Take a break, play some games

Student life can be tough. Exams, assignments, classes, work, maintaining a social life, and sleep.

Of course you’re incredibly studious and hard-working, so you’re on top of all that, right? However it’s important to ensure you balance both work and leisure time to avoid burn out.

Hopefully you’re finding the time to take a break from your diligent studying at least once a week to watch the new episode of Game of Thrones.

But is just over an hour of action-packed carnage and ridiculously good looking characters enough of a break for you?

If you feel like you need a bit of respite while on campus, why not come along to a Giant Games Afternoon. Run by Griffith Mates, they have Jenga, Connect Four, Chess, and great tunes.

You’ll can catch these events weekly at both Nathan and Gold Coast campuses:

Gold Coast

  • When: Thursdays 12pm – 2pm, Trimester weeks 1 – 10
  • Where: Shard (G11), outside the library


  • When: Tuesdays 12pm – 2pm, Trimester weeks 1 – 10
  • Where: Campus Heart (N76)

Find more activities and events on the Griffith Mates webpage.