Griffith’s running disaster recovery testing

Exams are over (phew) and we’re sure you’re loving this break from study. Enjoying the warmer weather, binging on Netflix without lingering guilt about the assignments you should be working on instead (there are none!), tanning at the beach…

Uni’s likely the furthest thing from your mind… Unless you’re a research student, staff, are on placement, or for any other reason still uni-bound –  in which case: we feel you. Us library staff are working away too, looking at our friends’ instagram photos longingly…

Griffith is taking this quieter period as an opportunity  to complete the annual IT disaster recovery test. We’re putting our Scouts hat on, ‘Be Prepared’.

For those lucky enough to be sunning yourself at the beach at the moment, you can continue working on your tan knowing we’ve got your covered.

You can trust that we’re on the ball, completing fail-over testing in the case of a major disaster.

The disaster recovery test is a major activity to ensure the University’s key information systems can be recovered and continue to operate in the event of a major disruption.

This year testing includes

  • A major site fail-over test simulating the loss of all in-house hosted systems. During this test period, access to all systems and associated links including access to the Griffith home page and internet will be unavailable.
  • Testing the fail-over capability of our critical telephone systems, student printing system and SharePoint document repository. During this test period, access to these systems could be interrupted.

The date and times are subject to change (it’s always in the small print) but currently, the date and times are:

Sunday 22 October 2017

  • 8am – noon: All In-house hosted systems (including Griffith home page and associated links, internet and wi-fi access) will be unavailable
  • 8am – midnight: Telephones, student printing and SharePoint will be interrupted for testing anytime within this window.

While this may cause some inconvenience, these tests are required and you will receive more information as the date gets closer.

More information about scheduled maintenance for the remainder of 2017 is available in the Maintenance Calendar.

How far have we come in supporting LGBTIQA+ youth?

Griffith Library and ALLY Network join together!

Media has made scare tactics an artform with the marriage equality postal survey – from both sides!  Griffith Library and the ALLY Network present: Moral panic, media mayhem, and safety for our LGBTIQA+ youth: how far have we really come?

We have seen an increase in mainstream media representations of gender fluidity and sexual diversity.  Television such as the return of Will & Grace; a gay couple portrayed as a ‘heteronormative’ lifestyle in Modern Family; as well as transgender actress Laverne Cox on the cover of Time magazine.  Add to this, Caitlin Jenner sharing the journey of her transition, we can’t help but think times are changing.

But how far have we really come?

Our panel will discuss subjects such as moral panic, bullying, Safe Schools, and cultural change.

Tuesday 17 October 2017  |  noon – 1:00pm

QCA Lecture Theatre (S05), Room 2.04, South Bank campus

Registration is essential and will close on Monday 16 October 2017

Happy birthday Queen Elizabeth II, happy birthday to you!

Photo of Queen Elizabeth

Monday 2 October is a public holiday to mark the birthday of this steadfast royal.  This day has been celebrated since 1788 and provides you with a well-deserved break from lectures and tutorials.

The Library will definitely be open but our hours have been altered slightly.   Make sure you check the library opening and closing hours before you decide to pay us a visit.

Monday 2 October 2017
Gold Coast 10am – 5pm
Logan 12pm – 5pm
Mt Gravatt 12pm – 5pm
Nathan 10am – 5pm
Queensland College of Art 9pm – 1pm
QCGU 1pm – 5pm

Need a study week break? Watch some Griffith Flicks

It’s study week: the culmination of another trimester full of teaching, time for you to ensure all the new information you’ve learnt it jam-packed in your brains, ready for end of trimester exams.

While we’re sure you’re studying away studiously (we can’t see that open Facebook tab at all), sometimes you just need a break.

We’ve already told you about The Learning Space, which has heaps of activities open to the public. Including Griffith Flicks – films and animations created by our very own Griffith University students.

The Learning Space have thoughtfully scheduled this event to coincide with late-night shopping. So if you’re feeling you need a bit of a break from your textbooks and computer screen – scope out the shops, hit up the food court for some eats, and come enjoy Griffith Flicks.

This September is animation month, and Griffith Flicks will screen six films over 26 minutes, exploring freakshows, friendships, loneliness and death. In fact, you may have experienced a few of these emotions over the course of the trimester…

The Learning Space is limited to a 40 person capacity so be early to secure your seat!

  • Date: Thursday 28 September
  • Time: 6:30pm – 7:40pm
  • Location: The Learning Space, Westfield Garden City, Upper Mount Gravatt
  • More information

It’s study week!

Welcome to study week! You know what that means…

Well, firstly, that you survived yet another trimester of teaching. Probably drinking a bit too much coffee, craving a bit more sleep, and relating a bit too closely to Student Problems memes.

Also: exams are looming! (please, foil your screams.)

Now, we’ve opened our libraries extended hours to ensure you have a study space you can settle in to. You could even book a group study space if you’ve arranged a study group.

You might even want to check out our Study Smart tutorial on time management to make sure you’re making the most of this week.

We know it’s a stressful time of trimester, so while you’re working hard, don’t forget to take a break where needed.

Take your eyes off the computer screen, walk outside, enjoy the fresh air, keep walking, don’t come back… Only kiddinggg! Please come back. Our librarians would miss seeing your friendly faces too much otherwise. Also: your degree; you’re dedicated to finishing that degree and you will totally nail your exams.

But seriously, get some fresh air, take a breather, remember to drink water and eat well!

All the best!

Lightning Talks is Real Speak

For those of you who weren’t among the sixty plus audience members at last week’s Lightning Talks in the Nathan Campus library – have no fear, we’ve got you covered!

So what are Lightning Talks?
Lightning Talks are similar to soapbox events or Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, London, where speakers give voice to a variety of topical issues and invite discussion on current affairs.

Our academics and professional experts are invited to talk for 10 minutes to talk about their work in relation to a theme, and then the audience is invited to ask questions.

Why do we hold these talks?

We are hoping to make research and ideas more accessible, removing the stigma of ‘ivory towers’, breaking down hierarchical divisions. Lightning Talks are an extension of Griffith University’s commitment to inclusivity, and bringing disciplines together.

Our speakers for #LightningTalks3 were:

Associate Professor Georgina Murray who kicked off the talks with her discussion centring on socio-political changes occurring in the world, and the effects of neoliberal political ideology, particularly around employment. She highlighted some shocking statistics about the casualisation of the Australian labour force with some of the societal ramifications being drug addiction, financial insecurity around obtaining home loans, and a lack of sick leave. So do companies like Uber break up monopolies of power or do they further contribute to marginalisation and disenfranchisement in our turbulent times?

Dr Duncan McDonnell discussed the rise of right-wing populism internationally and compared Australia’s One Nation with the more successful right-wing populists in Western Europe. He highlighted that right-wing populism is not historically new; we just rename it to go with the current time period. And whilst Donald Trump does not conform to the populist leader ideal; it must be acknowledged how his controversial nature got him elected once, and he can be again! Across the Atlantic, populist parties in Europe do well because unlike their mainstream counterparts, they focus on grassroots community engagement.

Dr Susanna Chamberlain started with asking the question, ‘What the heck is populism?’ and then led us on a journey that linked anthropology and history to binaries around populism. Populism, it appears, is about the leader’s’ ability to identify as the ‘common person’ aka ‘we are just like you’ ideal; however, that idea is often a misnomer as one might suspect with Donald Trump’s empire building — funded by a ‘small’ loan of a million dollars from his father– that hardly mirrors the average ‘common person’s’ start in life.

Mr John Tague, Griffith Review Managing Editor, brought his experience and knowledge as an international journalist to discuss changes in journalistic reporting and political writing. Griffith Review, a compilation of long form essays, engages its audience and reinvigorates the idea that not everything can – or should – be conveyed in 140 character Tweets. Brexit, Trump and right-wing European leaders regularly take to the mediasphere, often invoking moral panic by circulating narratives about alleged racial tensions, scientific knowledges, and rise of ‘fake news’ in the post- truth politics era.

For the full story, listen here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Give yourself a well-earned break. It’s Recharge Week!

Has Trimester 2 left you with the strangest urge to take naps absolutely anywhere every chance you get?

If the amount of ‘study time’ spent on the library bean bags is anything to go by, it’s fair to say a recharge is desperately needed. Lucky for you, it’s Recharge Week (see what we did there?).

Recharge Week is Griffith’s gift to your internal battery. Take the time to give yourself a breather between now and Exam Weeks (sorry to bring that up).

We all know how important it is to do your best at uni, but taking the best care of yourself is essential. And, bonus! Studies have proven that taking time out can actually increase your productivity and success…as long as you come back once you’re recharged!

Recharge Week Events will be held at every campus, providing some fun and unusual ways to recharge. You might even learn your future marks from a clairvoyant reading! Or just get warned that ‘you’re about to take a journey…’ or should be on the lookout for a ‘tall handsome stranger’.

Come along to a Griffith Recharge Week event, or if none of these are your thing, arrange your own Recharge activities, like binge-watching Game of Thrones. That’s bound to be relaxing, right?!