Meet your library staff: Naidene Sartori

Our library staff are integral to the functioning of our libraries. We have a large array of staff spread over our six libraries and they’re much more than just smiling faces. They’re also full of interesting information, helpful wisdom, and some quirks here and there.

Want to get to know our staff better? Check out our profile on Library and Learning Services Team Member, Naidene Sartori.

Quick Overview

  • Find me at: Library service desk on the Gold Coast,
  • What I do: Answer an array of queries, mostly to do with lending, printing and troubleshooting computer or wifi issues. When I am not at the Library service desk I am behind the scenes answering phones, chat, email and web form queries. I also will spend part of my day shelving, processing library holds and general circulation duties.
  • My Griffith story: I was lucky to get a team member position here at Library in 2016 after doing a work placement. I have had the opportunity to work at a number of campuses and had a stint working as the Assistant Library Campus Coordinator at Nathan for a short time. Griffith University is an amazing place to work, with so many supportive people and opportunities to progress.

Steal Naidene’s wisdom

  • Best study tip for students: Find your perfect study space. A quiet place to study with no distractions. Yes turn off your phone and stay away from social media! It is amazing how much better you feel after a focused study session.
  • Biggest blunder I see – and how to avoid: Turning up to an exam without a pen or calculator. You should always carry more than one pen with you when you are on Campus!
  • Advice I’d give my 18-year-old self: Stop comparing yourself to your peers, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses,
  • Best thing I’ve learnt working at Griffith Uni: Raise your hand for the bigger stuff. While volunteering for more challenging projects or tasks in the short-term it is scary, you will learn new skills, and progress in your career faster.

Get to know Naidene

  • Describe yourself in three words: Creative, Kind, Introvert.
  • Growing up I wanted to be: A professional musician. I learnt the Clarinet and Piano from a young age and it was my dream to perform with an orchestra.
  • Greatest accomplishment: So far… releasing my debut single Nevermore on iTunes and Spotify.
  • Fun fact: In 2013 I traveled to a small rural town in Bolivia to teach music to blind children.