4 Netflix shows to binge-watch this trimester break

Exams are almost over! Once they’re done and dusted you definitely deserve a nice relaxing break. And that’s basically synonymous with binge-watching Netflix, right?

But – what should you watch? Hours can be wasted browsing Netflix titles and getting lost in indecision, unable to choose which show would be best for you to dedicate the next 10 (or more) hours of your life to.

So we asked our library staff for their recommendations. Here’s what they had to say:

1. 100% Hotter
Recommended by Shelly Mills, Communications Officer
The trimester is over so you can turn your brain off and watch some mind-numbing reality TV, and this is just the show to numb your mind! Everyone loves a good makeover, or, in this case, a make-under. A stylist, make-up artist and—I can already assure you, he’ll defs be your favourite—hairdresser transform Britain’s biggest fashion disasters.

2. The Staircase
Recommended by Steph Banovic, Library Campus Services Team Member
I’m watching The Staircase at the moment. It’s a real life crime documentary, and it’s doing my head in because I’m not sure if he’s guilty or not. Love it!

3. The Crown
Recommended by Rhiannon Reid, Assistant Library Campus Coordinator
Check out an OG Royal Wedding, and some truly entertaining royal dramatics.

4. Money Heist
Recommended by Sara Bannon, Executive Assistant to the Library and Learning Services Director
Fabulous Spanish series about some clever guys and gals robbing the Spanish Mint. They had a great plan, but life never goes to plan, does it?