Do something good this silly season


It’s less than 17 days until a certain event!

We’ll wait until all the people who give presents calculate shopping days and work out layby costs.

Here’s some elevator music while the rest of us wait.

Back?  Cool. Cool – cool – cool.  Regardless of what, or how you celebrate this season, it is the perfect time of year to think of others.

If you have a few free spots in your calendar (especially if you’re taking a break this Trimester 3), you may want to give the gift of your time and volunteer.

We know volunteering can take up a lot of time and may need you to be reliable. To make it easier, below are some super simple things that can slip nicely into an already scheduled holiday season.

If you have gift wrapping skills, you could gift wrap at Westfield.  The shifts are between 2.5 to 5 hours from 2 December at various times.  If you are not near Garden City, feel free to check out Logan Hyperdome, Strathpine, Brisbane Myer Centre or even Pacific Fair.

Perhaps you’re an avid singer. You can utilise your ability singing carols and volunteer to be part of the IGA Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols at River Stage, 9 December.  If Brisbane is a bit far for Gold Coasters to travel, you can help out at the Broadbeach Christmas Carols on the same evening.

Those with talent to pack are welcome to lend their services to packing hampers at Elanora and Caloundra.

Some other places to think about include:

If you have a chance to volunteer more long term, there are multiple different opportunities such as monthly Saturday BBQs or living the Australian Dream of a Bunnings sausage vendor!

And don’t forget that employers love this stuff! It demonstrates your warm side, helps you build employability skills, and provides opportunities for growth.

If you know of any other volunteer opportunities, make sure you leave a comment below.

PebblePad and Win!

Have you heard of PebblePad?

If not, let us enlighten you. In fact, there might even be some sweet $$moola$$ in it for you!

Enter the About Me Challenge listed below and you could win gift cards, coffee vouchers and PebblePad gifts.

PebblePad is a platform to collect, curate, create, communicate and share achievements, personal capabilities and professional skills via an electronic portfolio like Katherine, Rebecca and Sophie have.

Using PebblePad throughout your degree provides a wonderful opportunity to create an online portfolio where you can record your learning, achievements, skills and experiences and experiences gained during your time at Griffith on a digital platform that’s easy to update as you go.

You’ll be able to showcase your skills, what you have learnt, and what you have created, when looking for employment.

But step one is getting started.

Learning Futures are currently running a competition to help you stay ahead of the game, and learn how to use PebblePad so that when you do use it in a course you’ll already be comfortable with it: the About Me Challenge.

Now – Week 9 of Trimester 3 (12 January 2018)

There are two challenges. For Challenge 1, open up PebblePad and create an About Me portfolio that includes:

  • A Welcome page (Who am I?)
  • Curricular goals (Why am I at Griffith?)
  • Co-curricular and extracurricular activities (What do I do outside of class?)

For a chance to win even more prizes, why not continue on with Challenge 2? This includes:

  • Creating an ‘Aspirational Me in a Minute’ video
  • Reflection on your journey so far at Griffith, touching on progress on your goals from Challenge 1
  • Using the blog tool in PebblePad to tell us about an experience at Griffith that is helping you progress towards your career

Go into the draw to win 2 x $50 Westfield gift cards, 2 x $50 Visa gift cards, PebblePad gifts and coffee vouchers

Need help?
Check out the PebblePad Student Support page

For further information and details on the challenges, visit the About Me page.

Today is Remembrance Day

Today, 11 November, is Remembrance Day: a day of commemoration where we remember the service men and women who lost their lives in wars, conflicts and peace operations.

On this day at 11am we pause for one minute of silence, to acknowledge the service and sacrifice of so many.

Australian men and women have acted as peacekeepers continuously since 1947. This has seen them serve in excess of fifty multinational operations in the past 70 years.

There is no change to the library hours on 11 November, however we welcome you to take the time to reflect and continue this tradition.

Annnnnd they’re racing!!!!

That’s right, it’s Melbourne Cup time again. Time to find the biggest, craziest hat you can fit through your car door and a spare pair of thongs to stash in your handbag for when those heels just get too much.

Come into the library and enjoy The Race That Stops The Nation in air conditioned comfort. We will be screening the race from start to photo finish at 2 pm Queensland time. BYO hat and frock.

Fun Facts about the Melbourne Cup:

  • The Cup is always run on a Tuesday, the first Tuesday in November to be precise. It was first run on a Tuesday in 1875. That’s 142 years of short people on big horses going very fast!
  • Fashions on the field was first held in 1962. That’s 55 years of whacky hats and purdy dresses. See some of the best and worst fashion from 2016.
  • Only 5 horses have won the Cup more than once.
  • Barrier 18 is the only barrier to never have produced a winner.
  • Lucky Victorians get the day off as an official Public Holiday.
  • The youngest ever jockey to win the cup was only 12 years old! Anyone else feel a bit slack?
  • And of course last year for the first time ever, a female jockey won the Melbourne Cup. Women have only been allowed to compete in the Cup since 1987.

Enjoy the race! But make sure you’re ready. The race time for the Cup is usually only about 3 minutes!


How Mo Can You Go?

Have you often stared at your mo-free reflection and wondered…how much more handsome could I be with a lush, full-grown mo smack-bang in the middle of that kisser?

Well stare and wonder no more, it’s November! Also known as Movember for those in the mo (#dadjokesforlife).

Movember is your chance to rock some questionable facial hair and get away with it! Because guess what? That lip fuzz is actually worth something.

Growing a moustache during the month of November allows you to raise money for men’s health. How it works is as simple as three, two, grow. You sign up while clean-shaven, start raising some funds and let that mo grow grow grow.

If you’re bummed because you a) cannot grow a mo, or b) would rather not have a furry caterpillar sitting above your top lip for the next month, no worries! You can still get involved.

Instead of meeting your own personal facial hair goals, you can set an activity goal. Give yourself a distance goal at the start of the month and walk, run, cycle, row or swim your way to the finish. Put the move into Movember.

This month of mo not only gives you a chance to have a mo-off with your mates, it lets you raise money for an important cause and feel good-looking doing it.

What is there to lose?

Sign up now for Movember, and if you feel like it why not share your progress with us on Twitter or Instagram.

Happy Halloween!

What’s scarier: logging in to check your end-of-trimester grades, or Halloween? We’ll let you decide that one!

Nevertheless, if you enjoy the spookies – heck, you’re completing a university degree, we’re sure you love living in a permanently mortified state worrying about upcoming assignments and exams (btw we’ve got library resources to help you with that) – you must surely be a Halloween fan.

Today is Halloooweeeeen (please imagine us saying that in a spooky voice), and while you may be a tad too old to trick-or-treat around the neighbourhood, there’re still a bunch of fun activities you can do to celebrate.

Why not try a Halloween Ghost Tour, check out Ripley’s After Ghoul Special, get lost in the Scarlet Hollow Halloween Maze, or host a night in watching some of the best horror movies.

Or, if you’re not a fan of Halloween and children trick-or-treating at your door, why not try this simple hack (just kidding!).

Have a marvellous night!

Story time gets spoooooky!

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There’s more to Mount Gravatt Campus than meets the eye – in fact, it even houses a historic primary school, Yarranlea Primary School.

There’s also more to our library staff than meets the eye. In addition to providing our patrons with great client support, our Library Campus Services Team Member Jana Rudledge is also a qualified Children’s Librarian.

Once a month she puts these skills to good use, inviting the children from Yarranlea Primary School to the Mount Gravatt Library for Storytime.

As the excited children shuffled into the thoughtfully set up and decorated reading area, we could tell this event is clearly a highlight of their week.

This month’s Storytime theme was Halloween. Jana read Miss Nelson is Missing to the captivated students, a book which was one of her own favourites as a child. It tells the story of a teacher with an unruly class, who disappears and is replaced by a ghastly substitute teacher. Who would have thought, when Miss Nelson returns her students are much more appreciative!

Storytime is always followed by a fun related activity – this time, some spooky Halloween magic.

Children were given a balloon and small ghost cut out of tracing paper. By rubbing the balloon on your hair, you create static energy. If you then hold the balloon above the ghost, it will raise off the table and into the air – magic (almost)!

Whether the children were more engrossed in the magic, or simply playing with the balloons, we can not ascertain! Though the students left Storytime with huge smiles on their faces and some slightly dishevelled hair.