Stay on top of content with course readings

It’s week four of trimester three, so if you’re studying this trimester we’re hoping you’re well and truly into the swing of things by now! None of that ‘I’ll start it next week’ attitude!

An important aspect of staying on top of course content is ensuring you are completing any assigned readings. Luckily, Griffith have made keeping on top of this super easy by ensuring all of your course readings are in one easily accessible place.

Under your course in Learning@Griffith, you’ll see a Readings link in the left hand menu. This will direct you to your course reading list. Here, you’ll find all your course readings clearly laid out.

If it’s an online resource, you’ll see a link to the right which says Online Resource (makes sense, right?). Simply click on this link and it’ll take you straight to the resource. eBook, website, video – you’ll be ready to read or watch!

If it’s not an online resource, don’t fret, ‘cause it should be in our library! Simply click on the title, and you’ll be taken to a page which includes the availability and location of the book in our libraries.

You can even personalise your reading lists by assigning a read status to resources (will read, reading now, have read, and won’t read – ‘cause let’s be honest), and adding study notes.

It’s so easy, there’s almost no excuse not to stay on top of your course readings!

For further help with readings lists, check out the getting started (for students) guide or Ask Us.

Assignment submission 101

After many Redbulls and late nights you have finally finished that assignment, proofread it a million times and ensured everything is referenced correctly. You’re ready to be done with it – but how do you submit?

At Griffith, all assignment submission is online (yep, no need to come into the library, you can stay right there on your computer chair/bed, in your PJs).

Simply head to Learning@Griffith, load up your course site and locate the submission point (you’ll find it under the relevant Assessment folder in the left hand menu).

While the method of submission depends on what your course convener has chosen, the main two assessment tools used at Griffith are Turnitin and the Blackboard Assignment tool (this includes SafeAssign).

They’re as easy to use as Mi Goreng is to make – simply follow the prompts on the page. However if you need a little bit more help, you can find further information on these tools via the guides below:

Once you’ve clicked that Submit button, it’s a good practice to check your submission has been successful.

In Turnitin, when you have submitted successfully you will see a Digital Receipt appear in a popup window. It is a great idea to Print or Save a copy of this receipt.

In Blackboard Assignment tool, when you submit successfully you will receive a ‘Submission received’ email. You can also check under the Submitted tab in your My Marks area to see submission receipts for any assignments submitted via this tool.

After you’ve submitted, you’ll have an option to open the submitted file – to be safe, take a look through the file to ensure it has uploaded correctly.

Now that’s done, it’s time to wait and hope you’ve done enough for that 7 you’re aiming for (no ‘Ps get degrees’ mottos here, right?)!

If you do encounter any issues during the submission process (or post submission), you can easily access the Support Centre by clicking the little ? at the top right of your screen, or contact the wonderful IT Service Centre for further assistance.


Need a laptop? We’ve got you covered!

Have you been up all night watching Netflix – uh I mean studying – and forgot to charge your laptop before bed. Gotten settled into your favourite study spot only to realise you also left your charger at home? Or maybe #studentlife means you can’t afford a laptop. No need to worry, though, as the Library has you covered with a free laptop-loan service.

If you are a Griffith University student, simply mosey on over to the Library Desk and request a laptop. You’ll need to show your student card of course, but that’s about it.

And then you can have the laptop for three whole hours. You can use the laptop anywhere on campus; whether you want to head outside, go to class, or bunker down in the library, it’s up to you.

All laptops have the basic student software installed and are connected to the University’s wireless network.

Now, be aware we don’t have an endless supply of laptops. Get in early during the busy periods to avoid disappointment. It’s first come, first served!

Laptops are available for loan during library services opening hours (not to be confused with library building opening hours).

PebblePad and Win!

Have you heard of PebblePad?

If not, let us enlighten you. In fact, there might even be some sweet $$moola$$ in it for you!

Enter the About Me Challenge listed below and you could win gift cards, coffee vouchers and PebblePad gifts.

PebblePad is a platform to collect, curate, create, communicate and share achievements, personal capabilities and professional skills via an electronic portfolio like Katherine, Rebecca and Sophie have.

Using PebblePad throughout your degree provides a wonderful opportunity to create an online portfolio where you can record your learning, achievements, skills and experiences and experiences gained during your time at Griffith on a digital platform that’s easy to update as you go.

You’ll be able to showcase your skills, what you have learnt, and what you have created, when looking for employment.

But step one is getting started.

Learning Futures are currently running a competition to help you stay ahead of the game, and learn how to use PebblePad so that when you do use it in a course you’ll already be comfortable with it: the About Me Challenge.

Now – Week 9 of Trimester 3 (12 January 2018)

There are two challenges. For Challenge 1, open up PebblePad and create an About Me portfolio that includes:

  • A Welcome page (Who am I?)
  • Curricular goals (Why am I at Griffith?)
  • Co-curricular and extracurricular activities (What do I do outside of class?)

For a chance to win even more prizes, why not continue on with Challenge 2? This includes:

  • Creating an ‘Aspirational Me in a Minute’ video
  • Reflection on your journey so far at Griffith, touching on progress on your goals from Challenge 1
  • Using the blog tool in PebblePad to tell us about an experience at Griffith that is helping you progress towards your career

Go into the draw to win 2 x $50 Westfield gift cards, 2 x $50 Visa gift cards, PebblePad gifts and coffee vouchers

Need help?
Check out the PebblePad Student Support page

For further information and details on the challenges, visit the About Me page.

Need a computer? There’s an app for that!

Are you neck-deep in study and need a studious place with a studious computer to get it done? Need to know where computers are available at a campus near you? Good news everyone! There’s an app for that.

Common-use computers are available in all campus libraries and in our aptly-named computer labs. Some labs are open 24/7 and you can check out the library hours to see how long you can hang out.

You can even check if there are computers available in your favourite library or lab, before you trek all the way to uni.

If your assignment is a doozy that requires all sorts of specific software, you can find out if the lab you’re heading for is the best option by checking available software. More good news? All common-use computers come with Google, for any truly curly questions!

Today is Remembrance Day

Today, 11 November, is Remembrance Day: a day of commemoration where we remember the service men and women who lost their lives in wars, conflicts and peace operations.

On this day at 11am we pause for one minute of silence, to acknowledge the service and sacrifice of so many.

Australian men and women have acted as peacekeepers continuously since 1947. This has seen them serve in excess of fifty multinational operations in the past 70 years.

There is no change to the library hours on 11 November, however we welcome you to take the time to reflect and continue this tradition.

Annnnnd they’re racing!!!!

That’s right, it’s Melbourne Cup time again. Time to find the biggest, craziest hat you can fit through your car door and a spare pair of thongs to stash in your handbag for when those heels just get too much.

Come into the library and enjoy The Race That Stops The Nation in air conditioned comfort. We will be screening the race from start to photo finish at 2 pm Queensland time. BYO hat and frock.

Fun Facts about the Melbourne Cup:

  • The Cup is always run on a Tuesday, the first Tuesday in November to be precise. It was first run on a Tuesday in 1875. That’s 142 years of short people on big horses going very fast!
  • Fashions on the field was first held in 1962. That’s 55 years of whacky hats and purdy dresses. See some of the best and worst fashion from 2016.
  • Only 5 horses have won the Cup more than once.
  • Barrier 18 is the only barrier to never have produced a winner.
  • Lucky Victorians get the day off as an official Public Holiday.
  • The youngest ever jockey to win the cup was only 12 years old! Anyone else feel a bit slack?
  • And of course last year for the first time ever, a female jockey won the Melbourne Cup. Women have only been allowed to compete in the Cup since 1987.

Enjoy the race! But make sure you’re ready. The race time for the Cup is usually only about 3 minutes!