Weekend activities on a student budget

No money? No worries!

Being a uni student has its fair share of perks. There’s the lazy sleep-in on days when lectures don’t start until 11am, the ability to meet friends for coffee and call it a “study group”,  and getting to do most of your hard work in your pjs, because assignments are written at home, at night, with Red Bull or coffee on hand. Sadly, there are downsides as well. Yep, it’s time to do a Block and talk budget.

Or rather, the things you can do when your budget would cause old mate Scotty Cam to tell you he’s ‘concerned’. Being a uni student often means being short on cash. This doesn’t mean you have to be short on adventure and fun, though.

Check out the weekend adventures you can have on a uni student budget.

There’s the free stuff:

  • Hiking. Put on some sturdy shoes, grab a friend that can’t afford a Crossfit class and get some fresh air. Bonus points for making it a Wild kind of adventure and camping out.
  • Free music. Brisbane has its fair share of free live music events you can experience for, you guessed it, zero dollarydoos. Check out these.
  • Netflix and chill. It’s free if you have a mate with an account. Bring that mate a few snacks, chuck a good show on (see our past blog post for ideas) and give your brain a break from all that study.

And there’s the almost-free stuff:

  • Pool tournament at the Uni Bar.
  • Have you heard about Griffith’s Uni Games? Join a team, or just go watch a game.
  • Netflix and chill. Not so free if you happen to be the friend with the account. Make sure the others bring snacks!

Whatever adventures you choose to do, have fun!