Eating veggies improves your writing and spelling

Photo of food in a bowl

Do you need help writing that lengthy essay, literature review or research report?

Sure, you could consult the handy Study Smart tutorial and read up on how to write an assignment. And we totally recommend that you do just that.

But if your brain isn’t firing on all cylinders, your output is going to be less than the sheer genius it should be. And what you eat and drink has an effect on how well your brain performs.

So what specifically should you eat come assignment-writing time? According to a recent study published in Appetite, you should consume vast quantities of sweet, sweet soft drink.

No, just messing with you.  Vegetables are the answer. But if you’re thinking that snacking on some carrot and hummus while drafting your essay is all that it takes, think again.

The 2017 study found greater consumption of vegetables with the evening meal (7 nights/week) was associated with higher test scores in the domains of spelling and writing.

That means veggies for dinner every night of the week people! And lots of them…

Now, the study didn’t mention a specific type of vegetable. We are taking that to mean you can eat any vegetable of your choice.

So whether you have a particular penchant for peas, parsnips or pumpkin, life is a bowl of cherries.

Back to the sweet beverages though, the study also found that increased consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages was associated with significantly lower test scores in reading, writing, grammar/punctuation, and numeracy.

Put down that can of cola and back away.