Did you know you can get IT discounts as a student?

Your budget can often be tight as a university student. As much as you may want to get prepared to excel in your studies by buying a brand new macbook like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, it isn’t always realistic. Though, technology is kind of an essential as a student.

Luckily, as a student you’re entitled to discounts with multiple vendors to ensure you’re covered in the following areas:


A desktop computer, laptop, or similar is a fundamental item. Our on campus students have free access to computers located in the library and in computer labs, across all campuses (you can see them all here).

However, if you’re wanting to do work from home, or bring your laptop to class, you may like to invest in your own. As a Griffith student you can get discounted rates on Dell, Apple, and HP products.


All current students can access Office 365 for free.

Griffith also has a free Software Download Service accessible via your Google Drive, where you can download other software you may need, including EndNote, SPSS (an annual subscription fee applies), SAS, doPDF, and more.

Find more info on our available software here.


It’s important to protect your computer or laptop from harmful viruses or malware – no one wants their computer to crash during the busy end-of-trimester period due to a virus!

If you needed some encouragement, Griffith University students get 50% off selected Norton security products. You can also download Symantec Endpoint Protection for free via the Software Download Service.