Let’s be (Facebook) friends

Facebook. noun. An online social networking platform commonly used by students for procrastination

Alright, so maybe that’s not the legit definition, but are we close?

Everyone has Facebook nowadays. Well, almost everyone. Us included.

You may have come across our Griffith Library Facebook page in your online travels. It’s chock full of library news, study tips, competitions and general library goodness.

Now, this post isn’t just a ploy to get you to follow us on Facebook. Okay, yes it is. But we really think Facebook is an amazing tool to help keep up-to-date on what’s happening at your library and your university.

For instance, did you know that other areas of Griffith University are on Facebook as well?

There’s the official Griffith University Facebook, of course. We all follow them, don’t we? But there’s also Griffith CareersStudent Services, the UniBar and What’s On. And that’s not even half of them.

We recommend following your School or Campus Facebook pages, such as Griffith InternationalGriffith Film SchoolGriffith Law SchoolLogan Campus or Queensland College of Art.

Okay, we’ll stop now. There’s just too many to shamelessly plug here.

Go to the Griffith University Social Media page to find all the Griffith University Facebook (and other social media) accounts you can follow.

But first things first, go click like on our Facebook page.

Simple ways to ensure your valuables are safe this exam period

Umm… where did my acorn go?

It’s that time of year again—long days spent studying in preparation for exams (and then, the sweet taste of freedom from uni… for two weeks).

Our campus libraries provide popular and diverse study areas for you to settle into for a big study sesh. Whether you’re looking for a silent, quiet or social study area—we’ve got you covered.

But before you bunker down we’d like to remind you to take a sensible approach to your personal belongings.

In your study daze, don’t forget to keep your valuables safe. Here are some handy pointers:

Never leave your valuable items unattended

If you need to take a break or grab some study snacks, get a friend to watch your valuables. Or if you are Nigel No-friends for the day, bring your gear with you. Think of how devastated you’ll be if a thief swipes your laptop and mobile phone.

Ensure your personal computer is secure

Is your whole student-life on your computer? Take steps to ensure you are safe online; we don’t want you losing all that work! Protect your passwordsbackup your work and install an antivirus program.

If you’re using a Griffith computer, log out before you turn off

Logging out before turning the computer off removes the risk that the next user of that computer will have access to your account. The computer can also apply any patches to potentially block any holes that hackers may use to try and gain access. 

If you see any suspicious persons or activity in your area, call security:

  • Nathan & Mt Gravatt: 3735 7777
  • South Bank: 3735 6226
  • Logan: 3382 1717
  • Gold Coast: 5552 7777

For more information, visit the security web page.

Stay connected with Griffith library after you graduate


Anyone graduating at the end of trimester 1?

While you’re probably absorbed in a cocktail of study and stress at the moment, we’re sure soon you’ll have some pretty exciting celebrations to tend to!

Once you’ve appropriately celebrated, you may wonder what happens to your Griffith access after you graduate. If so, take a squiz at our article where we give you the low-down.

Then there’s the sad realisation that you’ll no longer be visiting your favourite place ever (Griffith library, obvs) every day. But, don’t get too upset just yet. As you embark on your exciting post-university adventures, you can still keep Griffith library close. In fact, you can still visit us every day if you want to.

Griffith alumni are eligible for an alumni membership, which allows you to borrow up to 20 standard loan items. And did we mention it’s free? Just come in to sign up, and you’ll get a yearly membership for free!

You’re also welcome to use our library spaces at any time. For more information, check out what you can borrow as a community member.

Finally, don’t forget to stay connected through Griffith’s Alumni Network.

The winner of our Find the Millennium Falcon in your Library competition is…

Library Week (21 – 27 May) has just passed. To celebrate, we did the obvious thing: we held a Star Wars competition.

No, really, there was a link between the two! Solo: A Star Wars Story was released in cinemas during library week. With the 2018 Library Week theme being ‘find yourself in a library’, we thought, why not challenge our students to find the Millennium Falcon in our library!

And you guys certainly did!

Thank you to all our brave and daring students who solved the clues and located the Millennium Falcon on our shelves at location GA97.I22.

We transmitted the location coordinates to Han, and he’s retrieved his freighter and returned to the Rebel Alliance. You’ll probably catch him next on the screen in your local cinema!

But you want to know who won the competition, don’t you?

The winner of our ‘find the Millennium Falcon in our library’ competition and the $50 Event Cinemas voucher is… drumroll… Ryan Toukatly from South Bank campus!

Ryan—we hope you use your voucher to grab some popcorn, a frozen drink (in a limited edition Han Solo cup?) and see the movie in style!

Bring your idea to life at the Hackathon


It’s free and everyone can participate!

Do you get a thrill out of creating something innovative with a great bunch of people in a fast-paced environment? Do you enjoy delicious free food and want to have a chance at winning big prize money–$2,000 anyone? Then our upcoming Hackathon event with 30 hours of hacking fun, exciting guest speakers, delicious food and great prize money is just what you have been looking for!

What the hack is a Hackathon?

A Hackathon is a social coding event that brings together a group of people with various skills (techy and non-techy) to collaboratively create a new computer program (aka software or online application).

And guess what? We are hosting one of these cool events on the weekend 4 – 5 August 2018 at the Gold Coast Campus Library where we want you– brilliant masterminds– to design, develop and showcase a mobile application that would greatly improve your and your fellow peers’ student lives.

Who can participate?

Everyone who is passionate to work together with a bunch of cool people to create something new and amazing! You don’t need to be a coder or tech savvy to take part in the Hackathon. Although we are definitely looking for techy students to write the code, teams will also require students with marketing, graphic design, project management or any other genius skill that can contribute to creating an awesome app.

How do I register?

Simply head over to our Hackathon website to register as an individual or team. Join us for an awesome weekend full of fun, with the opportunity to meet new people, enhance your skill sets and the chance to win big! It is going to be awesome!

Registrations will be open until 5pm Friday 20 July 2018.

Prizes up for grabs

$2,000 – Winning Team

$1,000 – Runner-Up Team

$500 – Best User Interface Design


Did you know you can book a group study space?

We’ve got an array of different spaces for you to use in our libraries.

We’ve got silent study spaces where you can get in the zone and study, quiet study spaces ‘cause sometimes you’ve gotta make a little bit of noise and social study spaces for collaboration.

We’ve also got bookable group study spaces at every campus.

If you’re working on a group assignment, have scheduled a group study session for your upcoming exams, or want some privacy for your group study, you can book a group study space for up to two hours a day three times per week.

  • Go to the library’s Study page: https://www.griffith.edu.au/library/study.
  • Scroll down to the red Bookable group study spaces block.
  • Click the Book your space link.
  • Select the campus you want, click on the time desired, and follow the prompts to submit your booking.

Now, you’ve just gotta turn up at your booked study space during your booked period and study away!

Rainbow celebrations show support for LGBTIQ+ community

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If you ask the Griffith Ally Network, they’ll tell you there ain’t no party like a rainbow party!

And boy, do our Ally friends know how to celebrate! Our Griffith Ally Network hosted not one … not two … not three, but five IDAHOBIT events across our university campuses on Thursday 17 May.

Each event was abuzz with bright smiles, big love and rainbows – think rainbow flags, rainbow merchandise and rainbow cupcakes. Mmm cupcakes.

So, what is IDAHOBIT and why did we celebrate?

IDAHOBIT stands for the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia.

IDAHOBIT first launched in 2004 to support LGBTIQ+ people globally and to celebrate the World Health Organisation removing homosexuality from the International Classification of Diseases on 17 May 1990.

At Griffith, we are committed to supporting an inclusive, safe and respectful culture on campus and in our wider community. All staff and students were invited to attend an IDAHOBIT event in support of equality and the inclusion of our Griffith staff, students and community, who are sexually diverse and have diverse gender identities.

Learn more about LGBTIQ inclusion at Griffith University.