Changes to Gold Coast and South Bank library hours this weekend


We all know the importance of maintenance. Maintaining your grades, your fitness levels, your meme game…

We also need to maintain our buildings! To do so, our QCA and Gold Coast Libraries will have changes in opening hours over this weekend.

Saturday 20 January

  • QCA library will be closed all day. Now, if you were planning to trek into South Bank today to visit the library, don’t fret! QCGU library will be open longer hours–9 am to 5 pm–to account for the QCA closure.

Sunday 21January

  • Gold Coast library will be opening late, at 12 pm (instead of the usual 10 am) due to an Energex electricity outage. Good news is that it’s business as usual from midday, and you can come enjoy the air con, library spaces and see our wonderful smiling faces.

Where to store your research data

Thankfully it’s not on a floppy disk!

If you’re a research student, we’re sure you know oh-too-well the struggles of managing and storing your immense amounts of data.

And, while we’re super grateful it’s 2018, and we don’t have to store data on floppy disks like in 1998, or on physical paper like in 1968, it’s still an enormous task to manage.

Enter: Griffith’s Research Storage Service. It offers various digital storage services based on specific storage needs to all researchers and research students affiliated with the university.

The three storage services available include Research Space, Research Drive, and Research Vault. There’s even a nifty little questionnaire you can take, which tells you which service is best for you.

We tested it out, and we can tell you with certainty that it takes under one minute, and that our fictitious data is best suited to Research Space.

The service can help you store, share and synchronise the digital data generated during your research project.

Project data is stored securely on Griffith servers and you’ll get unlimited storage, can access the service anytime and anywhere, as well as share files easily with collaborators at Griffith, in Australia and overseas.

For more information on the various services, check out the FAQs for Research Drive, Research Space and Research Vault.

Post-grad? Get your research skills on point!

Calling all post-grad researchers!

Now’s the perfect time to laze at the beach brush up on your research skills!

Have you taken a look at our Postgrad Research Information Skills Modules?

Designed to help you navigate your way through the research cycle, the modules have been grouped into three sections: Discover, Manage and Publish.

The modules provide you with strategies, resources and interactive learning activities to enable you to successfully complete your project.

Discover how to develop your research question, find the literature you need, and use the literature.

Manage your organisation or citations and references, ensure you maintain research integrity, manage your research data effectively, and learn about author profiles.

Then–ahhh, the culmination of all your hard work–Publish. Learn how to select a journal, submit a manuscript, and navigate the peer review, revising and editing processes. Explore collaboration options and how to use social media to expand your readership and altmetric score. Learn about scholarly impact of your publication. Then–go at it again! Find resources to help with getting funding for future research!

Changes to Nathan and Gold Coast library hours

Hats off, it’s an early knock off!

Nathan library will be closing at 5 pm today (Friday), and be closed all weekend for maintenance works. Nathan library will open 7 am on Monday for normal hours (we know, you missed our smiling faces!)

Gold Coast library will also be closing early tonight, at 7 pm, and the 24/7 study lounge in G11 will be closed between 7 pm Friday and 9 am Saturday. Gold Coast library will be open as usual for the rest of the weekend, so come and enjoy the air con!

Remember, you can also contact us by phone, email or chat in the meanwhile, visit another campus library (check out opening hours here), or visit a computer lab.


Let’s be (Facebook) friends!

Are you constantly procrastinating on Facebook? Do you feel guilty for scrolling through your newsfeed tagging friends in memes rather than researching [insert mundane topic here].

Well, we have a solution for you. Kinda. Follow us on Facebook!

You weren’t mindlessly scrolling through your feed with a swipe that’s become second-nature. Not at all. You were just waiting for something profound from @griffithunilibrary to pop up.

You didn’t go straight to our page, instead you scrolled through your feed because we post such insightful, interesting and useful content, and you’ve identified that you learn best through distributed practice, right?

Yeah, that’s totally what you were doing.

On our page you’ll find useful bits and bobs about the goings on at Griffith Library, as well as links to stories on research, study and uni skills, and fun topics. Never again will you miss out on a potentially lucrative competition, a new and innovative library resource, or an exciting update to one of our plethora of services.

Check out @griffithunilibrary on Facebook today!

Download the new and improved Griffith App

It’s here! It’s finally here!

No, not the new year. That’s old news. We drank the bubbly, watched the fireworks and made resolutions that we may have already broken.

We are talking about the release of the new and improved Griffith App for iOS and Android. It includes improved design and stability, enhanced navigation, and improved Single Sign-On.

Quite simply, it’s easy on the eye, easy to use and easy to access. Easy, easy, easy! But you can discover that for yourself when you download this handy little App.

It’s got (almost) everything you’ll need to put Griffith in the palm of your hand. You can access myGriffith, Learning@Griffith (via the Blackboard app), PebblePad, student email and much, much more.

You can even use the App to track down a student computer on campus. That’s right, with a click or three of a button (not your heels; you aren’t Dorothy) you’ll be able to check where and when computers are available.

Not sure where to find that 24-hour computer lab on the other side of your massive campus? The Griffith App can help you with that as well. It has new campus maps with an improved search feature.

Select your Campus then search for a Building Number – for example; N65 at Nathan, or G11 at Gold Coast. You’ll find that computer lab in a jiffy.

You can even customise your navigation to favourites – so if you are super prone to getting lost, we suggest you stick campus maps up the very top ;).

The Griffith App is free and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Download the Griffith App today and stay informed.

Publishing your research: What you need to know

Are you a research student? Have you taken this end of year holiday as a wonderful opportunity to get ahead on your research and publishing?

Publishing is an enormous task, as well as an enormously important aspect of your research career, and can certainly seem daunting sometimes.

There are a multitude of facets to consider. Don’t get overwhelmed though! Break them down into bite-sized pieces and tackle them!

We have guides to walk you through every step, from planning to publishing, and even researcher profile management.



Profile management

Still need more help? Book a consultation with your discipline librarian (under the Consultations with a specialist heading) to discuss your research and publishing strategies.