Griffith’s running disaster recovery testing

Exams are over (phew) and we’re sure you’re loving this break from study. Enjoying the warmer weather, binging on Netflix without lingering guilt about the assignments you should be working on instead (there are none!), tanning at the beach…

Uni’s likely the furthest thing from your mind… Unless you’re a research student, staff, are on placement, or for any other reason still uni-bound –  in which case: we feel you. Us library staff are working away too, looking at our friends’ instagram photos longingly…

Griffith is taking this quieter period as an opportunity  to complete the annual IT disaster recovery test. We’re putting our Scouts hat on, ‘Be Prepared’.

For those lucky enough to be sunning yourself at the beach at the moment, you can continue working on your tan knowing we’ve got your covered.

You can trust that we’re on the ball, completing fail-over testing in the case of a major disaster.

The disaster recovery test is a major activity to ensure the University’s key information systems can be recovered and continue to operate in the event of a major disruption.

This year testing includes

  • A major site fail-over test simulating the loss of all in-house hosted systems. During this test period, access to all systems and associated links including access to the Griffith home page and internet will be unavailable.
  • Testing the fail-over capability of our critical telephone systems, student printing system and SharePoint document repository. During this test period, access to these systems could be interrupted.

The date and times are subject to change (it’s always in the small print) but currently, the date and times are:

Sunday 22 October 2017

  • 8am – noon: All In-house hosted systems (including Griffith home page and associated links, internet and wi-fi access) will be unavailable
  • 8am – midnight: Telephones, student printing and SharePoint will be interrupted for testing anytime within this window.

While this may cause some inconvenience, these tests are required and you will receive more information as the date gets closer.

More information about scheduled maintenance for the remainder of 2017 is available in the Maintenance Calendar.