Let’s be (Facebook) friends!

Are you constantly procrastinating on Facebook? Do you feel guilty for scrolling through your newsfeed tagging friends in memes rather than researching [insert mundane topic here].

Well, we have a solution for you. Kinda. Follow us on Facebook!

You weren’t mindlessly scrolling through your feed with a swipe that’s become second-nature. Not at all. You were just waiting for something profound from @griffithunilibrary to pop up.

You didn’t go straight to our page, instead you scrolled through your feed because we post such insightful, interesting and useful content, and you’ve identified that you learn best through distributed practice, right?

Yeah, that’s totally what you were doing.

On our page you’ll find useful bits and bobs about the goings on at Griffith Library, as well as links to stories on research, study and uni skills, and fun topics. Never again will you miss out on a potentially lucrative competition, a new and innovative library resource, or an exciting update to one of our plethora of services.

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