Get connected to Griffith’s WiFi

We know the necessities for living during the 21st century are food, water, shelter, and WiFi.

So, to avoid FOMO you better make sure you’ve connected to Griffith University’s WiFi network.

If you’re a Griffith staff member or student, you can connect your laptop, tablet, or smart phone to the Griffith University wireless network.

You’ll notice a few wireless networks available at Griffith University. We recommend you use the Griffith University network, which is available across all campuses.

It simply prompts you to log in with your sNumber (e.g. s1234567) and Griffith Portal password. You can find operating system-specific instructions and guidance on getting connected to Griffith’s wireless network here.

Now, if you’re a keen student and want to try and get some study done on your laptop off-campus, you can also use the Eduroam network. Eduroam provides Griffith students and staff with access to wireless networks at participating institutions, including various Universities, hospitals, and professional institutions.

The only tricky part is that the login details for Eduroam are a tad different to Griffith’s WiFi. Simply log on with a username of (e.g. and your regular Griffith Portal password, and you’ll be set!

As a student, you’re provided with unlimited free internet during off-peak hours, and 5GB of internet during peak hours – you can check out the specifics here.

Don’t forget though, your use of the Internet must be for appropriate and legitimate purposes associated with your study in accordance with the Griffith University Information Technology Code of Practice.