Protect your computer against viruses

Prevention is better than cure

Have you ever had a virus on your computer? We hope not, but just FYI – they’re not fun.

However, with more and more technological developments computer viruses are becoming increasingly common. For example, you may have heard in the news about the current WannaCry ransomeware attacks

This specific virus encrypts your computer’s files, and demands that you pay a ransom in order to regain access to your files. Doesn’t sound like fun, right? We told you.

So, what can you do to protect against these viruses? Well, most importantly, ensure you have anti-virus software installed on your computer!

As a Griffith student, you can download Symantec Endpoint Protection through our Software Download Service for free. Yes, it’s free! So there’s no excuse not to do it.

Just follow our instructions to access the Software Download Service, select the Symantec Endpoint Protection folder and your operating system, and run the executable file.

If you want further protection, you could also download Norton 360 or Norton Internet Security. While these incur a free, Griffith Students get 50% off, and we reckon that’s an alright saving! You can find out more about Norton Student Savings here.

Once you’ve gotten your anti-virus software sorted, there are a few more things to you can to do protect against computer viruses, so check out our post on how to secure your virtual world, and keep yourself protected online.

Hack-a-thon, a success!

Our first Hack-a-thon was an awesome success!

A huge congrats to all participants who worked their behinds off and pumped out some amazing work!

The event kicked off with guest speaker, Daniel Ngo from Entrepreneur Haus (check out Daniel’s speech on Facebook). The students were given a short brief and let loose for 30 hours to develop an innovative and creative app.

There was yawning, there was napping, there were odd smells… but nothing an emergency supply of toothbrushes and toothpaste couldn’t fix. The energy drinks were flowing, the brains were pumping and the students created some amazing work and learnt some valuable lessons. “I learnt that the presentation is just as, if not more important, as the product itself” said one student.  Another student loved the real world experience “where like-minded people gather and work towards a common goal”.

Congratulations to our innovative first prize winners. Taking home $2000 was Damien Robinson, Joaquin Ramirez Reyes and Joshua Murchie. They blew the judges away with their creative answer to planning your degree and subject choices.

Taking out second prize and $1000 was Jaden Vaniersel, Ian Murnane, Harley Jarrett. They built an app allowing you to share locations, events, study tips and a very helpful assignment countdown clock – what student doesn’t need that?!

Best User Interface and $500, went to Harrison Croaker, William Fischer and Carl Humphries for their ‘M8te’ design.

Thank you to Greg Phipps, our very own alumni and Technical Program Manager, Google Maps, and Leigh Ellen Potter, Senior Lecturer, School of ICT, who provided some wise words to the participants. Their videos provided relief and inspiration during their short breaks.

Thanks to our sponsor, Grove Juice for keeping the students hydrated. Read the rest of this entry »

App Idea Competition Winners

We have a winner!!!

Shouting huge congrats to Joshua Murchie who took out first prize in the Hack-a-thon App Idea competition and just walked away with a hefty $1500!

There were hundreds of submissions and some brilliant ideas. Now you have the chance to turn those ideas into something real. Sign up for the Hack-a-thon weekend and win part of a huge $3500 prize pool!

About Josh

Josh is studying a Master of IT and about to begin a dissertation with a technology innovation education theme and is a current student ambassador for the Mayor of the Gold Coast. He is also the co-founder and president of the Griffith Uni Start-up Entrepreneurs Club, where they promote collaboration and entrepreneurship in the student community.

Josh was frustrated with planning out his degree; which course to take when, without missing pre-requisites or having to wait a trimester for the next offering. His idea focussed on creating an awesome timetabling experience for the user and easing student frustrations.

More Prizes

Second prize of $750 went to Tahnee Webb, studying a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Her fantastic ‘CramSession’ idea is a great social enhancer allowing students to collaborate. Third prize of $500 went to Christian Frost, studying Master of Philosophy in the school of Human Services and Social Work. He had an innovative idea to ease parking and transport issues around campus.

The Hack-a-thon Weekend

Are you a totally tech savvy student? Maybe you’re involved in IT, marketing, app development, or project management? Or maybe you just want to learn how to create an app (hey, that’ll look sweet on your #resume #workskills).

You can now use these great ideas that were submitted and get involved in designing the app – from the ground up!

To get involved, you can register as an individual or as a team. Ultimately, you’ll be working in groups of three to four people to develop a web/mobile application and showcase it to the judges. Oh, and you can also win a lot of money:

  • $2000 for the winning team of the Hack-a-thon
  • $1000 for the runner-up team of the Hack-a-thon
  • $500 for best UI design

So, how’s this all going to work? We throw open the doors to the Gold Coast Library at 9am Saturday 29 April and you have 30 hours to work on the app and enjoy life! And, we are totally feeding you as well so register now and just tell everyone you were there to build an app.

When: 9am 29 April to 4pm 30 April 2017
Where: Gold Coast Campus Library (The Cow Patch area)

How to find available computers on campus

Photo of a computer lab

So, you’re at uni and have a ghastly four-hour break between lectures. What do you do? Some people may suggest catching up with friends, grabbing a bite to eat, or hitting one of our on-campus gyms.

But we’re the library, so of course we’re going to suggest you get a bit of study in! Plus, start studying early and your week 12 self will so thank you for it, we promise.

To help you study, you’ll find an array of common use computer labs across all campuses. Super keen? We even have dedicated 24-hour computer labs.

And don’t forget that Griffith students are welcome to use resources at any campus – enrolled at South Bank but want to study at Logan? No problems!

Find out all computer lab locations (including which ones are 24 hours) here. You can even check in advance how many computers are free in the lab you’re intending to go to.

All computers in common use computer labs will have standard software including Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe, and various internet browsers.

Sometimes you require specialised software or hardware for your course. In these instances, your School may provide access to this through school-based computer labs (for further info about these facilities, contact your school).

Software may vary between locations, and you can check out the full list of available software on computers here.  

Check out our student computing page for more information on using our computers.

This Week in the Library – Semester 2, Week 3




cropped en-geekout
Book and attend any of the highlighted referencing-related workshops during Week 3 to receive a coffee voucher and go into the draw for a $50 voucher for the Co-op Book Shop.  (One book voucher each at Nathan and Gold Coast campuses).

Workshop Date Start Time Campus Room
EndNote** Monday, 11 August 09:30 AM Nathan N53_1.50
Researching for your assignment Monday, 11 August 12:00 PM Nathan N53_1.49
Referencing Monday, 11 August 12:00 PM Gold Coast G10_2.09
EndNote** Monday, 11 August 01:00 PM Gold Coast G10_2.04
Excel: formulas and organising data Tuesday, 12 August 09:30 AM Nathan N53_1.50
Word essentials Tuesday, 12 August 01:00 PM Gold Coast G10_2.04
Referencing Tuesday, 12 August 12:00 PM Nathan N53_1.49
Using the ideas and words of others Tuesday, 12 August 10:00 AM Gold Coast G10_2.25
Using the ideas and words of others Tuesday, 12 August 01:00 PM Nathan N53_1.51
Referencing Wednesday, 13 August 12:00 PM Online Online
Excel: formulas and organising data Wednesday, 13 August 09:30 AM Gold Coast G10_2.04
Researching for your assignment Wednesday, 13 August 12:00 PM Gold Coast G10_2.09
Word: formatting for consistency Thursday, 14 August 01:00 PM Nathan N53_1.50
Research survey tool – Introductory Thursday, 14 August 01:00 PM Gold Coast G10_2.04
Setting up your own topic or research question Thursday, 14 August 09:30 AM Online Online
Building an academic argument Thursday, 14 August 10:00 AM Gold Coast G10_2.25
Referencing Thursday, 14 August 12:00 PM Nathan N53_1.49
Research survey tool – Introductory Friday, 15 August 01:00 PM Nathan N53_1.50
Referencing Friday, 15 August 12:00 PM Gold Coast G10_2.09
Moving beyond description Friday, 15 August 10:30 AM Nathan N53_1.51
Word: theses and other long documents Friday, 15 August 09:30 AM Gold Coast G10_2.04

** Postgraduate students, HDR students and staff only

To view the semester timetable of all FREE workshops, visit the Workshops and Training webpage on the library website.  Please note that some workshops require bookings – check on the website for more information.

Don’t forget about our consultation services – they can help with your Academic, Computing and Library Research Skills.

Need help getting all your “IT” stuff sorted? We have your back


We know that student computing plays a big part in life at UNI. Even though some of us might miss the scratch of the pen on the page and the sound of that page when it turns (anyone? No? Just me?), almost everything is done electronically and/or online these days. Knowing this, and because we like to be as helpful as possible, we’ve compiled all the information related to computing that you need on one website (which has had a facelift and looks quite fancy, by the way).

On the student computing website you’ll find information on available software, storing files, using your own devices on campus, training and support, and the Griffith App. Cool, huh?

Head on over to check it out and let us know what you think. Happy computing!

Earlybird Workshops filling up fast!

  • Have you enrolled yet for our FREE Computing Earlybird Workshops held 21-26 July?

No? Well you better get on it! As always, our Computing Earlybird Workshops are filling up fast! The three workshops on offer, Introduction to Griffith’s Online Environment (3 hours), Getting started with a Mac (2hrs) and Getting started with a PC (2hrs), are almost full. Book now! If you can’t make it to these sessions – don’t fret – there’ll be plenty more in the first few weeks of Semester Two.

In addition to these two computing workshops that you must pre-book for, we also have the following Earlybird Workshops on offer. No bookings necessary for these – just fly on in:

  • Strategies for study at university (2hrs)
  • Academic writing (2hrs)
  • Getting started on your assignment (2hrs)
  • Get ready to research (1.5hrs)
  • Reading and note taking (2hrs)
  • Understanding referencing(1.5hrs)

For workshop dates, times and locations, see page 2 of the Earlybird flyer.

Enrol here for the computing workshops. Enrolment for other workshops is not necessary – just show up on the day!

To view the workshops you are currently enrolled in visit Book-it and click on the “View/cancel bookings” in the left hand column. For more information visit the library website or call Library and IT Help on (07) 3735 5555.