Harmony Week 2018 events

Harmony Day is held on 21 March each year to celebrate our cultural diversity, inclusiveness, respect and promote a sense of belonging for everyone.

At Griffith, we not only celebrate Harmony Day on 21 March across all campuses, we celebrate the whole week!

If you’ve been into our libraries during Harmony Week in past years, you’ll know that we always have fun activities lined up to help celebrate diversity and inclusiveness. This year is no different!

As part of Harmony Week celebrations, our libraries will have a display featuring templates that you are invited to write your country’s favourite stars on to. This could be your favourite athlete, your favourite scientist, your favourite actor, or whoever else you may think of! Images will then be added to the templates to show who these stars are.

We’ll also be throwing a Human Library event at the Gold Coast campus library on Harmony Day where you can borrow a living and breathing book for a chat!

There will be further activities across all campuses throughout the week (19 March – 23 March) – check out the Harmony Week web page for a full list!