Where to store your research data

Thankfully it’s not on a floppy disk!

If you’re a research student, we’re sure you know oh-too-well the struggles of managing and storing your immense amounts of data.

And, while we’re super grateful it’s 2018, and we don’t have to store data on floppy disks like in 1998, or on physical paper like in 1968, it’s still an enormous task to manage.

Enter: Griffith’s Research Storage Service. It offers various digital storage services based on specific storage needs to all researchers and research students affiliated with the university.

The three storage services available include Research Space, Research Drive, and Research Vault. There’s even a nifty little questionnaire you can take, which tells you which service is best for you.

We tested it out, and we can tell you with certainty that it takes under one minute, and that our fictitious data is best suited to Research Space.

The service can help you store, share and synchronise the digital data generated during your research project.

Project data is stored securely on Griffith servers and you’ll get unlimited storage, can access the service anytime and anywhere, as well as share files easily with collaborators at Griffith, in Australia and overseas.

For more information on the various services, check out the FAQs for Research Drive, Research Space and Research Vault.