Tips to help avoid failing a subject this trimester

Welcome to Trimester 2. The uni year is truly in full swing now. And while you all have specific reasons for being at university, one thing is true for everyone: you don’t want to fail a subject.

Below, we’ve provided some tips to help you avoid failing a subject this trimester:

Go to your lectures

If you can’t make it physically, at least catch up via Lecture Capture. But make sure you listen to your lecture content somehow. And check out our tips on effective note making to ensure you’re capturing all the information you need. 

Get motivated

Is there a subject you’re really excited to learn about this trimester? Or a greater overall aim of why you’re doing your doing your degree? Find that reason, that spark, and remember that! This is what you’re working towards, and you’re gonna smash it!

Visit us in the library

Besides being friendly faces, we have a lot of handy resources. From an array of study spaces, online resources, and face to face help, we’re here to help you succeed.

Create a study group

Studying’s more enjoyable if you’re doing it with someone you like. Organise a time each week to meet and go over content. Why not book a study space in our library while you’re at it? Plus, assignment writing is much easier when you’ve got friends you can discuss the topic, and any concerns, with.

Be prepared

Organise your books and textbooks – that’s obvious, right? Then note down key information and dates in your calendar (online or physical), such as lecture and tutorial times and locations, assessment due dates, exam and vacation weeks.