Get into Popular Science

National Science Week is now upon us.

Science magazines Cosmos, New Scientist, Popular Science are sponsoring this annual event and you can get them in the Library.

You can find them by searching for their names in the library catalogue. They can provide you with information on the latest and greatest innovations and discoveries in the scientific world.

Cosmos is also a magazine that you can also read from your phone or mobile device by downloading the PressReader app. If you are on-campus and logged into the wi-fi, you should be able to download the magazine through the app. You may need to install and run the VPN Client to access the magazine off-campus.

When searching for a journal that you know the name of, limit your search in the library catalogue with the Journals radio button.

If you want to know how to use the catalogue effectively to find great science resources, book into a Research Consultation to see or Ask a Question of a Librarian today.

Kick start your study success by attending an earlybird workshop

Quick quiz:

  • Are you starting uni this trimester?
  • Did you find last trimester’s study a challenge?
  • Do you want to further develop your learning skills?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our earlybird workshops are perfect for you!

Prior to Trimester 2, 2017, we are offering the following earlybird workshops free to Griffith students:

Strategies for study at university
Get an overview of university culture and expectations, and learn some helpful strategies for managing your time and studying effectively. Beginning the trimester with a head start on study and time management will make a world of difference, we promise!

Writing university assignments
Does your assignment writing process involve opening a new word document, and staring at an empty page for 30 minutes trying to come up with an opening sentence? Don’t let assignments get the better of you! This workshop will cover the basics of getting started on structuring and writing assignments, and will help prepare you to smash the next assignment you get!

Researching and Referencing for your assignments
Being able to research and reference is a kinda crucial part of uni. If this seems daunting, come along to this workshop. You’ll gain awareness of the wide range of information resources available at Griffith and learn to identify the principles of referencing and the process of applying them within academic work.

Check out the times, dates, and locations, come along to a workshop, and start trimester two prepared for success!

How to get a head start on #unilyf


Want to start your first week prepared and ready to kick some uni goals? We gotcha.

Attend a free Earlybird workshop run by Griffith University library. Starting today, these workshops will help you develop skills in study techniques, academic writing, researching and referencing.

If you are new to university, returning to study or just looking to improve your academic skills, Earlybird workshops are for you.

Earlybird workshops are only available from 14 to 23 February 2017 so get in quick!

Here’s what’s on offer:

  • Strategies for study at university (2 hrs)
    Become aware of university culture and expectations. Strategies for managing your time and studying effectively will be identified.
  • Writing university assignments (2hrs)
    Covers the basics of getting started on, structuring and writing assignments.
  • Researching and Referencing for your assignments (2 hrs)
    Gain awareness of the wide range of information resources available at Griffith and learn to identify the principles of referencing and the process of applying them within academic work.

Download the Earlybird timetable here.

Get free online training in computing and Microsoft Office


Do you have a New Year’s resolution to improve your computing skills? Want to include ‘advanced Excel’ on your resume, score high grades for your skillful formatting, or learn to build an app?

Well, Microsoft Virtual Academy has you covered. The Academy provides free online training by world-class experts for all things Microsoft – Excel, PowerPoint, Word, visualisation, analysis, programming, app development, and more.

There are courses to suit everyone, from academics and students to developers and marketing professionals. Courses range from beginner to advanced level, so don’t be scared off!

You can easily browse the courses available by product, topic, or skill level to find your perfect fit.

The learning process is engaging with step-by-step instructions and tutorials, as well as the opportunity to participate in live Q&A sessions with instructors.

It allows you to easily manage your learning plans and track your progress. Basically, Microsoft Virtual Academy has all the elements you need to succeed in some (free!) online training.

You can also check out our Computing Self-Help Resources page for more digital skills training.

On the topic of Microsoft, did you know you can download Microsoft Office 365 for free? Yep, free. So if you don’t already have it installed on your home computer, you can download and begin your training right away!

What can you do in November to become a better researcher?


You can attend our academic, library and computing skills training for HDR Candidates and Researchers. They are a series of workshops targeted to support you through all stages of the research lifecycle.  Check out the November timetable and book now! Or take a look at the 2016 Semester 2 Workshop Timetable for upcoming training.

Week 14 (31 October – 4 November)

Date Time Workshop Location Campus
Wed 2/11 1.00 EndNote for Mac (2 hours) Library (N53_1.50) Nathan
Thurs 3/11 10.00 Managing your research data (1.5 hours) Hub Link (L07_3.08) Logan
Fri 4/11 10.00 Managing your resources to begin writing your literature review (1.5 hours) Library (N53_1.51) Nathan

Week 15 (7 November – 11 November)

Date Time Workshop Location Campus
Tues 8/11 10.00 EndNote for Windows (2 hours) Library (N53_1.50) Nathan
Wed 9/11 10.00 Academic Integrity (1 hour) Library (G10_2.25) Gold Coast
Thurs 10/11 1.00 The writing and editing process (2 hours) Library (G10_2.25) Gold Coast
Fri 11/11 1.00 Get published (1.5 hours) Library (N53_1.49) Nathan

Week 16 (14 November – 18 November)

Date Time Workshop Location Campus
Mon 14/11 1.00 EndNote for Mac (2 hours) Library (G10_2.04) Gold Coast
Thurs 17/11 10.00 The writing and editing process (2 hours) Library (N53_1.51) Nathan
Fri 18/11 1.00 Build and leverage your research profile (1.5 hours) Library (G10_2.09) Gold Coast

How to incorporate open access into your research

International Open Access Week banner

Researchers at leading Queensland universities are incorporating open access into their research.

To find out what they are doing to make their work more accessible, attend the Open in Action: making openness in research a reality event on Wednesday 26 October 2016.

Associate Professor Adrian Barnett (QUT), Associate Professor Bela Stantic (Griffith University) and Dr. Carlos Bustamante Diaz (UQ) will provide an insight into why they have chosen to incorporate open access into their research practice.

They will also discuss the practicalities of open data and open access publishing for researchers.

Have a question for the speakers? Stick around after the talks, and you’ll have a chance to quiz them during the Q&A panel session.

Open in Action: making openness in research a reality is a joint initiative of Griffith University, QUT and UQ to celebrate International Open Access Week (24-30 October 2016).

Afternoon tea will be provided. Register now.

Open in Action: making openness in research a reality

2pm – 4pm
Wednesday 26 October 2016

QUT Gardens Point Campus
The Gibson Room, Z1064
Brisbane City, QLD 4000


  • Associate Professor Adrian Barnett (QUT)
  • Associate Professor Bela Stantic (Griffith)
  • Doctor Carlos Bustamante Diaz (UQ)

How to become an exam prep pro

Do you have a super smart friend who aces exams? Wouldn’t you love to know how they do it, and what the secret to their success is?

Well, we have a friend like that – Griffith University business student and up-and-coming YouTuber, Azaria Bell. With finals just around the corner, we asked Azaria to give us some pointers on how to become an exam prep pro.

And she answered. In a video. On YouTube. Check out her insightful video on How to prepare for final exams.

Want more? We may know a few other people who can help with world domination, I mean, exam preparation. You may have heard of them – we are talking about the wise and incredibly helpful Learning Advisers.

Learning Advisers are professional educators who can work with you to help achieve academic goals. And the good news is, you can book a 20-minute Academic Skills Consultation with them.

They are located on each campus and can help with exam preparation, time management, academic writing and other academic skills.

Individual and small group consultations are offered throughout the year. Appointments are necessary and can be booked online.

Bookings for consultations will typically open on the Wednesday before the week of the session. Book an Academic Skills Consultation today.

There are also some handy online resources on exam prep. Check out our guides on Exam room technique and Revising for exams.