How to sell yourself on social media

Image of a person holding a phone

There’s a pretty high chance you have a Facebook account. And maybe also Instagram, YouTube or Snapchat. But are you making the most of your social networks?

Social media can be a great way of making yourself stand out from the crowd so that you can land a job.

Crafting an online identity

It’s easy to forget that what you say and do online carries the same weight as if it occurred in the ‘real world’. Your online identity affects you so it makes sense that it should be shaped in your favour.

Professional social media sites such as LinkedIn can be used to showcase your education, experience and talent. These sites also help you network by connecting you with peers in your industry and possible future employers.

You might think that posting a photo, making a comment or liking something online is harmless but that post or ‘like’ might come back to bite you down the track. How will you explain that unflattering photo or derogatory blog post at a job interview?

Social media content created years ago can easily be retrieved. For example, the whole Twitter archive of more than 400 billion tweets can be searched.

Popular social networking sites such as Facebook have an expectation that you use your real name when you open an account. So any information about you, positive or negative, can be found in just a few clicks.

Social media and your resume

When you finish your degree you will be one of hundreds or even thousands of graduates applying for a job. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need an online resume. One of the easiest, and most popular forms of an online resume is a LinkedIn. You can also create an online portfolio with PebblePad, by following the ePortfolios section in our Academic Skills Workbook.

With an online resume, you can capitalise on networks that may not be as easy to access in your offline interactions. These networks include CEOs, professionals in your field, recruiters and other key influencers who you would not normally get to meet. Elon Musk is just a few clicks away!

-Extract from Study Smart-