Need a laptop? We’ve got you covered!

Have you been up all night watching Netflix – uh I mean studying – and forgot to charge your laptop before bed. Gotten settled into your favourite study spot only to realise you also left your charger at home? Or maybe #studentlife means you can’t afford a laptop. No need to worry, though, as the Library has you covered with a free laptop-loan service.

If you are a Griffith University student, simply mosey on over to the Library Desk and request a laptop. You’ll need to show your student card of course, but that’s about it.

And then you can have the laptop for three whole hours. You can use the laptop anywhere on campus; whether you want to head outside, go to class, or bunker down in the library, it’s up to you.

All laptops have the basic student software installed and are connected to the University’s wireless network.

Now, be aware we don’t have an endless supply of laptops. Get in early during the busy periods to avoid disappointment. It’s first come, first served!

Laptops are available for loan during library services opening hours (not to be confused with library building opening hours).

Need a computer? There’s an app for that!

Are you neck-deep in study and need a studious place with a studious computer to get it done? Need to know where computers are available at a campus near you? Good news everyone! There’s an app for that.

Common-use computers are available in all campus libraries and in our aptly-named computer labs. Some labs are open 24/7 and you can check out the library hours to see how long you can hang out.

You can even check if there are computers available in your favourite library or lab, before you trek all the way to uni.

If your assignment is a doozy that requires all sorts of specific software, you can find out if the lab you’re heading for is the best option by checking available software. More good news? All common-use computers come with Google, for any truly curly questions!

Annnnnd they’re racing!!!!

That’s right, it’s Melbourne Cup time again. Time to find the biggest, craziest hat you can fit through your car door and a spare pair of thongs to stash in your handbag for when those heels just get too much.

Come into the library and enjoy The Race That Stops The Nation in air conditioned comfort. We will be screening the race from start to photo finish at 2 pm Queensland time. BYO hat and frock.

Fun Facts about the Melbourne Cup:

  • The Cup is always run on a Tuesday, the first Tuesday in November to be precise. It was first run on a Tuesday in 1875. That’s 142 years of short people on big horses going very fast!
  • Fashions on the field was first held in 1962. That’s 55 years of whacky hats and purdy dresses. See some of the best and worst fashion from 2016.
  • Only 5 horses have won the Cup more than once.
  • Barrier 18 is the only barrier to never have produced a winner.
  • Lucky Victorians get the day off as an official Public Holiday.
  • The youngest ever jockey to win the cup was only 12 years old! Anyone else feel a bit slack?
  • And of course last year for the first time ever, a female jockey won the Melbourne Cup. Women have only been allowed to compete in the Cup since 1987.

Enjoy the race! But make sure you’re ready. The race time for the Cup is usually only about 3 minutes!


Take a stroll through our library, online!

Griffith’s libraries have a lot of cool, nifty things.

There’s an Xbox at Gold Coast library, our video-conferencing facilities, regular musical performances and much more (did we forget something great? let us know in the comments!).

Another cool and nifty thing about our libraries is that you don’t even have to come on campus to visit them! ‘How’, you ask? Google, that’s how! Well, Google 360…

We’ve had the lovely folk from Google come and film our campuses – including inside our libraries! Think Google street view, just inside.

You can take a tour of the library, explore study spaces, or scope out the locations of the printers, service desks, and return chutes, all from the comfort of your bed.

Just head over to the About the Library webpage, select the campus you want to explore under the Getting There heading, and use the arrows on screen to start your online adventure!

Once you’ve finished exploring inside our libraries, we’re sure you’ll want to come visit in person!

Simply scroll down the webpage a little further and to see our library opening hours. See you here!

Welcome to our first ever Trimester 3

Griffith has a relatively recent, yet rich history. You can read all about it at the Griffith Archive website, but some milestones include:

This year we marked a new milestone with the transition from a semester system to trimesters. And today marks an important first – our first ever Trimester 3 begins today!

Now, the library is here – like always – to help you succeed in your studies this trimester (and always; we got your back, buddy!).

We’ve got an array of study spaces – silent, quiet, social, and bookable group rooms, ample self-help resources online, friendly staff at our library service desks to help you with your library needs (check out the opening hours here), books (ofc), and much more.

So buckle in for an exciting inaugural Trimester 3 and enjoy the ride!

Story time gets spoooooky!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’s more to Mount Gravatt Campus than meets the eye – in fact, it even houses a historic primary school, Yarranlea Primary School.

There’s also more to our library staff than meets the eye. In addition to providing our patrons with great client support, our Library Campus Services Team Member Jana Rudledge is also a qualified Children’s Librarian.

Once a month she puts these skills to good use, inviting the children from Yarranlea Primary School to the Mount Gravatt Library for Storytime.

As the excited children shuffled into the thoughtfully set up and decorated reading area, we could tell this event is clearly a highlight of their week.

This month’s Storytime theme was Halloween. Jana read Miss Nelson is Missing to the captivated students, a book which was one of her own favourites as a child. It tells the story of a teacher with an unruly class, who disappears and is replaced by a ghastly substitute teacher. Who would have thought, when Miss Nelson returns her students are much more appreciative!

Storytime is always followed by a fun related activity – this time, some spooky Halloween magic.

Children were given a balloon and small ghost cut out of tracing paper. By rubbing the balloon on your hair, you create static energy. If you then hold the balloon above the ghost, it will raise off the table and into the air – magic (almost)!

Whether the children were more engrossed in the magic, or simply playing with the balloons, we can not ascertain! Though the students left Storytime with huge smiles on their faces and some slightly dishevelled hair.

Our libraries are LGBTI safe places

Griffith is proud to be a diverse space where everyone is welcome. As part of our LGBTI inclusion and dedication to preventing harassment and bullying, all campus libraries are designated safe places.

This means it doesn’t matter what your gender, background, sexual orientation or even your thoughts on who Sophie Monk should choose on The Bachelorette, you have a right to feel safe and welcome at Griffith.

While we’re on the subject of inclusion, have you heard about Griffith’s Ally Network? If you need extra support, or want to expand your understanding and knowledge of the LGBTI community, these are the people you want to know.

You can find a Griffith Ally stall at Market Day, come along to a coffee catch-up, or find out more information on LGBTI inclusion via the online resources.

Or why not check out our online module Walking in Rainbow Shoes to learn more about the LGBTI community and get some tips on how to be a good supporter.

Most importantly, if you or anyone you know is struggling Griffith offers free counselling services to all students.