Where to store your files

Photo of a floppy disk

Not on a floppy disk, that’s where!

So, you’re using our computers and wondering ‘where should I save my document?’ Well, that’s a great question.

Griffith University students get network storage space (H Drive), and online storage space (Google Drive) for storing files.

H Drive is available from common use computers via My Computer on the desktop.  If you save your files here, you will be able to access them from any common use computer at any campus.

Though if you’re using one of our library laptops, you’ll need to use FileWay to access H Drive.

If you want to access files saved to H Drive off campus it does get a tad tricky. You’ll need to login to Griffith’s VPN first. You get a quota of 50MB storage space for H Drive.

Google Drive is connected to your student email account. It’s accessible from any computer browser and most mobile devices. All you need is a connection to the internet and you’re sweet to access it anywhere.

You also get unlimited storage space on your Google Drive – that’s right, unlimited. Take a squiz at our post on using Google Drive for further info.

It’s also important to remember:

  • Saving your work to any other location on common use computers (e.g. the desktop or My Documents) will result in deletion when you log out or turn off the computer. 
  • Backup, backup, backup your files! Along with Google Drive and H Drive, you could save to a USB or email the file to yourself.

Oh no! All my files are gone!


Your USB flash drive will fail. University assignments, job applications, and photos of your monumental summer vacay will eventually be corrupted or lost by that tiny, portable drive.

It will happen. You are crazy if you think it won’t. USB flash drives (also known as USB keys or thumb drives) are infuriatingly fickle and unreliable.

To avoid digital disaster, you should have at least three backup and recovery processes for your files. We strongly recommend saving work to your network storage drive (H: drive) and Google Drive. Maybe even email a copy to your Griffith email account for good measure!

H: drive is available from the common-use computer desktop or via FileWay through your browser. If accessing off campus you will need login to Griffith’s VPN software first. All students are given a quota of 50MB for their H: drive usage.

Google Drive is available from any computer browser and most mobile devices. Griffith staff and students have unlimited storage. You can store files up to 5TB each.

Your Griffith email account has unlimited quota.  This means you can store as many emails in your mailbox as you like!

For information about storing your files at Griffith University, see the Student Computing page. For information about your Google Apps account, see the Griffith University Google Apps Support Page.