How to print, scan, and copy

Photo of a printer

As a student, you can print, scan, and copy on campus.

If you’re brand new, you’ll need to set up a printing account. You can easily do this at any Red Kiosk (located in your Griffith library and most computer labs), or by visiting the friendly staff at any library service desk.

You’ll just need your student number and some money to add to your account. Oh, and you’ll be asked to select a 4-digit PIN.

Once that’s done, you’re all set to:

You can send jobs to print from any Griffith common-use computer, or wirelessly from your own device. And the good news is you can pick up your print job from any Multi-Function-Device (MFD) on campus. That’s right, any MFD on campus! How much does it cost to print an A4 page? That’s a good question. Check out the Student Printing Costs page for a price list.

Scanning is free for all Griffith students and available on all MFDs. Scanned contents will automatically be sent to your student email in PDF form.

Do you need to photocopy pages from a textbook or your friend’s awesome lecture notes? The library has your back. Our MFD’s are multifunctional (funny, that) and allow you to make as many copies as you need (or can afford). What do you mean you only need one? Party pooper.

Head to the Student Printing page to find out how to print, scan, and copy. While you are at, also check your print balance online. There’s nothing worse, than being caught short!

And once you’ve finished your studies and no longer need your printing account, you can claim any remaining print credit back. Score!