Reading Lists are here to help

In order to be successful at university, you have to read.

Yep, those pesky readings your tutors keep asking you about in class are the key to success! Extra time spent studying and reading can significantly increase your understanding and, importantly, your grades.

You can find a detailed list of all of your course’s readings by going to the Readings link in your Learning@Griffith course site, or simply typing in your course code here. Too easy, right?

These Lists will have information about and links to all the readings you can ever hope to get your hot little hands on. Readings you are required to read are labelled required (genius right?).

There are also recommended readings. These are readings your lecturer/tutor think will help increase your understanding and knowledge. Don’t skip past them! They can help you learn, and give you more references for your next assignment. You know they’re good, because your lecturer recommends them.

You can also use the Reading List Service to set your reading intentions. You can set readings as ‘will read’, ‘reading now’,  ‘have read’, and ‘won’t read’.

Studies have shown that setting intentions is even better than setting resolutions. You are more likely to follow through with something if you set yourself an intention to do so.

For example, ‘I intend to watch the new Game of Thrones episode only after I have finished my readings’. Winter is here, but so is assignment season!

So find your Reading List and get cracking on setting those intentions. Just don’t forget to follow through!

For further information, check out the how-to guide for Reading Lists.