Lunchtime documentary: ‘Paywall: The Business of Scholarship’

Paywall: The Business of Scholarship focuses on the need for open access to research and science, questions the rationale behind the $25.2 billion a year that flows into for-profit academic publishers, examines the 35-40% profit margin associated with the top academic publisher Elsevier and looks at how that profit margin is often greater than some of the most profitable tech companies like Apple, Facebook and Google.

Free Lunchtime screenings:

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artists books brisbane event 2017

Image credit: Tess Mehonoshen Unmap (fold) series 2015

The Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research (GCCAR), Queensland College of Art (QCA), South Bank is hosting the artists books brisbane event 2017 (abbe) in July.

“abbe in its entirety was a feast for the eyes, ears and hands” ….“a significant platform for discussion and contextualisation of contemporary artists’ books practice in Australia”. Sarah Bodman, Senior Research Fellow – UWE Bristol, 2015.

  • abbe 2017 – artists books brisbane event. to be opened by Professor Ruth Bereson, Dean Academic, Arts Education and Law, Griffith University.

With participation from the editors of two prominent journals as well as leading Australian artists and scholars in the field, abbe 2015  lay the groundwork for an ongoing engagement of antipodean artists and scholars with artists books.

Selected papers from the conference were published in an Australian volume of JAB- The Journal of Artists’ Books- in 2016. The conference was supported by an artists book fair, and exhibitions presenting the diverse range of books being made in Australia and internationally.

  • conference 6 – 7 July Queensland College of Art, (S07)
  • 6th artists’ books + multiples fair  7 – 9 July  organised by grahame galleries + editions. Project and WEBB Galleries (S02) Queensland College of Art. To be opened by Vicki MacDonald, State Librarian and CEO, State Library of Queensland at 3pm Friday the 7th July. 
  • & so exhibition of artists’ books & multiples from the collections of The Centre for the Artist Book, grahame galleries + editions  and Queensland College of Art. To be opened by Robert Heather, Director, New England Regional Art Museum at  Queensland College of Art Library. Exhibition runs 3 July till 28 July

The exhibition and book fair is open to the public.

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Love My Library


Your library gives you such a great advantage with study – and we mean more than just the books!

Are you new to university study?  Please come in and see the amazing people at the library counter to help guide and direct you to all the services the library offers.

Workshops that include Strategies for study at universityAcademic Writing, Getting ready to research,  Reading and note-taking and Referencing.  All these workshops are there to help you start your degree with the best chance to finish.  Research suggests the more a first-year undergraduate is involved with their library, the higher their grades and are more likely to keep studying1.

Griffith students gave an overwhelming positive response to our workshops and consultations with 97% felt the work shops helped with their studies and 92% said they would recommend library workshops to others.  Evidence also suggests that students who use their libraries are also more likely to outperform those who do not2.

Check out what the library can do for you!

1Krista, S., Fransen, J., & Nackerud, S. (2013). Library use and undergraduate student outcomes: new evidence for student’s retention and academic success. Libraries and the Academy, 13(2), 147-64. doi: 10.1353/pla.2013.0010

2 Jantti, M. & Cox, B. (2013). Measuring the Value of Library Resources and Student Academic Performance through Relational Datasets. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 8(2), 163-171.

Living in South East Queensland – a student photography exhibition 2016


A student photography exhibition is on display on the ground floor of the Gold Coast campus library.  The exhibition is an assessment item for first-year student occupational therapists that has required them to visually demonstrate their theoretical knowledge.  Students have worked in small groups to identify an aspect of the course content and then capture an image that demonstrates their knowledge of occupation.

In occupational therapy, occupation is the term used to refer to all the activities that humans engage in throughout our days and our lives, as individuals and groups of people.  Occupations fill our time, have meaning and purpose, consume our energy and utilise our abilities.  As humans, we engage in occupations from birth until death, and our pattern of occupational engagement is unique to each person’s life and experiences.

Come along and visit the exhibition, which will be on display for the next few weeks.  You can also share your thoughts and reactions or ask questions via Twitter @GriffithOT or with the hashtag #1311AHS.

For more information contact Professor Matthew Molineux on or (07) 5552 7853.

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Have you discovered the Law Guide yet?

Are you using the Law Guide to access all of the library’s legal resources for your study and research? The Law Guide is one of a suite of subject guides produced by librarians and can be accessed via the Library’s home page. To get to the Law Guide, click on the link, “Criminology and Law” (under Browse resources).

Law guide

The Law Guide contains all of the legal resources that the library subscribes to as well as quality internet materials. The sources have been categorised for you under headings which not only provides a one-stop-shop approach, but also informs you about all available resources for your specific research. You may be surprised for example, to find out that there is more than one case citator or legal abbreviations tool!

If you go into legal practice, you will need to be aware of all law resources – particularly if your firm does not subscribe to a source that you are familiar with at University!

As well as links to law materials, there are How to Guides to help you do your research at home. Or you can always contact a library specialist for face to face assistance. See the Get Started page for contact details.

Visit the Law Guide today and make sure you bookmark it.  All the best with your studies.

Law Guide full of great law resources


Microsoft Office 365 is free for Griffith students and staff

Image_GetOfficeFree_Student_430x159Office 365 Education is available for free to Griffith University students and staff. Install Office on up to 5 PCs or Macs and on other mobile devices, including Android, iPad®, and Windows tablets.

Check your eligibility and download today direct from Microsoft.

For more discounts visit the Student Computing website.

Finding your course readings has never been easier!

Course readings now onlineThe reading list service provides you with a 24/7 quick and easy access to your course recommended and required reading materials. Access your reading list via the “Readings” link within your learning at Griffith course or via the “Course readings” link on the library website.

Readings for online resources are automatically linked, saving you time and effort to search for individual journal articles, ebooks, book chapters or websites.  For print books, the reading list service automatically displays the book’s availability in the Library and the location details for books, DVDs and other materials, making it easier than ever to locate and reserve hard copy materials.

Study more effectively by using personalization features that help you keep track of your readings progress and add personal study notes. Make sure you sign-in to take advantage of these features!

For more information on how to use the reading list service please visit