Happy Halloween! Here’s our Halloween book haul

Today is Halloween!

It’s also the date Trimester 2’s grades are published. We wonder if Griffith’s examinations and timetabling team planned this?

But we, the library, also have some spooooky stuff to scare you this Halloween. In our library collection. Books. Yes, books. Well, scary, scary, Halloween-ey books, to be more specific.

Check out our selections:


Need help with research and publishing?

Griffith University Library is here to help you fly into your research!

We’ve created a Research and Publishing webpage to assist you through this process. The Research and Publishing webpage covers everything from getting started on your research journey to getting published and attaining academic impact.

You’ll find links to:

  • Free workshops on topics like EndNote, developing your academic argument, editing your writing, managing your research data, publishing during your PhD and many more.
  • Postgraduate Research Information Skills Modules designed to guide you through every stage of your research journey.
  • Strategic publishing guidelines to assist you through publishing.
  • Academic impact resources.
  • Best practice data guidelines.
  • Plus much more.

Remember, Griffith Library is here to help you succeed in your research. Need more help? If you’re a Higher Degree Research candidate or academic you can book in for a free consultation with a specialist Discipline Librarian to assist you with your research specific information needs.

5 books to read this trimester break

You did it! You survived another trimester of teaching.

How are you planning to spend your trimester break? FYI – we suggest on the couch, with a cup of tea, a cat nearby and a good book.

Though, like deciding what you actually want to eat for dinner, picking which book to dedicate yourself to for eight-or-so hours can be difficult.

Luckily for all you indecisive folk, there’s an online random book selector which will make that decision for you! Here are five books it suggested for us:

  1. 1. Enduring love – Ian McEwan
  2. 2. The end of history and the last man – Francis Fukuyama
  3. 3. Undertow – Sydney Bauer
  4. 4. Personal politics: the psychology of making it – Ellen Langer & Carol Dweck
  5. 5. Dreams in myth, medicine, and movies – Sharon Packer

You can find the above books in library catalogue or through Bonus+.

Don’t like any of those suggestions? Try the random book selector yourself and see what it comes up with for you!

Stay connected with Griffith Library with a free alumni membership

Are you graduating this trimester?

If so, congratulations!!

Even though you may be leaving us shortly, it doesn’t mean you have to say farewell to our libraries.

As a Griffith graduate you are eligible for an alumni library membership. This allows you to borrow up to 20 standard items from our physical collection.

And, did we mention it’s free? Just come in to sign up, and you’ll get a yearly membership for free!

You’re also welcome to use our library spaces at any time. For more information, check out what you can borrow.

Finally, don’t forget to stay connected through Griffith’s Alumni Network.

Get a head start on study by attending our Earlybird workshops

Quick quiz:

  • Are you starting uni this trimester?
  • Did you find last trimester’s study a challenge?
  • Do you want to further develop your learning skills?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our Earlybird workshops are perfect for you!

Prior to Trimester 3, 2018, we are offering the following Earlybird workshops free to Griffith students. Find out more at our Library Orientation webpage.

Writing university assignments (2hrs) 

Covers the basics of getting started, structuring and writing assignments.

Monday 22 October 2018
Wednesday 24 October 2018
Gold Coast
9.30 am
9.30 am
Clinical Sciences 2 (G16_1.07)
Environment 2 (N13_0.05)

Getting started on an ePortfolio on PebblePad (45 mins)

Learn about Griffith’s personal learning environment – PebblePad.  Bring along a device and your login details.

Monday 22 October 2018
Wednesday 24 October 2018
Gold Coast
11.45 am
11.45 am
Clinical Sciences 2 (G16_1.07)
Environment 2 (N13_0.05)

Researching and referencing for your assignment (2hrs)

Gain awareness of the wide range of information resources available at Griffith and learn to identify the principles of referencing and the process of applying them within academic work.

Monday 22 October 2018
Wednesday 24 October 2018
Gold Coast
1.30 pm
1.30 pm
Clinical Sciences 2 (G16_1.07)
Environment 2 (N13_0.05)

Library orientation

The library is so much more than books on the shelves.

You can take a 15 minute tour of your library during orientation week. Getting to know your library will make studying at university so much easier.

How EndNote can help you manage your citations

Have you reached the point where you’ve typed so many citations that you can reference APA or AGPS Harvard off the top of your head?

You may find that referencing in this way becomes tedious and inefficient over time, especially when you start writing long literature reviews or thesis documents.

If you’re at this point and haven’t already heard of EndNote, you probably want to take a look at it.

EndNote is Griffith’s recommended bibliographic management software, and can be used to:

  • Collect references from databases
  • Organise references and documents into a searchable library
  • Create instant reference lists and/or bibliographies.

It is important to recognise that EndNote requires you to learn how to use its functions, that it can only create references based on what you input into it, and that you have to know the rules of referencing.

It’s super handy if you have a large number of sources you need to organise. You are able to store all the information (including PDFs) for each of your sources in one place and easily insert an in-text reference  straight into Word. From this, EndNote creates the reference list at the end of your document in your chosen referencing style.

The best part is that it updates your references when you make changes. If you decide to remove a section of text, which has an in text reference used nowhere else, this reference will automatically be removed from your Reference List too. #TimeSaver.

As a Griffith staff member or student you can download EndNote for free. To get EndNote, follow the instructions on the EndNote page to download it.

Don’t forget that if you need to learn about referencing, we recommend you use our Referencing Tool and check out our referencing page.


Short library system outage tonight – we’re upgrading!

We’re making some improvements to our library system!

To do so, there will be a short outage and all My Account features will not be available from approximately midnight tonight until 2 am tomorrow (Thursday 20 September).

This outage should have minimal impact – the library catalogue and reading lists will be available and access to electronic resources will not be interrupted. However access to print resources may be interrupted.