It’s super easy to find your course readings

Did you know your course readings are available on Learning@Griffith

Your course readings are super easy to find, so there’s almost no excuse to not do your readings!

You can find a detailed list of all of your course’s readings by going to the Readings link in your Learning@Griffith course site, or simply typing in your course code here. Too easy, right?

Well imagine this is an infomercial, because wait – there’s more! Not only will it provide you a list of all your readings, it will also link you directly to them.

If it’s an online resource, you’ll see a link to the right which says Online Resource (makes sense, right?). Simply click on this link and it’ll take you straight to the resource. eBook, website, video – you’ll be ready to read or watch!

If it’s not an online resource, don’t fret, ‘cause it should be in our library! Simply click on the title, and you’ll be taken to a page which includes the availability and location of the book in our libraries.

You can even personalise your reading lists by assigning a read status to resources (will read, reading now, have read, and won’t read – ‘cause let’s be honest), and adding study notes.

Finding your course readings has never been easier!

Course readings now onlineThe reading list service provides you with a 24/7 quick and easy access to your course recommended and required reading materials. Access your reading list via the “Readings” link within your learning at Griffith course or via the “Course readings” link on the library website.

Readings for online resources are automatically linked, saving you time and effort to search for individual journal articles, ebooks, book chapters or websites.  For print books, the reading list service automatically displays the book’s availability in the Library and the location details for books, DVDs and other materials, making it easier than ever to locate and reserve hard copy materials.

Study more effectively by using personalization features that help you keep track of your readings progress and add personal study notes. Make sure you sign-in to take advantage of these features!

For more information on how to use the reading list service please visit