Find the Millennium Falcon and win

Solo: A Star Wars Story is being released in Australian cinemas on May 24. Coincidentally, Library Week is 21 to 27 May, with this year’s theme being ‘find yourself in a library’.

To celebrate the movie’s release (and Library Week, obvs!), enter our Find the Millennium Falcon in our Library competition and go into the draw to win a $50 Movie Gift Card.

A long time ago in a library far, far away…

The Griffderaan Universe is in turmoil. The peaceful quiet of its Jedi Library spaces has been disrupted by corruption and fighting.  

Amidst the battling, Han Solo and his right hand Wookiee, Chewbacca, have been separated from the Millennium Falcon starship.  For intentions that are currently unknown, the Empire have hidden the starship in the mountainous regions of Planet Ossus where the Griffderaan Libraria, otherwise known as the Great Library of the Jedi, resides.

Han must navigate the vast storehouse of knowledge within Griffderaan Libraria to locate his Falcon starship and return to the Galactic Empire to prepare for future daring escapades of intergalactic crime. Time is of the essence!

Follow the clues:

Follow the clues below to decipher the location code (in a library, we call these call numbers!), then find the Millennium Falcon’s location on the shelves in your Griffith library. Here, you’ll also find instructions to contact our Library Social Media team; at the end of the week the winner will be drawn randomly from the entrants.   

  1. 1. What is the name of the servant droid from the castle of Maz Kanata that informs the crew that BB-8 is missing?
  2. 2. Which (letter) Imperial class Star Destroyer was the Gnisnal?
  3. 3. Which BBY year did the First Battle of Geonosis take place?


Terms and Conditions

This competition commences on Monday 21 May at 8 am.
Competition entries will not be accepted after 5pm Sunday 27 May 2018
This competition is only open to Griffith University students.
There will be one winner of the Find Han Solo in our Library competition
The winning entry will be randomly drawn by the Library Social Media Team
The winner will be notified within 28 days
The prize is a $50 movie gift card for Event Cinemas
Prizes are non-transferable and there are no cash or prize alternatives available
The winner’s first name will be published on the Library’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Blog

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  1. Tiarni Roi says:

    Found it one hour too late 😦