Make yourself futureproof with our Academic Skills Workbook

You’re probably at uni with an ultimate aim to build your future career.

However, with an overload of lectures, readings, assessments and the like, you may find it easy to get caught up in the study haze and forget about the bigger picture.

We’re here to help keep you on track and ensure you develop the skills you’ll require for the future workforce.

We’ve created an Academic Skills Workbook to smooth the road for your success as you move toward your exciting future careers. It is designed to help you develop and apply academic, information and digital literacy skills.

As you work through the Academic Skills Workbook, you’ll also have the opportunity to incorporate the skills you’ve developed into an ePortfolio. This means you can document your credentials and skills online. You can even create folios targeted to particular audiences, such as employers, to showcase your skills. 

The Academic Skills Workbook has been broken into five sub Workbooks:

  1. 1. Academic Literacies
  2. 2. Information Literacies
  3. 3. Digital Literacies
  4. 4. ePortfolios
  5. 5. Professional Networks.

If you’re a commencing student, you’ll probably want to start at the beginning and work through the contents. Continuing students, you may like to jump to specific areas to revise and further develop your skills.

The Academic Skills Workbook is accessible via PebblePad. You can view our online guides if you need any help in getting started using PebblePad.