

This year we have plenty of activities and events happening across our campuses including craft activities, competitions, forums, feasts and freebies. The Library is joining in the celebration by providing origami stations and a hashtag wall for the community to have fun and get creative.

Enjoy the art of Origami by making your own bookmark. We have templates to create a fox, cherry blossom or tulip for decoration, or try your skills and find your own design.

Our #Hashtag Wall is a place to spread ideas of peace, community and diversity. Add your own hashtag, take a photo and share the message.

The library will be celebrating all week while campus wide celebrations will be held at individual campuses on the following days:

  • Monday 18 March at South Bank
  • Tuesday 19 March at Mt Gravatt
  • Wednesday 20 March at Logan
  • Thursday 21 March at Gold Coast
  • Friday 22 March at Nathan.

Show your support for the day and wear orange with a Harmony Week T-Shirt available from the GUMURRII and Student Services stalls at your campus. All contributions go to the Miriam Rose Foundation Lego Drive.

Not on Campus? Share your support for diversity at Griffith from anywhere, by adding a “Harmony Week” profile frame to your display picture or posting a story with the Harmony Week story frame, available on Facebook from 18-22 March.

Get creative for “Harmony Week”.

For more information about Harmony Week at Griffith University please visit:


Celebrating a week’s worth of Harmony Days

Today is Harmony Day – 21st March – but we believe it’s so important, we made a whole week out of it!


The Libraries on each campus are taking part in the One Million Stars to End Violence Project – this means everyone has been busy folding stars out of ribbons.  This is a great way to relax and unwind during study breaks – check out the instructions, make a few and bring them into your Griffith Library.  You can also make the stars at each campus during the Harmony Week celebrations.

We are also including recipes this year – so get out your favourite recipes and bring them into your Griffith Library as well.  Choose a different recipe and make it for family and friends!

Last year, Naomi, a Student Partner, facilitated the drawing of a mural and encouraged students to contribute.

Originally from the Netherlands – but still finds herself on an adventure 9 years later! – Naomi studies Secondary Education and wants to teach in Far North Queensland.  Being involved in this project has made her feel part of the community and she wanted to share that with others.  Starting with her own drawing, Naomi would then encourage other students to draw the first thing that came to to their minds.  Assurance was made to all students that ‘art’ is subjective and even a simple symbol can express who they are and how they feel about harmony, making sure everyone is included at Griffith University and in Australia.

The decision to hang the mural up was not part of the original plan, but the response from people all over Griffith University was positive and it now is in the QCA library.  Naomi is honoured that we all think so much of the mural – a “stream of consciousness” if you will – and hopes that everyone got to feel the same sense of community that she did while working on it.

Harmony DayGet involved on every campus:

Harmony Mural

It’s Harmony Week!

  • It’s Harmony Week this week, and Griffith is getting into the swing of it with a bunch of fun activities happening on each campus.

In the libraries you’ll find a few displays celebrating and promoting diversity, multiculturalism and, of course, harmony!

Zoe Dyason and Fionulla Boyce from the Logan campus library have created a display of books from their curriculum collection, highlighting the diversity of the Logan community:

harmony week logan 1 harmony week logan 2 harmony week logan 3

Michelle, Melita and Masami from the Nathan campus library have created a display using books and DVDs that celebrate different cultures around the world:

Harmony week nathan 1 Harmony week nathan 2

South Bank has this rather lovely display in their front window:

Harmony week south bank

And Cathy Gore from the Gold Coast library got some students in on their display!:

harmony week GC 1 harmony week GC 2

Andrew Monaghan and the Griffith International team has produced this awesome Harmony Week video.

It was made by students and we are very excited to share it with you (you all look fabulous, by the way!).

We hope you’re enjoying Harmony Week! Leave us a comment and let us know the activities that you’ve been enjoying around your campus.