Uni degrees of the rich and famous

Have you ever wondered what your favourite (or least favourite) celebrity did to get where they are today? Are you curious to know which degrees can take you where? Look no further!

Want to be an actress/producer/director/writer? Try studying a Bachelor of Fine Art like your favourite Pretty Little Liar Troian Bellisario. No guarantees it will teach you how to survive A. For that, try putting your phone on silent!

What about the woman with the great sense of humour, ability to sing and “finish people like a cheesecake”? Rebel Wilson studied a Bachelor of Arts and Law, giving her Pitch Perfect skills and the means to win a Woman’s Day court case in style.

If reality tv is in your DNA a Bachelor of Theatre may be your best bet. No doubt Kourtney Kardashian’s college days treading the wooden boards of the theatre are serving her well now.

Keen to tell your friends what to read? Emma Watson studied English Literature and now has her own online book club, Our Shared Shelf, with over 200 000 members. Not bad for a girl who started out in the movie adaptation of the best literature the world has ever seen* at only age 11.

A few other interesting celebrity study choices are:

  • Ivanka Trump: Economics
  • Lil Wayne: Political Science
  • Adam Sandler: Fine Arts (Billy Madison = fine art*)

Whatever you choose to study, the most important thing to remember is to study hard and try and do what you love. It worked for at least some of these celebrities.

*writer’s personal opinions