Need a laptop? We’ve got you covered

Everybody loves a freebie.

Well, how about a free laptop? Did you know that as a Griffith student you can borrow a laptop for free from the Library service desk?

Simply come visit the friendly staff at the library service desk with your photo ID, and we’ll loan you a laptop for three whole hours.

You can use the laptop anywhere on campus.

You could smash some study inside the library or at your favourite study nook on campus (check out our suggestions for study spaces at Nathan and Gold Coast), take some notes using the laptop at your lecture or tutorial, or even jump on social media (for educational reasons, of course).

All laptops have the basic student software installed and are connected to the University’s wireless network.

Now, be aware we don’t have an endless supply of laptops. Get in early during the busy periods to avoid disappointment. It’s first come, first served!

Laptops are available for loan during library services opening hours (not to be confused with library building opening hours).

So, if you’re sitting around thinking ‘gee, I wish I could do more study while I’m here on campus, if only I had a laptop…’ you know what to do!