Stop and smell the forest – part 2: Flora presence

Photo of Grass Trees

Facebook. Youtube. Google Calendar. Gmail. These information platforms may have most of your attention as you make your way to work, study, or even to have a coffee after arriving at either Nathan or Mount Gravatt campus.

But take a moment to look around – the forest that envelops Mount Gravatt and Nathan campuses, Toohey Forest, is home to diverse native flora.

Both campus sites are about 100 metres above sea level. Studies of the rock strata under Nathan campus suggests there are mineral deposits that date back at least 350 million years.

The soil around both sites is generally thin and unable to hold water due to the large amounts of rock being present. While the soil quality is generally poor (except a few places across both campuses) you can see that plant life not only survives in this bushland – it actually thrives.

At least fifteen species of eucalypts are native to the area and visitors to either campus may notice the abundance of grasstrees on show. Slow growing (about 8mm a year) – grasstrees are amongst the hardiest of all Australian native flora. If you come across one around either campus that is two metres tall or more, then it is most likely this plant started growing over 200 years ago.

There is an abundance of native plants on campus, and in the surrounding forest. Check out the GrowsAtGriffith App for more information on these plants.

So next time you are making your way around Nathan or Mount Gravatt campus – look up from your device (unless, of course, you have GrowsAtGriffith open), and take a moment to stop and smell the forest.

Check out the Griffith Archive website for more interesting information on Griffith and it’s history.

Use your skills to win part of $3500!


Are you a totally tech savvy student? Maybe you’re involved in IT, marketing, app development, or project management? Or maybe you just want to learn how to create an app (hey, that’ll look sweet on your #resume #workskills).

We’re building a few apps and we want to get our super talented students involved in designing the app – from the ground up!

To get involved, you can register as an individual or as a team. Ultimately, you’ll be working in groups of three to four people to develop a web/mobile application based on the top 5 app ideas from our app idea competition, and showcase it to the judges. Oh, and you can also win a lot of money:

  • $2000 for the winning team of the Hack-a-thon
  • $1000 for the runner-up team of the Hack-a-thon
  • $500 for best UI design

So, how’s this all going to work? We throw open the doors to the Gold Coast Library at 9am Saturday 29 April and you have 30 hours to work on the app and enjoy life! And, we are totally feeding you as well so register now and just tell everyone you were there to build an app.

  1. When: 9am 29 April to 4pm 30 April 2017
  2. Where: Gold Coast Campus Library (The Cow Patch)

Tell us your awesome app idea and WIN!

Okay, all you creative and entrepreneurial Griffith students, it’s time to put your thinking caps on. We have an important question we’d like you to answer, and time is running out.

What app would greatly improve your life as a student? Submit your awesome app idea by Friday 31 March and you could win $1500. That’s right, a whopping $1500 just for an idea.

The catch is – the idea has to be brilliant and impress our hard to impress judges. Your idea will have to be the best of the best.

But don’t worry, there’s more than one prize. Second place is still quite lucrative with $750 up for grabs, and third place will receive a respectable $500.

Concerned about your lack of coding skills? Don’t be. You don’t actually have to build it, or do anything remotely techy. You just need to brainstorm a brilliant app, go to the Hack-a-thon web page, and submit it. Easy peasy and potentially very profitable.

Quick, get your entries in today (yes, plural. You can enter as many times as you like). Entries close at 5pm on Friday. Winners will be contacted and announced via Library social media.

But that’s not it. What good is an idea without some action? Once the ideas have been collected and winners have been chosen, there will be Student Hack-a-thon event.

That’s when we give your app ideas to a bunch of clever students (with coding skills), feed them some pizza, and get them to develop an app in two-days. Head to the Hack-a-thon webpage for details.

Tech yourself out for Semester 1

It’s time to get techy and tick off our Tech List.

apple-606761_1920University in the 21st century is a whole lot easier thanks to things like e-books, Google Drive, the Cloud, Apps and of course Smartphones.

Here are our top tech tips to help you start the semester off right!

  • WiFi

First things first, let’s get your device up and running on the Griffith wireless network. Simply, choose your device and follow the instructions!

  • Griffith App

Haven’t downloaded our app yet? We highly recommend it. Your email, timetable, interactive map, Blackboard are all in one place at your finger tips!

  • IOS Printing

You no longer have to email, USB transfer or even move thanks to our IOS Printing. Get set up today.

  • Google Apps

As a Griffith student you get access to a whole range of awesome Google Apps like Drive, Docs, Calendar and more. Make the most of Google’s Apps to help you ace your course.

  • Discounts for you

We have awesome computing discounts for you so make sure you check out what deals you can take advantage of. And don’t forget Microsoft Office 365 is free for all Griffith students!

  • Lecture Capture

Although we encourage lecture attendance we do understand that other stuff comes up. This is why Lecture Capture is so loved! Most lectures across Griffith are recorded which means you can catch up on anything you missed online.

That’s the end of our crash course. Have a techriffic Semester 1!

There’s an App for that



End of semester is almost here and although your summer holiday daydreams may have begun there are still those unavoidable assignments and exams to ace before you sail off into the sunset.

But don’t worry technology is here to help! There are some great Apps out there that offer a range of different tools sure to get you in a great study groove. 

Here are some we prepared earlier:


ExamTime is your one-stop-shop for all your course content. It allows you to create online mind maps, flashcards, online notes and quizzes. It also lets you share all your online study resources with your classmates. Plus all your notes are stored in one place and easily accessible!

Exam Countdown

Can’t seem to kick your study into gear? This free App helps you keep on track with all your exams and assignment deadlines. This App may not target studying directly but it can be useful purely as a motivational tool – especially for those procrastibakers who take a more last minute approach.


As the name suggests, this App helps people who may need a little extra help mustering some self control. It works by blocking certain websites for a set amount of time nominated by you so you can get on with your study. This allows you to concentrate and avoid sporadically checking social networks or your email.


Did you know all the famous and most fascinating people are in your phone now? The TED App offers interesting short presentations perfect for those essential study breaks. Chances are these educators, geniuses and medical mavericks will inspire you to head back to the library with more rigour then before.

Griffith App

If you haven’t already, you should definitely get your hands on the free Griffith App from the App Store, Google Play Store and other web based Smart Phones. Not only does it have maps, timetables, student email, events, transport and course info but you can access a range of helpful library resources for studying from your hot little hand.

Get even more help by going to the self-help study resources on the library website or make an appointment with a learning adviser for tips on getting through your exams.

App-y studying!

Have you downloaded the Griffith App yet?

Did you know we have an official Griffith App?

The App is free and can easily be found and downloaded from the App Store, Google Play Store and other web based Smart Phones.

The Griffith app has plenty of features for new students

The Griffith app has plenty of features for new students

Thanks to our latest update in July 2015, version 4.5 has the following features:

  • Library website to find your text books or link to the online resources
  • Learning@Griffith to keep you in touch with your courses at all times
  • Student Email so you are always in touch
  • Timetables so you know where and when you class starts
  • Maps that have a search function
  • Events so you don’t miss out on what on at Griffith
  • CareerBoard to keep up to date with the latest job offerings and much more
  • Textbooks – both the Textbook Exchange and the Co-op Bookshop search are available
  • Accommodation has information about living on or off campus

So download today and stay informed.