Library opening hours for the Ekka public holidays

Image of a ferris wheel

Roll up. Roll up. The Ekka is in town!

And with that, we get a few days off! Starting next Monday, the round of Show holidays begins. These dates differ for Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast cities.

Library opening hours have changed for the Show holidays so be sure to check the library opening hours for your campus library.

Logan Show Holiday
Mon 13 August 2018
Brisbane Show Holiday
Wed 15 August 2018
Gold Coast Show Holiday
Fri 31 August 2018
Gold Coast 7 am – 12 am 7 am – 12 am 10 am – 5 pm
Logan 12 pm – 5 pm 8 am – 8 pm 8 am – 5 pm
Mt Gravatt 8 am – 9 pm 12 pm – 5 pm 8 am – 6 pm
Nathan 7 am – 12 am 10 am – 5 pm 7 am – 12 am
Queensland College of Art 8 am – 8 pm 9 am – 1 pm 8 am – 5 pm
QCGU 8 am – 8 pm 1 pm – 5 pm 8 am – 5 pm

Where to research for your assignment

It is important to find high quality information for your assignments. Here are some key resources to help you get started with your research.

Course readings

Course readings are a great place to start when doing research for assignments.

Find your course Reading List in Learning@Griffith. It can be found in your course profile or in the Readings section of your course site.

Reading lists provide you with links to online resources (eBooks, journal articles, web pages), or to the Library catalogue so you can find print resources.

You can also find copies of your course readings in the Library catalogue. Simply search for the title of the journal article or book. Still can’t find the right item? Try including the author’s name in the search.

Library catalogue

The Library catalogue is a great place to search for resources. From books, journal articles and videos to conference proceedings, newspaper articles and online documents, the Library catalogue has it all and more!

It lets you search for a huge number of resources in one place – the search box on the library home page.


To find specialised information, you will need to use online search tools, like the Library databases. You can search databases to find specialised resources, such as:

The library also has databases for different disciplines. So if you require information on a business, law, education, health, science or social science topic, there is a database for you.

Not sure which database to search for your discipline? Check out our handy library guides.

Google Scholar

Now, you’ve probably used Google to search for information before. Whether it was for academic, work or recreational purposes, we all know how helpful the search engine can be.

But did you know Google has an academic search engine? Google Scholar is a search engine which searches a wide variety of sources including academic online journals, conference papers, dissertations, technical reports and books.

You can even use Google Scholar to find academic resources at Griffith University. It’s as simple as changing a setting. Head to Griffith’s Ask us page to find out how.

– Extract from Study Smart –

Can’t find the book you’re after in our library? No worries, try BONUS+!

pile of books

Did you know you can borrow books outside of the Griffith Libraries’ collection? You don’t have to join another library and you certainly don’t have to pay a membership fee.

How is this possible? Well, Griffith University is part of the BONUS+ initiative, formed by multiple universities around Australia and New Zealand.

If the book you need is not held at any of our Griffith University Libraries or is out on loan, you can request it online from another BONUS+ library and collect it a few days later from your selected pickup location.

To access the BONUS+ catalogue:

  • Search the library catalogue.
  • Click the Menu icon (it’s three horizontal lines at the top right).
  • Select Can’t find that book? BONUS+ (look for the little green button!).
  • Search for the book you want in the BONUS+ catalogue.
  • Select Request this item if the book is available at a BONUS+ library.
  • Select the campus you’d like to collect the book from under Pickup location.
  • Click Submit.

You can borrow the item for 21 days with 1 renewal. If you want to know more about what you can borrow, check out the What you can borrow section on the library website.

Top 10 library and IT questions asked in Week One

When you don’t know the answer to a question at uni, where do you go? If you said Google, you are right. But if you said Ask Us, you are even more right (that’s a thing, right?)

Ask Us provides you with answers to frequently asked questions at Griffith University. It covers hard hitting topics such as referencing, Learning@Griffith, assignment help, WiFi, network and cybersecurity.

Ask Us is indexed by Google, so if you ask good ol’ Google a question about library or IT topics, you will most likely get an answer from Us. Ask Us.

But what exactly do other students ask, you ask? That’s a good question. In an effort to provide you with insight into your fellow students (and not because we are nosy), we did a little digging and came up with surprising results.

We looked at the questions that students asked in the first week of Trimester 2, and funnily enough, it’s all about referencing, assignment submission and online lectures. That’s right, assignment submissions. In Week One!

Here’s the top 10 library and IT questions that you (the students) asked in Week One:

  1. 1. What is the difference between a reference list and bibliography?
  2. 2. Why am I being asked to login to Echo360?
  3. 3. My assessment has been marked in Turnitin. How do I see my marks and feedback?
  4. 4. How do I cite the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights in APA 6th style?
  5. 5. Can I view online recordings of lectures?
  6. 6. What is common time?
  7. 7. How do I access my Turnitin digital receipt?
  8. 8. How do I reference a document I found on Google?
  9. 9. What is a Turnitin submission ID?
  10. 10. I submitted the wrong assignment to Turnitin. What should I do?

Do you have a question? Ask Us!

Welcome to O Week! How can the library help you?

Welcome to O Week!

Griffith University library is full of resources to help you settle into uni life and succeed in your academic journey. We suggest you check out our website, take a look at our Study Smart tutorials, come along to a library tour and scope out a comfy study spot.

We’ll also be hosting tables at each Market Day, so catch us at one of the below events. Ask us all your burning questions, and get the low down on our Library Shelfie Competition (it could score you a sweet $300 prepaid Visa card).

Gold Coast Logan Mt Gravatt Nathan South Bank
Friday 6 July
(International Market Day)
Wednesday July 11 Tuesday July 10 Friday 6 July
(International Market Day)
Monday July 9
Wednesday July 11 Thursday 12 July

If you haven’t already, follow the library social media to stay updated throughout the year—we’ve got FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Finally: don’t forget to download our official Griffith App to help you get orientated on campus. FYI–the maps function will be a lifesaver during your first few weeks.

For more information, visit the library orientation webpage.

Get a head start on study by attending our earlybird workshops

Quick quiz:

  • Are you starting uni this trimester?
  • Did you find last trimester’s study a challenge?
  • Do you want to further develop your learning skills?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our free Earlybird workshops are perfect for you!

During O Week for Trimester 2, 2018, we are offering the following Earlybird workshops free to Griffith students:

Writing university assignments

This workshop covers the basics of getting started, structuring and writing assignments.

Gold Coast: Wed 4 July, 9.30 am – G16 Lecture Theatre 1
Logan: Thurs 5 July, 9.30 am – L08 Lecture Theatre 2
Nathan: Thurs 5 July, 9.30 am – N18 Central Theatre 1

Getting started on an ePortfolio with PebblePad

Learn about Griffith’s personal learning environment – PebblePad. Don’t forget your login details and a device!

Gold Coast: Wed 4 July, 11.45 am – G16 Lecture Theatre 1
Logan: Thurs 5 July, 11.45 am – L08 Lecture Theatre 2
Nathan: Thurs 5 July, 11.45 am – N18 Central Theatre 1

Researching and referencing for your assignments

Gain awareness of the wide range of information resources available at Griffith and learn to identify the principles of referencing and the process of applying them within academic work.

Gold Coast: Wed 4 July, 1.30 pm – G16 Lecture Theatre 1
Logan: Thurs 5 July, 1.30 pm – L08 Lecture Theatre 2
Nathan: Thurs 5 July, 1.30 pm – N18 Central Theatre 1