Welcome back!


We hope you had a fantastic break and enjoyed the time off with family and friends. Griffith Library also took a short break over the holidays but we’re back today and ready to jump into 2020!


Here are our opening hours and roll on 2020!

Holiday hours at the Library


2019 is almost over which means we’re coming up to holidays and the new decade. Students and staff alike will be taking a break over the holidays to celebrate, have some fun (and most importantly, catch up on sleep).

Australia Day hours

Griffith Library will officially close from 5pm December 24, 2019 and will reopen on Thursday 2 January 2020. Full 2019-2020 summer break hours are available here and remember, you can still access all our digital resources while the Library is closed if you need to catch up or just want to get ahead.

Look after yourself


Studying at university can be a stressful time in your life. Make sure you look after yourself and take the time to do something other than hit the books. This could be:

  • Chilling out in the library – the designated Safe Place for LGBTIQ+ staff and students.
  • Checking out the back catalogue of Lightning Talks.  They were all recorded and are now available online for you to watch whenever you like. There’s a range of talks on topics such as sustainability, equality, creativity, crime and punishment and much more.
  • Take a break! Get outside and take a walk, chat with friends and remember that while your studies are important, there’s more to life.

Studying in T3

Don’t forget to check out these resources to boost your studies!

Lightning Talks: The Light Ascending

Are you a creative? Starting out in a creative industry? Or simply fascinated by the creative? Griffith Review and Griffith Library are delighted to announce our next Lightning Talks.

The Light Ascending: Illuminating Creativity

Celebrating Griffith Review’s final publication for the year The light ascending: the novella project VII, this Lightning Talks presentation explores the creative process and all the struggle and sacrifice but also the fun, wild and woolly stuff that comes with creativity.

Our panel of creatives include Holden Sheppard an awarding winning YA novelist, Vanessa Tomlinson a percussionist, composer and artistic director, Mirandi Riwoe the award winning author of The Fish Girl and Andrew Brown– educator, musician, digital artist and author.

So join Griffith Review and Griffith Library as we wrap up the year by celebrating creativity with The light ascending: Illuminating creativity.


  1. Thursday 14 November 2019
  2. Noon – 1 pm


  1. Webb Centre (S02) 7.07
  2. South Bank

International Games Week

International Games Week 2019 kicks off next week and will run from 3-9 November.

What is this you ask? International Games Week is a global celebration of games and play in libraries of all sorts around the world. This is to raise awareness of the social and educational benefits of play. Griffith University is supporting Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) in this event.

From 3 to 9 November all Griffith campus libraries have games for you to enjoy including card games, board games, jigsaw puzzles. Looking forward to seeing you all enjoying yourselves at play.

Data-lovers rejoice, we have the Lightning Talks for you!

Finally, the Lightning Talks for all the data-loving librarians among us is here!

Advance Australia F.A.I.R. is happening on the Thursday 24 October at the Gold Coast campus. There will be an expert panel ready to answer our toughest questions and give us all the lowdown on open access.
Still developing your open access knowledge? No worries, before the panel check out more information on Open Access Week.

And if you’ve not caught our other Lightning Talks you can catch up on all the previous one Lightning Talks . If your lunch break doesn’t give you enough time to traverse the M1 and make it to the GC for this one, you can also catch this Lighting Talk live on that same link or watch it after. It’s open to all…see what we did there?