What’s new with Learning@Griffith?

Learning@Griffith is the University’s online learning and teaching environment, from which you can access your lecture notes, course readings, lecture recordings, and so much more.

As a diligent student, you’re probably way too familiar with Learning@Griffith – constantly logging on to check your learning content, stay up to date (and ahead!) on readings, revising lectures. Yep, you spend way more time on Learning@Griffing than Facebook and Reddit, right?

However there are a few nifty features available that you might not know about:

Support Centre

You may notice a new little Support? tab pop up in the top right-hand corner of your page. This is your link to the Learning@Griffith Support Centre.

Have you ever been on Learning@Griffith and confused, needed help, or just a bit more information? Wish you could get that with the click of a button? Well, now you can!

Clicking on the Support Centre icon will open the Support Centre pop-up box which includes:

  • Direct links to Ask Us questions – simply select the category of information you’re after, and see the relevant Ask Us results.
  • A search function, so you can search our self-help resources for the information you’re after.
  • Links to further support. Either phone us directly, or email from the Support Centre directly to support analyst (this is handy if you need to attach any content).

The Support Centre is a contextual help item. This means that the support centre will take into account which page you are on in order to provide you with the most relevant support resources.

Personalise page

Did you know you can personalise your Learning@Griffith page?

Sick of the standard colour palette? Change the theme to your favourite colours instead (though – sorry Henry Ford – there’s no black)! To do so simply click the Personalise Page option at the top of the Learning@Griffith home page.

You can also alter the location of modules on your homepage. Want your Important Links front and centre? Mouse over the top left of the module, and you’ll see a move icon appear which will allow you to drag and drop the module wherever you’d like it.

In fact, you can even add modules! Want a dictionary, calculator or note pad? Click the Add Module option at the top left of the homepage, and browse all our addable modules!

Where’s that bus? Wait no longer!

Griffith University graduate and hack-a-thon participatee Ian Murnane

Griffith Library held its inaugural Hack-a-thon event this year, where Griffith students were given 30 hours to work in a group to develop an app.

One of the students who participated was Ian Murnane, who has since graduated with a Bachelor of Information Technology and a Bachelor of Multimedia.

While Ian has left Griffith University behind, he certainly hasn’t stopped creating apps.

Enter the Android app Where’s That Bus. it was developed by Ian, and fellow Griffith University graduate Ferguson McBryde.

The app, which covers the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast, allows a user to see exactly where a bus is at any given time. It provides an ETA to within 30 seconds.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the desire to create Where’s The Bus came from the graduates’ own experiences.

‘We were students on student budgets, so we relied on public transport, but we were never able to see when buses would arrive,’ said Mr McBryde.

Mr Murnane soon realised the data they needed was already online and the app took shape.

‘I started to get information like GPS coordinates out of the Google Packet,’ he said. ‘Eventually we ended up with an app that allows you to actually see the buses driving around.’

Users can access the information by punching in their regular route or stop number.

The results will be displayed on a map along with real time information about the bus’ arrival. Thanks to feedback from fellow Griffith students, there’s also the option to bookmark favourites and see the direction of travel.

‘The information at the bus stop could say the next service is five minutes away, but you can check the app and see if it’s already gone past or running late,’ said Mr Murnane.

The app currently has a 4.9 star rating on Google Play.

myGriffith: it’s your student portal

Photo of a girl sitting on the floor with a laptop

If you’re a current student, you’d be well aware of myGriffith. However if you’re starting this trimester, there are a few things you need to know about this key portal.

myGriffith is the starting point for everything at Griffith. It’s your student portal which is personalised to you and can be accessed on any device, anywhere, anytime.

It provides a homepage with links to all the Griffith sites you’ll rely on while studying at Griffith. These include

  • A link to your Student Email
  • Your student timetable
  • Feedback
  • Campus maps
  • Transport and parking
  • Learning@Griffith
  • Griffith Library
  • My courses
  • Study support
  • Personal support
  • Student life
  • Employment
  • My key contacts

Take a look around – you’ll find some links are essential (like your timetable and student email), while some are just super handy (such as study support and employment).

Why not even customise it? You can add a photo and edit your quick links to ensure they display the most appropriate links for you.

If you’re feeling a bit confused with your myGriffith, check out the myGriffith user guide for students, or the further support resources available.

How Mo Can You Go?

Have you often stared at your mo-free reflection and wondered…how much more handsome could I be with a lush, full-grown mo smack-bang in the middle of that kisser?

Well stare and wonder no more, it’s November! Also known as Movember for those in the mo (#dadjokesforlife).

Movember is your chance to rock some questionable facial hair and get away with it! Because guess what? That lip fuzz is actually worth something.

Growing a moustache during the month of November allows you to raise money for men’s health. How it works is as simple as three, two, grow. You sign up while clean-shaven, start raising some funds and let that mo grow grow grow.

If you’re bummed because you a) cannot grow a mo, or b) would rather not have a furry caterpillar sitting above your top lip for the next month, no worries! You can still get involved.

Instead of meeting your own personal facial hair goals, you can set an activity goal. Give yourself a distance goal at the start of the month and walk, run, cycle, row or swim your way to the finish. Put the move into Movember.

This month of mo not only gives you a chance to have a mo-off with your mates, it lets you raise money for an important cause and feel good-looking doing it.

What is there to lose?

Sign up now for Movember, and if you feel like it why not share your progress with us on Twitter or Instagram.

How to score a holiday job

The holiday season is fast encroaching. And, if you’re not buckling down and studying this Trimester 3, you may be thinking of ways to earn a little bit of moolah over the break.

There are ample benefits of a holiday job: extra cash (obvs), it pads your resume and helps build employability skills, the opportunity to make new friends, and more.

We’ve teamed up with the Griffith Careers Service to give you some tips to help score a holiday job:

1. Utilise careers and employment services

There are many Griffith services you can tap into which will help increase your chance of scoring a job this silly season. You can sign up for Unitemps. Unitemps are Griffith’s own internal recruitment agency and they can assist greatly in your job search, for both internal and external jobs.

Visit a Careers Counsellor for advice about anything careers related.  They can help make sure your resume is up to standard, your LinkedIn is optimized to perfection and they can even provide you with guidance on your overall career direction and progression

Finally, check Careerboard. Many Christmas casual jobs are being upload to Careerboard in the lead up to the holidays, so make sure you check the job board regularly!

2. Keep an eye out for seasonal jobs

During the Christmas period, you can get paid for a lot of crazy things that wouldn’t normally classify as a job.

For example, if you believe you have a resemblance to Santa, why not look for Santa Clause dress up jobs?  All you have to do is put on a red suit, sit down for a couple of hours and try to stay calm whilst screaming child after screaming child is placed on your lap.

If you’re a QCA student studying photography, this is an optimal time of year to get some industry experience.  Santa photos are high in demand and Westfield centres will be on the hunt for photographers to take the shots.

Find a list of more crazy Christmas jobs here.

3. Reach out to local businesses

Do you have a favourite retail store where you are already friendly with the shop assistants who work there?  Congratulations, without knowing it, you have already put in the foundation for networking.

Why not go into your favourite stores and whilst browsing the products ask if they have or will have any Christmas casual vacancies opening.  Be open about how much you love the store and demonstrate some knowledge about the products.  This will ensure you will be at the forefront of the hiring manager’s mind next time they need to recruit.

4. Get a side hustle

Are you mad for music, bonkers for books or wacky for web design? If you have a unique talent or passion, why not start a side hustle; a sideline gig with a potential to bring in cash.

This summer break is the time to rock the world with your DJ tunes, bang out a bookish blog, or become a freelance web designer. Whatever floats your boat.

The awesome thing about having a side hustle is even if you don’t hit the cash jackpot, you’ll be doing something you love. And you’ll certainly learn a thing or two along the way.

5. Volunteer

While you won’t get paid in cash, you’ll get paid in karma – warm and fuzzy’s. Try gift wrapping at a shopping centre, feeding homeless, visiting nursing homes or collecting money for charity. Plus, you’ll be building employability skills.

Happy Halloween!

What’s scarier: logging in to check your end-of-trimester grades, or Halloween? We’ll let you decide that one!

Nevertheless, if you enjoy the spookies – heck, you’re completing a university degree, we’re sure you love living in a permanently mortified state worrying about upcoming assignments and exams (btw we’ve got library resources to help you with that) – you must surely be a Halloween fan.

Today is Halloooweeeeen (please imagine us saying that in a spooky voice), and while you may be a tad too old to trick-or-treat around the neighbourhood, there’re still a bunch of fun activities you can do to celebrate.

Why not try a Halloween Ghost Tour, check out Ripley’s After Ghoul Special, get lost in the Scarlet Hollow Halloween Maze, or host a night in watching some of the best horror movies.

Or, if you’re not a fan of Halloween and children trick-or-treating at your door, why not try this simple hack (just kidding!).

Have a marvellous night!

Take a stroll through our library, online!

Griffith’s libraries have a lot of cool, nifty things.

There’s an Xbox at Gold Coast library, our video-conferencing facilities, regular musical performances and much more (did we forget something great? let us know in the comments!).

Another cool and nifty thing about our libraries is that you don’t even have to come on campus to visit them! ‘How’, you ask? Google, that’s how! Well, Google 360…

We’ve had the lovely folk from Google come and film our campuses – including inside our libraries! Think Google street view, just inside.

You can take a tour of the library, explore study spaces, or scope out the locations of the printers, service desks, and return chutes, all from the comfort of your bed.

Just head over to the About the Library webpage, select the campus you want to explore under the Getting There heading, and use the arrows on screen to start your online adventure!

Once you’ve finished exploring inside our libraries, we’re sure you’ll want to come visit in person!

Simply scroll down the webpage a little further and to see our library opening hours. See you here!