Where to start your research

While Wikipedia is great for giving you a quick understanding of a topic, we don’t recommend you ever use it in an assignment. Effective researching is a critical uni skill. But where should you start? 

Course readings

Course readings are great place to start when doing research for assignments.

Find your course Reading List in Learning@Griffith. It can be found in your course profile, in the Readings section of your course site, or by searching for your course here.

Reading Lists provide you with links to online resources (eBooks, journal articles, web pages), or to the Library catalogue so you can find print resources.

Library catalogue

The Library catalogue is a great place to search for resources.

From books, journal articles and videos to conference proceedings, newspaper articles and online documents, the Library catalogue has it all, and more!

It lets you search for a huge number of resources in one place – the search box on the library home page.


To find specialised information, you will need to use online search tools, like the Library databases.

You can search databases to find specialised resources, such as:

The library also has databases for different disciplines. So if you require information on a business, law, education, health, science or social science topic, there is a database for you.

Not sure which database to search for your discipline? Check out our handy library guides.

Google Scholar

Now, you’ve probably used Google to search for information before. Whether it was for academic, work or recreational purposes, we all know how helpful the search engine can be.

But did you know Google has an academic search engine? Google Scholar is a search engine which searches a wide variety of sources including academic online journals, conference papers, dissertations, technical reports and books.

You can even use Google Scholar to find academic resources at Griffith University. It’s as simple as changing a setting. Head to the About Google Scholar webpage to find out how.

– Extract from Study Smart –

Need a laptop? We’ve got you covered

Everybody loves a freebie.

Well, how about a free laptop? Did you know that as a Griffith student you can borrow a laptop for free from the Library service desk?

Simply come visit the friendly staff at the library service desk with your photo ID, and we’ll loan you a laptop for three whole hours.

You can use the laptop anywhere on campus.

You could smash some study inside the library or at your favourite study nook on campus (check out our suggestions for study spaces at Nathan and Gold Coast), take some notes using the laptop at your lecture or tutorial, or even jump on social media (for educational reasons, of course).

All laptops have the basic student software installed and are connected to the University’s wireless network.

Now, be aware we don’t have an endless supply of laptops. Get in early during the busy periods to avoid disappointment. It’s first come, first served!

Laptops are available for loan during library services opening hours (not to be confused with library building opening hours).

So, if you’re sitting around thinking ‘gee, I wish I could do more study while I’m here on campus, if only I had a laptop…’ you know what to do!

Tips to help avoid failing a subject this trimester

Welcome to Trimester 2. The uni year is truly in full swing now. And while you all have specific reasons for being at university, one thing is true for everyone: you don’t want to fail a subject.

Below, we’ve provided some tips to help you avoid failing a subject this trimester:

Go to your lectures

If you can’t make it physically, at least catch up via Lecture Capture. But make sure you listen to your lecture content somehow. And check out our tips on effective note making to ensure you’re capturing all the information you need. 

Get motivated

Is there a subject you’re really excited to learn about this trimester? Or a greater overall aim of why you’re doing your doing your degree? Find that reason, that spark, and remember that! This is what you’re working towards, and you’re gonna smash it!

Visit us in the library

Besides being friendly faces, we have a lot of handy resources. From an array of study spaces, online resources, and face to face help, we’re here to help you succeed.

Create a study group

Studying’s more enjoyable if you’re doing it with someone you like. Organise a time each week to meet and go over content. Why not book a study space in our library while you’re at it? Plus, assignment writing is much easier when you’ve got friends you can discuss the topic, and any concerns, with.

Be prepared

Organise your books and textbooks – that’s obvious, right? Then note down key information and dates in your calendar (online or physical), such as lecture and tutorial times and locations, assessment due dates, exam and vacation weeks.

Take a tour of the library this week

Why hello there! Welcome to Griffith University! Trimester 2 kicks off next week and we are here to show you around.

Drop by your closest campus library from 26-28 June 2017 and take a 15-minute library tour. Bring your binoculars (no, not really) and get ready to experience the sights and sounds of your campus library.

Keep your eyes peeled for the quiet study spaces and the oh so squishy beanbags. Here are the tour deets:

Library Campus Time Frequency
Gold Coast 10:30am – 1:30pm Every half-hour, on the hour and half hour
Logan 12 noon – 2pm As required
Mt Gravatt 12 noon – 2pm As required
Nathan 10 am – 2pm Every half-hour, on the hour and half hour
South Bank 12 noon – 2pm  As required

Are you keen? You don’t need to book, just rock up to the library and meet us in the foyer. Easy peasy!

Griffith University library has a lot of resources available to help you settle into Uni life and succeed in your academic journey. We suggest you check out our website, take a look at our Study Smart tutorials, and scope out a comfy study spot.

Our friendly library staff will also be hosting tables at each Market Day, so make sure you seek them out and ask them all your burning questions (or just, you know, shoot the breeze. They love a good chat!).

And if you haven’t already, follow the library social media to stay updated throughout the year – we’ve got Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Finally. don’t forget to download our official Griffith App to help you get orientated on campus. FYI – the maps function will be a lifesaver during your first few weeks.

For more information, visit the library orientation webpage.

Cyber security alert: bogus Griffith library emails

There has recently been a spate of fake library system notices sent to Griffith University staff and students which attempt to steal your username and password and potentially other personal information.

While there are a few variations of the email, most have the Subject: ‘Library Notifications’ and have a falsified From: address of ‘libraries@griffith.edu.au’.

The body of the email contains a claim that your library account access will expire soon due to ‘security precautions established to protect the University Libraries System’. It will tell you that you need to ‘renew your library account on a regular basis’ and to click on the given link.

Clicking on the link takes you to a malicious website, crafted to look exactly like Griffith’s Single Sign-On (SSO) Login page. This site is able to steal any username and passwords entered.

If you believe that you may have entered your login details on the fake login page, please change your Griffith password immediately.

Here are some tips on spotting bogus emails:

  • Does the address of the sender seem real?  Quite often phishing emails have a real looking name but the email address itself is a free email service rather than a Griffith address.
  • Is the email full of errors? While we all make the occasional spelling and grammatical errors, bogus emails tend to have a lot of errors in only a few sentences.
  • Does the email demand you click on a link and login to something immediately, otherwise you’ll lose access? They’re deliberately worded to make you curious or worried so you click on the link without thinking twice.
  • Is the email from a completely unexpected source? If you’ve not entered a lottery or competition, you cannot have won.

Please forward any suspicious emails to the Information Security team.

Stay connected with Griffith after you graduate

Photo of lady at graduation

Exam week is almost over!

If this is your final exam block at Griffith before you graduate: 1) Congratulations!, and 2) We’ll miss you!

But just because you’re graduating doesn’t mean you have to leave the Griffith library behind.

You are eligible for an alumni membership which allows you to borrow up to 20 standard loans. And, did we mention it’s free? Just come in to sign up, and you’ll get a yearly membership for free!

You’re also welcome to use our library spaces at any time. For more information, check out what you can borrow as a community member.

And, if you really like the library (we do), why not join Friends of the Library while you’re at it? The network provides wonderful professional and social opportunities for those interested in supporting the library and its evolution in our rapidly changing education environment.

An annual membership is $25, and provides you: invitations to events featuring national and international guest speakers, Friends only networking opportunities, access to exhibitions and displays, special pre-sale ticket offers to certain Griffith events, and a regular Friends of the Library e-newsletter.

Finally, don’t forget to stay connected through Griffith’s Alumni Network.

Kick start your study success by attending an earlybird workshop

Quick quiz:

  • Are you starting uni this trimester?
  • Did you find last trimester’s study a challenge?
  • Do you want to further develop your learning skills?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our earlybird workshops are perfect for you!

Prior to Trimester 2, 2017, we are offering the following earlybird workshops free to Griffith students:

Strategies for study at university
Get an overview of university culture and expectations, and learn some helpful strategies for managing your time and studying effectively. Beginning the trimester with a head start on study and time management will make a world of difference, we promise!

Writing university assignments
Does your assignment writing process involve opening a new word document, and staring at an empty page for 30 minutes trying to come up with an opening sentence? Don’t let assignments get the better of you! This workshop will cover the basics of getting started on structuring and writing assignments, and will help prepare you to smash the next assignment you get!

Researching and Referencing for your assignments
Being able to research and reference is a kinda crucial part of uni. If this seems daunting, come along to this workshop. You’ll gain awareness of the wide range of information resources available at Griffith and learn to identify the principles of referencing and the process of applying them within academic work.

Check out the times, dates, and locations, come along to a workshop, and start trimester two prepared for success!