Get to know your library with a tour this O-Week!

New recruits! Welcome to O-Week!

O-Week starts Monday and Trimester 1 kicks off the next week, and our friendly library staff are here to enlighten you on all the wonders to behold in our libraries.

Griffith University libraries are so much more than books on a shelf. They’re full to the brim with resources to help you settle into uni life and succeed in your academic journey. From bookable group study spaces, quiet study areas, computers, laptop loans, printers, wireless and so much more, our libraries have you covered! Here in the library we also understand the stress uni life brings, and our comfy lounges and bean bags are here to help you unwind.

During O-Week, 18 to 22 February, 15-minute tours are being run by our helpful library staff, so why not pop by for tour and get to know your local campus library a bit better!

Additionally, why not check out our website, take a look at our Study Smart tutorials, and learn about borrowing and library resources.

See below for the tour deets, we hope to see you there!

Library Campus Location Time Frequency
Gold Coast Graham Jones Building (G10) 10.30 am – 1.30 pm Every half-hour, on the hour and half hour
Logan Wayne Goss Centre (L03) 12 noon – 2 pm As required
Mt Gravatt Information Services Centre (M13) 12 noon – 2 pm As required
Nathan Willett Centre (N53) 10 am – 2 pm Every half-hour, on the hour and half hour
South Bank Conservatorium (S01 1.23) &
College of Art (S03)
12 noon – 2 pm As required

Library Lovers’ Day

February 14th marks Library Lovers’ Day 2019, and in celebration of this wonderful day we thought we would spread the love by sharing some of the things that we love about our libraries here at Griffith University!

Study Spaces

From 24/7 study lounges to quiet study zones and bookable study spaces, our libraries provide students with comfortable and adaptable areas for group collaboration, individual work, and access to the library’s resources.


Needing a break from the stress of university life? Our libraries are here to help with our destress stations! With jigsaw puzzles, colouring and a quiet environment to unwind, reward yourself with a break from studying! Initially introduced as part of University Mental Health and Wellbeing Week, our destress stations have now become a permanent and beloved fixture of our libraries.


Greatly expanding our borrowing reach, Griffith University is a proud member of the BONUS+ initiative. This resource sharing collaboration between participating Australian and New Zealand Libraries allows our students access to items held outside of the Griffith collection. Simply request the item online and receive it a few days later at your preferred location!


Our Reading List service provides students with easy access to all their required and recommended course readings. Available 24/7, this service provides students with one convenient list of direct links to articles, eBooks, databases, websites, the library catalogue and digitised readings. Anywhere, anytime access? Who doesn’t love that?!

What do you love most about your Griffith University library? Let us know in the comments below!

Why we’re lovin’ the library on Market Days


Market days are creeping up on us and we can’t wait to show you what the library stall has in store.

We are ready to talk library catalogue, referencing, consultations and much, much more! This is your chance to learn about all things library and meet the awesome (if we say so ourselves) team.

There will be a library questionnaire ready to be filled out, and your knowledge could score you the ultimate prize – our survival pack. Full of items such as headphones, charger, notebooks, stationary and more! You won’t want to miss your chance.

So, make sure you come along to your campus’ O-week market day, the best day of the year, and see all that’s going on:

  • Monday 18thFebruary – Gold Coast
  • Tuesday 19thFebruary – Gold Coast and Nathan
  • Wednesday 20thFebruary – Logan
  • Monday 25thFebruary – South Bank
  • Tuesday 26thFebruary – Mt Gravatt
  • Thursday 28thFebruary – Nathan

Get a head start on study by attending our free earlybird workshops

Quick quiz:

  • Are you starting uni this trimester?
  • Did you find last trimester’s study a challenge?
  • Do you want to further develop your learning skills?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our free Earlybird workshops are perfect for you!

Prior to Trimester 1, 2019, we are offering the following Earlybird workshops free to Griffith students:

Strategies for study at university (2 hrs)

This workshop introduces you to university culture and expectations, and covers strategies for managing your time and studying effectively.

Gold Coast: Mon 11 February, 10.00 am – G17 Lecture Theatre 4
Nathan: Tues 12 February, 10.00 am – N18 Central Theatre 1

Writing university assignments (2 hrs)

This workshop covers the basics of getting started, structuring and writing assignments.

Nathan: Wed 13 February, 9.30 am – N18 Central Theatre 1
Gold Coast: 
Wed 13 February, 10.00 am – G17 Lecture Theatre 4
Mt Gravatt: Mon 18 February, 9.30 am – M23 Auditorium
South Bank: Tues 19 February, 9.30 am – S05 Lecture Theatre and Gallery
Logan: Thurs 21 February, 9.30 am – L08 Lecture Theatre 2

Getting started on an ePortfolio with PebblePad (45 mins)

Learn about Griffith’s personal learning environment – PebblePad. Don’t forget your login details and a device!

Nathan: Wed 13 February, 11.45 am – N18 Central Theatre 1
Gold Coast: 
Wed 13 February, 1.00 pm – G03 Lecture Theatre 1
Mt Gravatt: Mon 18 February, 11.45 am – M23 Auditorium
South Bank: Tues 19 February, 11.45 am – S05 Lecture Theatre and Gallery
Logan: Thurs 21 February, 11.45 am – L08 Lecture Theatre 2

Researching and referencing for your assignments (2 hrs)

Gain awareness of the wide range of information resources available at Griffith and learn to identify the principles of referencing and the process of applying them within academic work.

Nathan: Wed 13 February, 1.30 pm – N18 Central Theatre 1
Gold Coast: 
Wed 13 February, 2.00 pm – G03 Lecture Theatre 1
Mt Gravatt: Mon 18 February, 1.30 pm – M23 Auditorium
South Bank: Tues 19 February, 1.30 pm – S05 Lecture Theatre and Gallery
Logan: Thurs 21 February, 1.30 pm – L08 Lecture Theatre 2

How to become an exam prep pro


We are in the midst of studying for the upcoming exams, so it’s time to fit in some last-minute prep!

It’s a stressful time of the year and we want to make sure you have everything covered and know exactly what helps you get those top marks.

  • Confirm exam details

Check your myGriffith exam timetable to discover the date, time and location of your exam.

The exam timetable is usually released a good few weeks before the commencement of Study Week. But just a heads up, venues are subject to change, so be sure to double check the details 24 hours prior to the exam. Check your campus map to locate any buildings you’re not sure of.

  • Schedule your life

Set out a study schedule and stick to it. There are lots of daily and weekly planners available you can use to help with this, such as Griffith’s online planner.

  • Set exam goals

Setting unrealistic goals is just as bad as not setting them at all. The results of all your completed assessment items should be available in Learning@Griffith. Calculate how many marks you need to achieve your desired overall course grade—that’s what you should work towards. Start thinking of all the ways you can reward yourself when you reach this goal.

  • Prepare your study notes

Yes, those countless notes you take in class actually do come in handy. Basically, you want to condense your notes and present them in a visual format. Have you heard of a mind map, concept map or flowchart? According to Patrick Sharrat in Passing Exams for Dummies (2013), your brain thinks in pictures, so creating keyword pictures and patterns can help with memory retention.

Teach the topic to someone

Teach the topic to your mum, friend or even the bush turkeys on campus. The best way to test your understanding of a topic is to try to teach it to someone else—even a class of stuffed animals will do.


Don’t forget, Griffith also has an entire webpage on exam preparation for your benefit. So lets get studying and ace these exams.

Keep your valuables safe on campus

Swiper no swiping!


You wouldn’t leave your wallet in an unlocked car. Or leave your front door unlocked while going out of the house for the whole day. Leaving your possessions unattended in the library is exactly the same!

We understand that you’re falling asleep at 3pm and need to quickly run to get a coffee but can’t lose your prime spot next to the window in the big comfy chair. But while most of the time your bag won’t be swiped (we like to think we don’t have thieves on campus!), it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So, how can you prevent your stuff being stolen?

  • Never leave your valuable items unattended

If you need to take a break or grab some study snacks, always get a friend to watch your valuables or take them with you. Lugging those heavy textbooks around with you is better than having your whole bag stolen!

  • Ensure your personal computer is secure

Is your whole student-life on your computer? Take steps to ensure you are safe online; we don’t want you losing all that work! Protect your passwordsbackup your work and install an antivirus program.

  • If you’re using a Griffith computer, log out before you turn off

Logging out before turning the computer off removes the risk that the next user of that computer will have access to your account. The computer can also apply any patches to potentially block any holes that hackers may use to try and gain access.

Head over to the security web page for any extra info and tips!

If you notice any suspicious behaviour, don’t be afraid to give your campus security team a call:

  • Nathan & Mt Gravatt: 3735 7777
  • South Bank: 3735 6226
  • Logan: 3382 1717
  • Gold Coast: 5552 7777

Australia Day library hours

One of the wonderful things about Australia is our propensity for celebrating public holidays. So, as Australia Day is this Saturday, we observe the Australia Day public holiday on Monday 28 January. Gotta love a public holiday, right?

Our libraries will be open reduced hours for Australia Day and the Monday public holiday.

If you’re not relaxing at the beach, having a BBQ or simply enjoying the day off and do want to visit the library, be sure to check the library opening hours for your campus library first.

Happy public holiday-ing!

Australia Day
Sat 26 January 2018

Sun 27 January 2018
Public Holiday
Mon 28 January 2018
Gold Coast 10 am – 8 pm 10 am – 8 pm 10 am – 4 pm
Logan 12 pm – 5 pm Closed Closed
Mt Gravatt 12 pm – 5 pm 12 pm – 5 pm 12 pm – 4 pm
Nathan 10 am – 8 pm 10 am – 8 pm 10 am – 4 pm
Queensland College of Art 9 am – 1 pm Closed 12 pm – 4 pm
Queensland Conservatorium Closed Closed Closed