Keep your library game strong by becoming an alumni borrower

Are you graduating? Is the only thing keeping you from celebrating #likeaboss the knowledge you will soon lose access to all the wonderful things your campus library has to offer?

FOMO is real when it comes to the end of your degree and library access. But the good news is, you can continue to #loveyourlibrary as an alumni!

That’s right, it’s not just a fancy word that no one knows the singular version of (it’s alumnus just fyi, librarians have all the knowledge), it’s also your ticket to continued access to the library’s physical collection.

Becoming an alumni borrower lets you borrow up to 20 items for a 28 day loan period. We even chuck in a set of 2 renewals!

While access to our computers and laptop loans are for current students only, alumni are still able to take advantage of all the physical books the library has to offer. You know, the ones on paper, old school style!

Becoming an alumni borrower is as simple as visiting your nearest Griffith library and speaking to our friendly staff. Bring along some ID and something official with your current address on it (your student ID card and your Driver’s License work a treat), fill out one form and you are good to go. Oh, did we mention this is free?

Thought that might get your attention. Happy almuni-ing.

Stay connected with Griffith after you graduate

Photo of lady at graduation

Exam week is almost over!

If this is your final exam block at Griffith before you graduate: 1) Congratulations!, and 2) We’ll miss you!

But just because you’re graduating doesn’t mean you have to leave the Griffith library behind.

You are eligible for an alumni membership which allows you to borrow up to 20 standard loans. And, did we mention it’s free? Just come in to sign up, and you’ll get a yearly membership for free!

You’re also welcome to use our library spaces at any time. For more information, check out what you can borrow as a community member.

And, if you really like the library (we do), why not join Friends of the Library while you’re at it? The network provides wonderful professional and social opportunities for those interested in supporting the library and its evolution in our rapidly changing education environment.

An annual membership is $25, and provides you: invitations to events featuring national and international guest speakers, Friends only networking opportunities, access to exhibitions and displays, special pre-sale ticket offers to certain Griffith events, and a regular Friends of the Library e-newsletter.

Finally, don’t forget to stay connected through Griffith’s Alumni Network.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

WSF7-468x368Today the world is celebrating women and girls in science so we’ve decided to join in by celebrating Griffith’s very own science Alumni.

This annual day is an initiative of the United Nations and aims to inspire and engage with women and girls to increase gender equality within the global science community.

Griffith’s very own Science Alumni 

Mimi Venker
Exercise Science Graduate, Mimi ran away with the circus to work with the amazingly-talented Cirque du Soleil acrobats travelling far and wide with the world-renowned performers. She went on to become a physiotherapist and worked as the performance medicine supervisor on tour, looking after 50 artists.

Kylie Catterall
Thanks to her Griffith PhD in Environmental Chemistry, Kylie is helping keep the Gold Coast’s waterways clean and continues to work in collaboration with Griffith University. Her science degree has lead to an amazing career that is increasing water quality and promoting environmental sustainability.

Want to meet more kick-ass females in science? TED’s 12 badass scientists that happen to be women showcases women from around the world achieving amazing results in their field.

Feeling inspired? Find out more about Griffith’s science degrees. Griffith has an option for any science area that interests you. You can study biological, biomedical, chemical, environmental, forensic, marine or physical sciences.

Alternatively, find out more about the big wide world of science at the World Science Festival Brisbane (Griffith is an event partner) which begins across Brisbane on 9 March. Check out the full program and venues.

Don’t forget, as a Griffith student you can access the Library’s PressReader which has some fantastic science publications like Science Illustrated and Popular Science.


ConGRADulations Griffith Graduates!

shutterstock_107202623 This is what you’ve been dreaming about – Graduation day. The day you don the odd hat, put on your long robe (as you quietly freak out about tripping on it) and walk onto that stage with your head held high, knowing you made it! You took on university and succeeded.

Today marks the start of Griffith’s Graduation week, which will see over 7,000 students at the Gold Coast and Brisbane graduate.


But remember, although you might have a few less assignments that warrant a visit to the Library, graduation doesn’t have to mean good bye. As a Griffith Alumni you’ve got plenty of opportunities and reasons to drop in. So until we see you again – Congratulations and remember this is only the beginning!

Grades released today   

shutterstock_97469030Today is the day. That’s right your final grades for Semester 2 will be released via myGriffith at 5pm – although you probably know that already!

We hope you do well and that you can finally breathe a sigh of relief and relax for your summer break. Visit Ask us for instructions on accessing your grades.

Remember to stay in touch with us via social media and the awesome Library blog.

If you’re graduating – Congratulations! But remember it doesn’t have to mean goodbye. Find out about how Alumni still have access to the Library.

If you’re staying with us over the break be sure to look at our Summer Semester Library opening hours.

Graduation doesn’t mean good bye

Graduation capsAre you graduating this semester? If so, then congratulations on what is a fantastic achievement and celebration of all your hard work.

But even though you might be leaving us shortly it doesn’t have to mean good bye. As a Griffith Alumni you can easily stay connected and access to some fantastic resources that will be extremely useful for your post-grad adventures.

Library access and borrowing

For a small annual fee Alumni are still able to borrow resources, use the Libraries’ hardcopy collections, and photocopiers and printers.

Become a Friend of the Library

A Friends of the Library membership offers wonderful professional and social opportunities. Benefits include, special event invitation featuring national and international guest speakers, networking opportunities, access to exhibitions and displays, special pre-sale ticket offers to certain Griffith events, regular Friends of the Library e-newsletter, 20% off GGraduateriffith REVIEW subscription and a discount on borrowing membership to the University Library.

Email and myGriffith

Students also have access to their student email and myGriffith indefinitely after graduation.

Don’t forget to tick off your graduation to-dos with your steps to graduating guide.

Wishing you all the best and remember, don’t be a stranger.

Meet other Griffith Alumni.