Stay connected with Griffith after you graduate

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Exam week is almost over!

If this is your final exam block at Griffith before you graduate: 1) Congratulations!, and 2) We’ll miss you!

But just because you’re graduating doesn’t mean you have to leave the Griffith library behind.

You are eligible for an alumni membership which allows you to borrow up to 20 standard loans. And, did we mention it’s free? Just come in to sign up, and you’ll get a yearly membership for free!

You’re also welcome to use our library spaces at any time. For more information, check out what you can borrow as a community member.

And, if you really like the library (we do), why not join Friends of the Library while you’re at it? The network provides wonderful professional and social opportunities for those interested in supporting the library and its evolution in our rapidly changing education environment.

An annual membership is $25, and provides you: invitations to events featuring national and international guest speakers, Friends only networking opportunities, access to exhibitions and displays, special pre-sale ticket offers to certain Griffith events, and a regular Friends of the Library e-newsletter.

Finally, don’t forget to stay connected through Griffith’s Alumni Network.

Graduation doesn’t mean good bye

Graduation capsAre you graduating this semester? If so, then congratulations on what is a fantastic achievement and celebration of all your hard work.

But even though you might be leaving us shortly it doesn’t have to mean good bye. As a Griffith Alumni you can easily stay connected and access to some fantastic resources that will be extremely useful for your post-grad adventures.

Library access and borrowing

For a small annual fee Alumni are still able to borrow resources, use the Libraries’ hardcopy collections, and photocopiers and printers.

Become a Friend of the Library

A Friends of the Library membership offers wonderful professional and social opportunities. Benefits include, special event invitation featuring national and international guest speakers, networking opportunities, access to exhibitions and displays, special pre-sale ticket offers to certain Griffith events, regular Friends of the Library e-newsletter, 20% off GGraduateriffith REVIEW subscription and a discount on borrowing membership to the University Library.

Email and myGriffith

Students also have access to their student email and myGriffith indefinitely after graduation.

Don’t forget to tick off your graduation to-dos with your steps to graduating guide.

Wishing you all the best and remember, don’t be a stranger.

Meet other Griffith Alumni.




Summer semester starting soon

Are you sticking around for the summer semester? If so, we need you to remember a few very important things…

As your Facebook feed starts to fill up with summer selfies and scenic panoramas remember that hanging around for a summer semester will definitely be worth those tough FOMO (fear of missing out) moments.

Reading by the pool

These are just some of the reasons why:

  • Cheaper parking on some campuses
  • Plenty of space to spread out in the library
  • The chance to graduate earlier (that’s a big one)
  • You’ll be well ‘in the zone’ for semester 1, 2016
  • The chance to catch up on courses and reduce next year’s workload

What you need to know:

Acess the Library Services during the break

  • The Library ​offer consultations for all services during the breaks by request.
  • Students can arrange ​for a face to face or email ​appointment​ with a Learning Adviser​ during the breaks ​by emailing or ​by asking at the library help desk.
  • ​Students can arrange a face to face or email appointment with a Librarian during the breaks by emailing or by asking at the library help desk.
  • Academics and HDRs can contact their Librarian at any time for a consultation.
  • We also offer drop-in sessions at Nathan and Gold Coast with an ICT Specialist (computing trainers)

For more information visit the Library website.

Enjoy the summer!

Google reveals their must-have graduate trait

Employee candidatesWhether you’re graduating this year, next year or it’s so long away you can’t yet imagine that sweet, sweet moment, at some point every student will face the exciting and sometimes daunting task of entering the workplace. Luckily—and like usual—Google is here to save the day with some insider knowledge.

Director of Google’s Digital Academy regularly recruits ambitious graduates from around the world who have impressive CVs but he’s revealed a new type of talent that is setting candidates apart.


It’s called cultural intelligence. Don’t worry you don’t need to speak five languages or have a passport full of stamps. Cultural intelligence is about having a thirst to learn about people who are different to you.

He explains, “It’s about learning from different cultures in different countries, but equally, it could be about different cultures in different companies and sectors, even departments in the same company.”

For some, this information might not be a revelation but it does reiterate the importance employers sometimes place on attitude over skills and experience. So, let us leave you with the resounding words of Winston Churchill, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”.

Griffith’s Careers and Employment Service offers a wide range of job search and career development services and resources for students long after graduation.