Eva Hesping for World Malaria Day

Eva Hesping, PhD candidate at Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD), Compounds Australia.

25 April is World Malaria Day. The World Health Organization reports 219 million new cases of malaria as recently as 2017. You can find papers on malaria research being conducted by Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD) on Griffith Research Online and get to know our Griffith researchers. Today we are featuring Eva Hesping, a PhD candidate, at GRIDD.

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Learn all about Ireland this St Patty’s Day

Sunday 17 March is Saint Patrick’s Day.

The day celebrates the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

However, over time, the day has evolved into a greater celebration of all things Ireland.

Celebrations usually include public parades, festivals, shamrocks, wearing green and the consumption of alcohol (this was encouraged from, historically, the Lent restrictions on drinking alcohol and eating being removed for the day).

Want to learn more about Ireland, Irish history and Irish culture? Check out our research on Griffith Research Online.

Some interesting titles include:

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  • Smarthinking – a free 24/7 online tutoring service available to all Griffith students seeking advice on improving their writing skills. Students can also submit their assignment draft for review and receive a response in 24 hours.

How to boost your postgrad research skills


A little extra help goes a long way in the world of researching, more specifically higher degree research, and we want your work to have impact!

The Research and Publishing webpage covers all your researching needs and assists with getting started, managing your research and of course, getting published.

The webpage covers topics such as:

Free workshops on topics like publishing during your PhD, EndNote, developing your academic argument, editing your writing, managing your research data and many more.

  • Postgraduate Research Information Skills Modules designed to guide you through every stage of your research journey.
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Did you know tomorrow is National Bird Day?


Some people love them; have them as pets; go bird-watching for fun. Other people hate them; squeal as birds swoop towards them. Then, some people are just plain indifferent.

Whatever your feelings are towards birds, did you know that tomorrow, January 5, is National Bird Day?

There’s actually a lot to learn about birds. In fact, here at Griffith University, we’ve done a bunch of research on birds.

Want to learn about the implications of feeding birds, birds and tourism or birds in Indigenous Australian rock art? Take a look at:

That’s just some of the areas of research focus. Keen to find out more about birds this National Bird Day? Check out our research on birds on Griffith Research Online.

It’s ‘International Day of People with Disability’ today

Did you know that there are around one billion people around the world who live with a disability?

International Day of People with Disability is a United Nations sanctioned day that aims to increase awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disabilities.

On this day, we also celebrate the achievements of people living with disabilities. You can read, listen and watch some inspirational stories here.

You can also check out the remarkable research Griffith University is doing on disabilities.

Browse all our research on disabilities via Griffith Research Online (GRO), or take a look at some of the interesting articles we’ve included below: