How to take a study break

Is all this study getting to you? Are you hitting refresh on Facebook every five seconds while your half-read lecture notes loom in another tab?

It sounds like you need a break (from social media procrastination and study!).

There are a few things you can do to optimise your study time and ensure your breaks are efficient and rejuvenating.


  • Make a task list. Finished writing section 3.4? Finished reading chapter 11? Tick.
  • Set breaks periodically. Have a break after set time periods or when you reach a milestone. Maybe even set a timer.
  • Get some exercise. Moving will help stimulate your brain. Why not do some stretches to loosen up?
  • Have a snack. Fuel your mind. Trading times for on-campus food outlets can be found here.
  • Go outside. Catch that Vitamin D.


  • Don’t heck your social media accounts in the interim. You—close that Facebook tab!
  • Don’t start a new series on Netflix. Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why can wait!
  • Don’t set unrealistic goals. No, you can’t finish summarising the entire semester’s course readings in one night.

We constantly stress about impending assessment while procrastinating on the essay, presentation, project or study. It’s a perceptual cycle of stress!

The best way to kick that stress? In the words of Nike, Just Do It (with some study breaks).