How Mo Can You Go?

Have you often stared at your mo-free reflection and wondered…how much more handsome could I be with a lush, full-grown mo smack-bang in the middle of that kisser?

Well stare and wonder no more, it’s November! Also known as Movember for those in the mo (#dadjokesforlife).

Movember is your chance to rock some questionable facial hair and get away with it! Because guess what? That lip fuzz is actually worth something.

Growing a moustache during the month of November allows you to raise money for men’s health. How it works is as simple as three, two, grow. You sign up while clean-shaven, start raising some funds and let that mo grow grow grow.

If you’re bummed because you a) cannot grow a mo, or b) would rather not have a furry caterpillar sitting above your top lip for the next month, no worries! You can still get involved.

Instead of meeting your own personal facial hair goals, you can set an activity goal. Give yourself a distance goal at the start of the month and walk, run, cycle, row or swim your way to the finish. Put the move into Movember.

This month of mo not only gives you a chance to have a mo-off with your mates, it lets you raise money for an important cause and feel good-looking doing it.

What is there to lose?

Sign up now for Movember, and if you feel like it why not share your progress with us on Twitter or Instagram.