Save time researching by using our Library Guides

Are you finding that researching for your assignment takes ages? There’s just so many resources available in the library and you are spending valuable time trying to find the right ones.

Wouldn’t it be such a great time-saver if all the databases and resources for your study area were in one, easily accessible place?

Well, they are.  Our discipline librarians have worked hard to compile all the databases and key information resources you’ll need for your subject area into one centralised area. Check out their carefully curated Library Guides!

To find them, head to the Borrowing and Resources library page. You’ll see the wide range of subjects covered by our Library Guides – from criminology and law to humanities, social sciences and languages, we are pretty sure we’ve got something for everyone.

You can select a broad area, such as Health, to see all relevant databases. Or you can further narrow your selection to a specific discipline area, such as Nursing and Midwifery for more detailed information.

Using the resources in these subject guides can help ensure you’re finding information relevant to your specific subject area.

For example, if you were wanting to find information on the chemistry of heavy metals, you’d take a squiz at the Chemistry guide. However, if you wanted to find information on the musical genre of heavy metal, you’d want to be looking at the Music guide.

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    Thank you. This is so useful.